Cheap & Nast Movers Is it Really Worth it?

A cheap delivery! You get what you pay for…. NOT!

Cheap Delivery TruckAs it stands we are definitely one of the most competitive Sydney removalists for a cheap delivery, businesses all around use us 7 days a week, i doubt there is another provider that offers what we do for the same price. We try our absolute best to stay competitive but on the same token we cannot run at a loss just to provide a cheap delivery. I have had some recent feedback from a furniture store that requested our rates, they said we were expensive when comparing there delivery guy to us. We will obviously be slightly higher then the average courier or delivery person that has no overheads or insurances nor experience.We don’t drag around furniture on a trolley to save on the cost of having a second man! End of story!

I started this company with the total belief you get what you pay for!

But after doing my research and comparing the services x value with all major removalists and couriers, you actually don’t get what you pay for. To an extent that phrase is true, though when you sit back and look at the big picture and see what some of these removals businesses are charging you will be amazed. And the guys i see are supposed to be experienced but they are lucky to be 21 so how do they have the experience required?.

Can it be that you don’t get what you pay for at all with a cheap delivery ?

Certainly, in fact we tell everyone that we are not the cheapest nor the dearest, however we are the best choice, why? Quick Move is the perfect balance of service x value, you actually get quality workers that have had pre training. We have a leading hand on all jobs. We also have all insurances that protect you and us. What would you rather? Professional well spoken uniformed workers handling the entire job making you feel comfortable with friendly customer service?  Flexible payment options, receipts and invoices and terms & conditions, Or No experience, potentially will damage furniture, not well spoken, no uniform, grumpy, sweaty dirty bloke that wants to be paid cash only, scribbles on a postal note for a receipt. Filthy truck with graffiti on it, no insurances, no terms, no nothing, just to save a few bucks!

What i suggest is

Think it through first, don’t jump into any deal unless you make certain that they are experienced, qualified, insured, ect..

Then compare with us, see what we offer and compare, make your decisions based on our reply. If we can’t convince you that we are the better choice by all means go with who you feel comfortable with, but give us the chance to explain if we are slightly higher then your last quote. A cheap delivery is more then likely going to go wrong, its important that you think it through.

Call to speak with one of our friendly staff today or simply make an online enquiry and someone will call you back to discuss your options.

Read between the lines

Even though they say this and that, to make themselves look good, most have hidden fees that will be included without your knowledge.That is unless you ask about it before hand. So be sure to ask a lot of questions, cheap delivery food for thought.

Ask Questions Like

  • Why is it a cheap delivery ?
  • what type of service should i expect?
  • Is there any additional charges i may face?
  • will my items be insured?
  • will i have the drivers phone number?

Don’t get a Cheap Delivery get the best delivery at the cheapest price

Compare our Service

Quick Move will give you the best price we can, you wont need to worry about anything after that. Its our service you will be pleased with the most, the price is just a bonus.

Free Furniture inspection reports

Quick Move staff can report the condition of the furniture , look for marks and scratches or broken parts that were not described in the items description. Feel safer knowing that we are on your side.

Availability in Sydney

We are 7 days a week, though Saturday and Sunday’s are usually booked out way in advance with light removals. So for deliveries and pickups try your best to get the seller to be available during the week preferably during business hours.