Do not Book any other mover until you read this

Why is it that your removalist let you down?

Most of the backyard removalists have only 1 or 2 trucks, they take bookings as if they had 15 trucks, why they do that is so they can filter through to the more expensive jobs and fall back on the cheap jobs if necessary, how dare they play you like that right? the worst part is they do not even have the decency to call you and say sorry we are unable to move you, and if they do they leave it right to the last minute giving you absolutely no chance to get another company booked in time, leaving you standard, this happens all to often for my liking, now we cant do anything about it because the government has no regulations over this industry as yet, but what we can do is warn you so that you have the best chance to avoid this happening to you. Let me just also say that you would be surprised most of these dodgy practices are from companies that you would never think of. Yep some of the ones that are ranking high on google. Just because they are paying for the ads to be high on google doesn’t make them a top choice, and i will go into that another time.

Make sure it is a Pty Ltd Company not a small operator Sole trader

We are an actual Pty Ltd company trading as Quick Move with many staff, managers and policies to enforce the highest customer service experience, many of the ” moving companies ” out there are outrageously dodgy to say the least, we get so many calls every day, every week 7 days about how these so called ” removalists ” have been letting you down, not showing up and making up a thousand excuses why and so on. I wont mention any names!

We would never do that and to be totally honest we are tired of picking up the pieces for these so called ” movers ” hence why i am trying to warn you now before you fall into their trap of cheaper rates, or overpriced rates! yes its not just the cheap guys its also a few of the more expensive men that are bluffing their way by overpricing themselves. Leading people to believe that they are getting a better job by charging too much!

I could go on and on about them but i wont i think i have said enough, let me now just focus on why we are different and how choosing us will be the right choice.

When hiring us you have an area manager & a supervisor leading the team & an operations manager throughout the entire move, and me the owner if you need to have a quick chat.

Here is a few other things you will be happy to know

  • All of our Prices & rates we quote you include GST!
  • We do not charge you a fuel levy if inside the Sydney region
  • We do not charge to assemble and disassemble furniture
  • Time starts at your door and finishes with you for Sydney movers.
  • We wont ask you for a cent if there is stairs or hard access
  • We wont say to you its extra if you want us to stop in somewhere else to pickup something.
  • All men are polite, trained & friendly!
  • All trucks are clean, tidy and fully equipped
  • We carry tools, trolleys, boxes and more

Not many other so called ” removalist companies ” can say or do this!, well they can say it but if its true is another thing!

Now if you are still focusing on the ” cheaper moving company ” because they are a few dollars cheaper per hour, take look at the big picture. If they take just 30 minutes longer, and i guarantee you they will take alot longer than us, you will have fell into their trap and paid much more than you should have, even though we may be a few dollars more per hour. Their prices per hour are unrealistic and i can almost guarantee that you will be disappointed if you choose a cheaper or more expensive company than us!

What i suggest is this

Check out the reviews on google that will give you a good indication if they are keeping clients happy, you will be shocked when you read half of whats there, and think about it, if there is a bunch of negative reviews do you really think that there is no others? they have just not bothered to leave a review, so i say multiply the negative reviews x 10 that will give you a good indication of what type of service you will expect to receive.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my rant, i do appreciate your time and look forward to hearing about your experiences good or bad if you choose to go elsewhere drop me an email