May 2013

Written courier quotes are sent via email from the official email address  Furniture courier quotations will only be sent to a reply address , from a quotation request received. "Cheap Removalist" Though we do experience allot of calls & Multiple Quotes Couriers requesting quotations, quotes that have been verbally given over the phone are only estimates, estimates mean [...]

Tempered glass top tables, especially larger types are extremely heavy and need extra care taken when handling, for obvious reasons, dealing with glass is a higher risk. The thickness of the glass determines the weight, and how we as removalists will handle the glass. 110% two men are always required and infact on the larger types that can weigh [...]

Several months later we are really starting to realise that they work and how important they are. We calculated on the 1st of May 2013 how many deliveries we have done for eBay & Gumtree and out of that number how many buyers were mislead with the sellers description of the item. On average 2 [...]

    we get calls to pick up all types of Items, from Boats, bikes & cars Here is a picture of our latest Boat delivery, another eBay purchase, picked up in Newcastle & delivered to Liverpool. The Quick Move van has a Tow Bar & equipped with all necessary tools to successfully relocate any size Boat, providing the [...]

  We accept Visa , Master Card & Amex, yes we accept cash as well! We do not however accept Cheques or e-cheques nor eft transfers. You will be glad to know we use a sevure site and page https to accept card payments, it is our preferred method of paying us, it's a safe and easy way [...]

Here we will tell all about our most recent deliveries that would amaze you. 01/05/2013 Picked up a 3 Metre Entertainment Unit ,yep thats right 3 Metres!  came in two pieces, and stood two metres tall. Picked up from Glenmoore Park & delivered to Cranebrook, another happy eBay customer. We were pleased with the delivery [...]