The Call Out Fee clearly explained

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Here we explain the call out fee. You may be wondering why you have to pay a call out fee when you book a move with us? Basically we do not charge travel, fuel or add taxes to the total of your relocation, we simply take a small one off call out fee of just $45, this fee ultimately locks in and guarantees you are booked and we will arrive on the day at the given times you select.

Questions & Answers about the Callout Fee & How it Works

When Is the Callout Fee Paid and how?

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When you book your job in with us you will be asked to make a secure online payment of $45. This is all done via our secure website. You can pay this with a debit or credit card, and we accept the all major credit cards VISA , Mastercard and AMEX.  A tax invoice will be sent to you via email along with your booking confirmation.

Is the Call out Fee Refundable?

Similar to a booking fee, the callout fee is not refundable, it is a payment used to lock a position in on a certain day, just like a booking fee therefore we may turn down other potential customers wishing to book on the same day. The callout fee guarantees your position is locked in, and therefor if you wish to cancel it is not refundable.

If I reschedule my move is the callout fee transferable?

No. A  callout fee is not transferable, therefore if you cancel your booking and wish to reschedule to another date you will be asked to pay a rescheduling fee. Please contact our office on 0487399669 if you feel there is an unavoidable circumstance for this reschedule.

Is the Call out Fee part of the rate quoted?

No, the call out fee is totally separate from the rate quoted and not to be thought part of the total owing or a deposit. This means on the day if the removalists worked for 2 hours you will pay them 2 hours not 1.5.

Don’t get caught paying more than you should!

Some movers will say “No Call Out Fee” just to get your immediate attention, it means absolutely nothing as they will charge you various other charges instead.  Some will charge, fuel, GST, travel from depot to depot, and some I have even heard will charge you for stairs and hard and complicated access. We do not charge for stairs, its outrageous! If you are moving outside of the Sydney metro, you will be subject to fuel and travel back or to Sydney. Please call one of our friendly staff if you are out of area as we may offer you a once off fixed price instead of our half hourly rate. Fixed prices will not occur within the Sydney metro area.