A Note to Sellers

A message for eBay sellers

Buyers you can simply copy & paste this text into any email or eBay message.

“Highlighting the text hold down left mouse button & highlight, then simply right click on the highlighted text select Copy, now that you have copied the text simply go to your email and right click then select Paste.”

Copy / Paste

“Hi we recently purchased an item from you, we have hired Quick Move to pick it up. Quick Move is a small furniture courier business located in SYDNEY, they specialise in picking up furniture & appliances for eBay members.

Their staff is all qualified removalists equipped with everything required to safely relocate the item.

Quick Move is a small outfit and therefore requires a little flexibility regarding pickup times; it’s really hard in their field to meet people’s deadlines as you could appreciate.”

Here is a short message that Quick Move would like to share with you.

“Hi there seller Scott here from Quick Move, founder and regional manager for Sydney. I would like to introduce our service quickly, never before has anyone successfully managed to offer a courier type of removalist service, we have managed to deliver thousands of items to buyers and sellers, we take care of everything!

Finally a removalist that can do small deliveries at an affordable price. We totally understand people do work, however there is always a solution we have found in the past. More than often just some pre arranged dates, working with your neighbours or co-workers could easily help.

So  in order for us to for fill both yours and the buyers requirements we need your co-operation.

What you can do to help us

Because we are a fast moving courier setup we need to get in and out as quickly as possible, some small preparation on your end is needed in order for us to keep moving. Here is a short list of things that will make our job much easier.

  1. Have the pathway clear of obstacles, this may mean you will need to move some items , rugs or furniture, perhaps roll the hose up, pick up any shoes anything at all that could get in the guys way.
  2. If the item has drawers, please remove all drawers and set aside, same with any shelves, or any loose objects on the item.
  3. If the item was disassembled please put all small pieces in a box or bag, if it’s doable please tie or tape together any small to medium pieces.
  4. Make sure someone is home in the given timeframe, or make sure the items are easily accessible if left outside undercover.

We look forward seeing you, and perhaps you will require our services one day.

Do you want a quote now?

Kind Regards


Quick Move