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Our Competition, well not all but lets say "majority" is ripping you off guys! please read before this before you book with any other removalist company in Sydney Stairs , some charge $5 per stair case, some will just make up a price on the day! " Real Professional right?" Outdoor furniture, some will have [...]

New to the service is our plastic wrap offer, we now in every single vehicle and truck carry plastic wrap and bubble wrap for those customers that need that extra protection. As a standard we wrap everything absolutely free of charge using our softly padded moving blankets, now to add as an extra protection we [...]

Quick Move offer a remarkable service to the entire sydney metro area, if professional furniture removalists is what you are after (and why wouldn't you want the best?) then you have found what you are looking for with Quick Move. We cover the entire Sydney metro area and also going as far up as Nelsons [...]

  Most of the backyard removalists have only 1 or 2 trucks, they take bookings as if they had 15 trucks, why they do that is so they can filter through to the more expensive jobs and fall back on the cheap jobs if necessary, how dare they play you like that right? the worst [...]

Hi Guys Scott here managing director of the company, i would love to start sharing the funniest removalists videos that we have been seeing on the web, YouTube & even our own classics! To kick it off here is a video i found whilst browsing YouTube, its the funniest way i have ever seen a [...]

Our vision is clear, we want the best removalists working within our company, we offer above award wages and great benefits for long-term positions. We have positions available for the right candidate, if you believe you have what it takes read on... 26th May 2017, applications OPEN Driver (Car Licence needed Only) Offsider ( Must be [...]

As it stands we are definitely one of the most competitive Sydney removalists business around, i doubt there is another provider that offers what we do for the same price. We try our absolute best to stay competitive but on the same token we cannot run at a loss just to provide a cheap delivery. I [...]

Quick Move has revolutionised the delivery service industry, employing only people with a removalist or furniture handling experience. It’s important that we keep a high standard of staff, for obvious reasons, we want to continue to provide the community with professional affordable help. Our staff on arrival will formally introduce themselves , you will enjoy [...]

Quick Move drivers use the latest GPS tech we allow it to calculate the traffic intensity with distance traveled and then simply provide the customer with an approximate time of arrival or commonly known as ETA, however the driver will not take into consideration, road works, accidents, heavy congested traffic or breakdowns. ETA really does [...]

Quick Move operates 7 days a week, during Monday to Friday our communication hours are 7am - 7pm, Monday to to Sunday. Our office is open during weekends making it even more convenient to make a booking in your own personal time, everyone is busy these days and time is of the essence, we understand [...]

Buyers you can simply copy & paste this text into any email or eBay message. “Highlighting the text hold down left mouse button & highlight, then simply right click on the highlighted text select Copy, now that you have copied the text simply go to your email and right click then select Paste.” Copy / [...]

Written courier quotes are sent via email from the official email address info@quickmove.com.au.  Furniture courier quotations will only be sent to a reply address , from a quotation request received. "Cheap Removalist" Though we do experience allot of calls & Multiple Quotes Couriers requesting quotations, quotes that have been verbally given over the phone are only estimates, estimates mean [...]

Tempered glass top tables, especially larger types are extremely heavy and need extra care taken when handling, for obvious reasons, dealing with glass is a higher risk. The thickness of the glass determines the weight, and how we as removalists will handle the glass. 110% two men are always required and infact on the larger types that can weigh [...]

Several months later we are really starting to realise that they work and how important they are. We calculated on the 1st of May 2013 how many deliveries we have done for eBay & Gumtree and out of that number how many buyers were mislead with the sellers description of the item. On average 2 [...]

    we get calls to pick up all types of Items, from Boats, bikes & cars Here is a picture of our latest Boat delivery, another eBay purchase, picked up in Newcastle & delivered to Liverpool. The Quick Move van has a Tow Bar & equipped with all necessary tools to successfully relocate any size Boat, providing the [...]

Here we will tell all about our most recent deliveries that would amaze you. 01/05/2013 Picked up a 3 Metre Entertainment Unit ,yep thats right 3 Metres!  came in two pieces, and stood two metres tall. Picked up from Glenmoore Park & delivered to Cranebrook, another happy eBay customer. We were pleased with the delivery [...]

Unless you have specifically asked for a certain day for pick up or delivery, we place your order on the next available time frame for your particular area. Call us on 0487 399 669 or meaning you won't ever have to wait for more than 7 days for your item to be picked up and [...]

For a Removalist or Courier Business the motorways are essential However,can someone tell me what we are paying for? and why?. Honestly they should look into changing the charges. Peak and Off peak rates sounds like a great idea.Weekdays from 6am - 9am  & 4pm - 7pm = Peak , all others in between are [...]

Quick Move  received a call to pickup an outdoor setting "6 piece timber setting with an umbrella" The item was located in Hornsby and needed to be delivered to Rosemeadow. No problem. We arrived at a "shop front" where the gentleman selling the item was waiting,  and he had the furniture out the front ready for us to [...]

Today we had a call out on the road for a pickup of a wardrobe at Revesby Heights, customer wanted it picked up Today before 5pm & delivered to Sylvania, so we pressed on and got our jobs done and did what we usually do called the contact at the pick up location, “Hi Scott [...]

The Most AWKWARD thing we have had to carry! Man oh Man. Never owning a latex mattress is now on my " that's ok, i'm good thanks list". We picked up a King Sized Latex Mattress today from Kellyville and delivered it to Barden Ridge, this thing had to be 100kg! Apparently it was worth [...]

Sure you can assist us, it is really helpful when the customer gets involved, it may only be some cushions we ask you to carry, or we may ask for the hose to be wound up so it’s out of the way, perhaps move the car or tie up the dog. Small things like this [...]

Quick Move Offers great value for money, we only give you Fixed prices based on the information you provide us during the quotation stage. The Cost to move your Furniture depends on a few things, see below; The type of item Dimensions of the item Weight of the item Type of parking available at both [...]

Quick  Move is a professional moving business, we are not some bloke with a ute looking to pick up some extra cash on the weekend. I have seen these operators and i have picked up the pieces literally... its unfortunate that this industry is not as regulated as i would like it to be. Too [...]

Not all, but some furniture really needs to be disassembled prior to us arriving. We have seen too many ikea wardrobes that are poorly put together, nearly falling apart, really flimsy and difficult for the boys to carry especially down flights of stairs that twist and turn and require tricky manoeuvring. Its much easier if [...]

Why do people put "Ground level no stairs" on the quote form, when they have a unit on the 7Th floor? Please be honest and tell us what access you truthfully have and then we can make sure we have the adequate tools, men & time dedicated for that particular job. Yes the price may [...]

 Sydney has had some serious rain fall and our roads have worn the brunt of it. This week alone we have reported 5 different pot holes to 3 different councils. One after the other today, it was honestly ridiculous. They are a major hazard to all of us, and not to mention the fragile goods [...]

Please advise the  seller that Quick Move will be Picking Up your items. We call each pickup contact when we are roughly 30 minutes away from arriving. Today we had a strange seller actually not let us come and pickup the items because she didn’t know who we were, fair enough! Its a good idea [...]

Quick Move was booked to pick up a double door fridge from Manly and delivered to Wentworthville..... no biggy, we move this kind of stuff all the time, but we didn't quite have the necessary tools to complete the job, and here's why.   with easy ground level access. Great... straight in and out in no [...]

Quick Move recently received a booking to pick up and deliver a wardrobe. Easy right?....... WRONG. The said wardrobe was described to us in the quote request as a "3 piece wardrobe that comes apart for easy transport". Our experienced removalist arrived at the pick up point (apartment ). The seller opened the door and [...]

Quick Move attempted to complete this delivery...... when i say attempted, i mean we tried everything. Now picture this. Beautiful day, nice easy drive out to the Blue mountains to  pick up a “3 seater” sofa ... remember i said 3 SEATER ! So... all good, looks a tad larger than a normal 3 seater [...]