After Hours Removalist in Sydney

We ask everyone we deliver for what they would  like to see from Quick Move? How can we improve our services? Well by high demand we announce Quick Move is launching our new after hours removalist service, for those who need something done early morning or late at night. As a written rule we always provided fixed prices for removals and furniture courier services. However with after hours removalist work its apparent that we must apply a call out fee and charge an hourly rate for this particular service. we hope this service suits the people whom have requested it so here it goes.


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What Is After Hours Trading?

Our after hours removalist service will begin from 7pm to 7am during this time all work is considered to be after hours.

Who will it suit?

People that have work commitments and that cant make any other alternative arrangements to have the service conducted during business hours, also businesses that operate at night could benefit from the after hours removalist service.

Who wont it suit?

Unfortunately due to its pricing and structure it wouldn’t suit small one off pickup & deliveries, you really need to get the small jobs during business hours to benefit from our fixed priced furniture courier rates.

Rates  & Charges for our After Hours Removalist services

After Hours Removalist

After Hours Removalist

6pm – to – 6am After Hours charges

  • $? Call Out Fee
  • Call us to find out the hourly rate for your particular move

Minimum hourly charge

  • 2 hr minimum before 7pm
  • 4 hr minimum after 7pm

Paying for your After Hours Removalist service is easy!

We will have a mobile terminal you can simply enter your Visa Debit or Master Card details and your done, there is a 5% surcharge.

  • Visa

    After Hours Removalist

    After Hours Removalist

  • Master Card
  • Amex
  • C.O.D

Bookings for after hours removalist is fast and can be done over the phone or Online.

Simply pay the call out fee to secure your booking today.

Call us on 1800 Quick Move to find out when we have an available time and day.