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Hello, Thank you for hiring our Boxes now we can get the boxes picked up, it was our pleasure moving you and we hope you too had a pleasant experience, please don’t forget to leave us a review for the move, i would be so grateful if you did thank you, also please ensure that you read the check list below so that you are fully aware of what and how to have the boxes ready for us to pick up.

We will get those boxes picked up quick smart!

Once you submit this form we will schedule the pickup, please note that we are unable to provide appointments or make any arrangement to pickup the boxes, if you cannot be home on the day please leave the boxes somewhere safe and advise us on this form below when it asks.

What to do before we pickup the boxes?

Ok so make sure that you go through this check list to ensure that you have done the right thing

  • Leave aside boxes that have rips or tears
  • Make sure all tape and labels are removed
  • Flat pack the boxes
  • leave in a dry safe place
  • leave a note on the pile to say that if you have kept any and the qty you are keeping

Use the Box Pickup Form Below to alert us today!