August 2013

One of the most important part of any move is the pre pack. Quick Move are a professional pre pack moving team that not only moves furniture and appliances but packs and wraps your furniture, goods and items aswell.  We offer a unique pre packing service, not like any other and never to be mistaken [...]

Quick Move -Office relocations, an office removal service based in Sydney. We operate 7 days and with a little notice can move any size businesses from A to B. Our highly trained staff make the job look so easy, we all know its hard yaka moving office so leave it up to the professionals Quick Move! Call us [...]

We ask everyone we deliver for what they would  like to see from Quick Move? How can we improve our services? Well by high demand we announce Quick Move is launching our new after hours removalist service, for those who need something done early morning or late at night. As a written rule we always [...]

Quick Move takes super care when it comes to moving lounges. We protect the fabric using a removalist pads and remove all cushions before transporting the lounge. A general lounge delivery service would not go to the extra lengths we do.  Lounges come in all shapes and sizes, so its important we obtain what type it is [...]

As it stands we are definitely one of the most competitive Sydney removalists business around, i doubt there is another provider that offers what we do for the same price. We try our absolute best to stay competitive but on the same token we cannot run at a loss just to provide a cheap delivery. I [...]

Quick Move can make an affordable solution to any type of furniture removals job. We have enough staff and vehicles to carry out the smallest jobs yet are readily available for any sized move. Available 7 days a week from 7am-7pm we are able to help out on any given day. Please call us on [...]

Are not a thing of the past, in fact its more popular now then ever. Its a fantastic way to find some hidden treasures and to grab a bargain. Garage sales are not that easy to find but with the smart phones & android tablets that we have these days its easy, there are applications [...]

Buying & Selling second-hand furniture on eBay & gumtree is a great way to recycle and make some extra cash at the same time. You can make $100’s even $1000’s on selling your used unwanted goods, remember what they say “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Websites like eBay are great, it gives you [...]

Quick Move has revolutionised the delivery service industry, employing only people with a removalist or furniture handling experience. It’s important that we keep a high standard of staff, for obvious reasons, we want to continue to provide the community with professional affordable help. Our staff on arrival will formally introduce themselves , you will enjoy [...]

Quick Move drivers use the latest GPS tech we allow it to calculate the traffic intensity with distance traveled and then simply provide the customer with an approximate time of arrival or commonly known as ETA, however the driver will not take into consideration, road works, accidents, heavy congested traffic or breakdowns. ETA really does [...]

Quick Move "Reliable & Affordable Movers" Quick Move operates 7 days a week, during Monday to Friday our communication hours are 7am - 7pm. This means at any time between 7am to 7pm you may contact us. On weekends you may contact us from 8am to 5pm. For more information call our info line on 1800 [...]

Buyers you can simply copy & paste this text into any email or eBay message. “Highlighting the text hold down left mouse button & highlight, then simply right click on the highlighted text select Copy, now that you have copied the text simply go to your email and right click then select Paste.” Copy / [...]

Its real easy to find, you have to be viewing the item on eBay, then simply scroll down a touch and its on the right hand side. See the Picture for the actual location. Sure is it makes our job quoting so much easier, we can see the item and obviously read some important information [...]