Booking times & What they mean

Below i will explain our availability, what our time frames are and what they mean, i appreciate you taking the time to read this as it does clear up any concerns you may have about the arrival time. As you can appreciate within Sydney metro its just impossible to say we will be there at a certain time of the day especially if its after 9am you wish to start your move the transport industry is continuously being disrupted by ongoing roadworks, traffic and accidents, its unprofessional to guarantee to be somewhere on time knowing this.

Our first availability is 7am to 9am that is the first available time slot we have if you were given this time slot this means you are the first job of the day for that particular truck, now due to traffic in the mornings its really difficult to guarantee a time we can be there so we simply offer a 7am to 9am slot 99.9% of the time we are within the times given if we have any difficulties on the road we will call to let you know there is a delay.

Our next time slot is 10am to 2pm, we give this time slot for the late starters this usually allows the first truck enough time to finish the 1st job and head to its second job, if you choose the 10am to 2pm slot your truck can arrive at any time within that time frame even 2pm. We cannot say for certain it will be arriving at any time so please dont ask. The 10am to 2pm slot gives the truck a 4 hour window to arrive this usually is sufficient as most early jobs only take a couple of hours to complete so saying we hope to get there by 2pm is realistic in most cases, but you never know what type of move it will end up being so we do not over commit and make promises we cant keep however if this particular truck has any delays on its first job they will call you to advise of the delay.

Our final availability is Our First Available Truck after any hour of the day you like!, This means exactly what it says first available this could be absolutely anytime without any submissions to when it will arrive, though we always will give you that 30 minute courtesy call to say we are on the way! the convenience of the first available truck is that you can select the time of the day you will be home from, so for example if you know you will be home from 12 lunch onwards you can select the first available truck after 12, we always take into consideration of the time you say you will be home from and aim to be there shortly after though because our trucks are not sitting around waiting they obviously will do a job before yours so its too hard to say how long it will take to finish the job before yours, if you choose the first available truck you must be patient we will get to you and you will get a call 30 minutes prior to us arriving.

I really appreciate your time to read this and hope it has cleared up any concerns thank you.

Operations Manager

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