Buy & Sell on eBay?

Buying & Selling second-hand furniture on eBay & gumtree is a great way to recycle and make some extra cash at the same time. You can make $100’s even $1000’s on selling your used unwanted goods, remember what they say

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

Selling Furniture at Auction on eBay

Websites like eBay are great, it gives you great opportunity to let everyone know what you have. The auction format is the way to sell, start your bidding really low, don’t worry too much about your reserve if you describe the item really well it will hit your reserve. Starting the bidding off low attracts buyers, the more people it attracts the more get interested in buying it, before you know it there is a bid frenzy and your item sells for top dollar.

Last minute ebay bidders

LOL i hate when everyone leaves it to the last minute to bid, only when I’m selling the item, but on the same token it’s the best buying practice. I do it, but when I’m selling an item i want to see the bids escalate over the days. I always choose 10 days, why? Obviously i want more people to see the auction and get interested, you see by starting the bid low gets people to click on watch this item in their my eBay, this does absolute wonders for you because people that watch it are really interested in buying it and by the 10th day they are that intrigued by the item they will pay top dollar just to win. So don’t worry about last minute bidders they will always be there.

Sellers feedback is important

The first thing you should do is check the seller’s feedback. If it’s above 100 i would consider that to be pretty safe, but anything under i would definitely ask for a phone number and speak with that seller, just so you can get an idea if they are genuine and not interested in selling the item elsewhere.

By elsewhere i mean some sellers advertise on eBay then they simply sell it off eBay. 99% of the time it’s to an eBay member that enquired about the item via message or phone. This sucks because you think it’s an auction but really it’s an advertisement in their eyes. I wish eBay would get something more solid in the terms and policies so that sellers must only sell at auction. But it probably won’t happen so what I’m saying is why sit around waiting for the auction when you can contact the buyer and ask if they are selling it offline by chance and how much? You see some people will say in their descriptions that they are advertising the item on another website or in the local paper and they usually put a tiny disclaimer like “we reserve the right to end the auction if sold elsewhere” so if you do see that or something to that effect, straight away call the number or message that member and see where they are advertising and how much for?.

Negotiate a better price

If the seller um’s and ah’s and says $100 then you should try and negotiate only once as you don’t want to upset them or offend them by offering a ridiculous amount. Some people can get pretty upset, especially when its furniture, or something that once they held dearly to their heart, so be gentle with your approach and don’t be ruthless.

So how much should you negotiate?

I recommend firstly checking what the going value is of that particular type of item. Take into consideration the condition and the age, try and find a few to compare that will give you a rough guide, now if the item you are interested in is significantly dearer then others, find out why. If there is no significant difference, then i see no reason that you should pay more than the going rate, or better yet get it a bit cheap as this is what eBay is all about, or at least what it was once back in the day…. a place where you would grab a bargain, these days i see things sell for more than retail its absolutely ridiculous. So my suggestions are do your homework and then search for the item. So getting back to how much less you should offer, well this is only my suggestions and practices so please don’t use this as a must like i said you should do your homework first. I would offer say 75 if they asked 100, why? Well it’s not ridiculously cheaper than the asking price and shouldn’t offend the seller, i would also include an explanation why i suggested $75 it could be that their located further and you would have to include repairs or something of that nature.

sydney removalistOnce the deal is done.

Communication is the most important thing to a smooth transaction, everyone these days has a busy schedule though some sellers can be really direct with pickup times, it’s usually just because they work and don’t want the pickup to be on their private time, nor work time, so they try and suggest unrealistic times like “must be picked up on Saturday morning between 7am – 8 am, sheesh common. Really? Lol so you hunt around asking everyone you know to give you hand but everyone else is in the same boat, after many stressful hours contemplating is this all worth the worry, you stumble across Quick Move, number 1 Sydney removalist, on eBay you notice that they pickup furniture and take care of all everything, so you think I’ll just use a professional Sydney removalist and organise an ebay delivery with them, wonder what they would charge me?,

Pickup up the item

It’s no wonder you have read this far into my article, i totally understand how stressful and time consuming the whole pickup thingy takes right, like it was easy enough to click buy but now you have all this worry about how it’s going to be picked up. Well not really if you are reading this article and I’m sure you are lol its because you have stumbled across Quick Move and you are contemplating whether or not to use us, well if i can say just one thing or a few if i may….

Quick Move (who are a professional Sydney removalist team) an ebay delivery service wholey and solely picks up and delivers furniture! That’s what we do, mainly for eBay buyers but not entirely we also pick up furniture for other buyers that have bought the one off item from their local store. You see we are removalists by trade so you know you are getting the real deal when we move the furniture. It’s really important that you totally understand that we are removalists and you will get that moving experience done by professionals, so all in all i am really proud of what we do, other removalists may turn their heads and have a giggle. But at the end of the day we are moving furniture it’s what we love to do so why not cater for the huge demand that’s out there. We are not interested in charging by the hour, nor do we have any call out fees, we simply give you a price upfront before you even book in. We are the best Sydney removalist team in the industry.

What we need to know initially

Before any of the staff give you a price for delivery of the furniture, we want to know a bit about what we are picking up in order for your ebay delivery to run smoothly. Is it timber, is it marble or is it steel? Is their parking in the driveway or two blocks away? Are there any stairs, what level is it on? Do we need to carry it down flights of stairs? Is there a lift and will it fit? What about at the delivery location how is that? You see where I’m going with this right? It’s really important that you obtain as much information as possible before you ask us how much? Here is a guide to the questions you should ask your sellers, alternatively we have made up a few notes that buyers can simply copy and paste in an email to the seller. What that does is basically introduces us to the seller letting them know we are picking up the item and what to expect when we arrive, it also makes a few suggestions to the seller like “how to prepare for us” what to do with furniture with drawers and loose items like glass shelves and what not, handy stuff that saves the sellers time, our time and you time. So be sure to check out the notes and use what you can. Like i said it’s a simple highlight the text you wish to use and right click – select Copy, then simply right click into the email and select Paste.

Available pickup times and schedule for an Ebay delivery

With us we like to get everything done and dusted during business hours especially when we have an inner city Ebay delivery, its mainly due to traffic. Peak hour traffic in the Sydney cbd is a nightmare we all know this so what we want is recognition of it. Expect us to be a bit later then suggested and try not to give the guys a hard time over it, for out areas of Sydney we don’t mind peak hour deliveries as the guys can take freeways and main roads to and from. The M7 is a golden road, as much as i hate paying the toll, i don’t know what i would do without it honestly its golden lol. So in most cases we are able to pickup and deliver an ebay delivery any time of the day between 7am – 7pm, though we say we can do that we will never say a certain time like “we will be there at 8am” why not? Well it can never be guaranteed there will be a smooth run, and within this transport trade we would be shooting ourselves in the foot if we were silly enough to make such guarantees. Never the less if we do say we will be there between 9am and 11am we will! On top of that you will receive a courtesy call 30 minutes prior to us arriving, thus giving you time to get home and be ready. so to avoid disappointment we always give a window of at least 3 hours.

Protection for a safer arrival

We use only the best products like removalist’s blankets and soft straps to cover and secure everything we carry. We carry the furniture with care and experience, impressive quality workmanship is a promise. Let’s get to the nitty gritty here, now in terms of scratches, damaged goods expect it, you are buying furniture sight unseen from someone you don’t know from a bar of soap, so don’t believe all item descriptions. Some  ebay sellers can be dishonest and some are just not as fussed as you may be about a few marks. So the best solution would be to ask questions and ask for pictures of the condition, then the most important thing is to ask us to inspect the item on arrival, on request we will inspect any ebay item free of charge, we will not handle the item until we have notified you of its condition. Once you are happy with our report you may ask us to carry on or leave it and you will sort it out from there on. It’s just another safeguard i guess, i have personally seen a few people get caught out like this.

Using PayPal to protect you from Scamsebay delivery payments

Back when we first started Quick Move we had a buying policy setup so that buyers could use us to pay for the items then simply reimburse Quick Move on arrival, it worked for a short period, it had some really high risk factors that we didn’t think through enough at the time, once burned we simply canned the policy and now it is entirely up to you to pay for the items you purchases. Choose PayPal, why? , PayPal has a resolution centre for eBay members. The resolution or dispute policies are not bad actually i have had to use them once when i bought an electronic Bluetooth device from china, it arrived not working so i simply opened up a dispute through PayPal, you see PayPal can freeze the money you have paid the seller until the problem is resolved, so the seller must respond and you must provide evidence of your dispute, then if it cannot be settled between you and the seller you simply can escalate the dispute to a claim and then a PayPal team will review and make a decision. Better than nothing i say.

Quick Move grew fast and now operates in nearly every major city on the east coast of NSW; from south to north we have dedicated team members and vehicles for each region. We once also would accept COD but again it had another risk and frankly took too much time up of the day, so we developed a pre-paid policy that is a useful to both parties, you see with Quick Move you can pay with visa, or any debit card and card in fact, even bank transfer. And if you are a tad sceptical about entering credit card details over the net, simply call us and we can take payment over the phone, or if you have PayPal we can send you a PayPal invoice. Actually you don’t even need a PayPal account to use PayPal, you can use PayPal as a merchant using your visa or master cards. With all these funky gadgets there are fees obviously but do remember these are our only fees you will ever pay, nothing more. It’s a standard 3.5% for using any visa or card, in saying that that’s only $3.50 on $100 delivery. Not a huge amount, the way to get around that is to pay us direct to our Bank, its free. But the downfall is that we don’t see any funds clear until the 2nd day even 3rd sometimes, so your booking needs to be booked well in advance to use this payment method.

Don’t pay anymore than we charge

Why would you?, if we haven’t convinced you that we are a superior  Sydney removalist company then please call or email me personally and I’ll tell you myself how good we are J seriously for the money spent hiring removalists by the hour you could of hired us and we would of had the job done faster and cheaper.