Bridge over troubled pond

This is one of the funniest pick ups we have had so far.

Quick Move was booked to pick up a double door fridge from Manly and delivered to Wentworthville….. no biggy, we move this kind of stuff all the time, but we didn’t quite have the necessary tools to complete the job, and here’s why.

pond delivery

No Bridge though, lol


The item was described as a large Samsung double door fridge

with easy ground level access. Great… straight in and out in no time….. WRONG. The seller ( pick up location) forgot to add one minor detail. The only door that the fridge could fit through only recently had a pond placed in front of it, with a very small wooden bridge that would barely hold the weight of one person, let alone two men and a fridge!! I am fairly certain that fridge is still there. The only way of getting that fridge out was in pieces. Obviously the buyer was disappointed and the seller had to refund the money. What was the seller thinking? Now i am sure if we had our wading overalls and snorkels packed in the truck , we may have been able to  carry the fridge over our heads, however that’s going way beyond the call of any delivery company.

Moral of the story – Buyers please double check the sellers location details, access, doorways, lifts …… and now ponds !