COVID -19 Announcement


covid 19It is business but not as usual here at Quick Move with some changes to our service and an important message to our customers.

We are not being shut down due to Covid. If we were to be deemed a nonessential business by the Australian government, we will immediately put up a notice clearly displaying that.

There is a little confusion out there about this topic. Businesses that are considered essential and not during the crisis. But rest assured if we were shut down due to the coronavirus, we would fully refund you. Contact us for more info.

Feel free to call us at any time to ask questions. However, I have put a detailed response to most covid questions below. To ensure the safety of our staff and customers we have made some serious changes to the way we are conducting our service. we know you can appreciate what we are doing and for the fact that we all need to do our part in trying to stop the spread of COVID -19.

Effective immediately as part of our daily routine we have implemented some serious changes to the way we are providing removal services for customers. Please read the following points carefully. It’s difficult to put this politely so instead I’ll be very blunt and to the point hope you can understand.

Quick Move, Our Covid 19 Approach & How We Can Keep Everyone Safe

Firstly and most importantly due to the virus being so contagious we will not provide our service to any positive covid case. Nor recovered positive cases, and anyone that is waiting test results. Sorry and or in fact showing signs of the virus. For these people we are terribly sorry! Our heart goes out to you and we all wish you the best. Unfortunately we just can not put our staff in harms way like that knowing how bad this situation is.

For those that we can help, please adhere to our following points.

  • No cash handling, nor will it be accepted at the moment
  • And no handshaking, touching patting on the back
  • Please do not feed or provide drinks for the staff
  • Keep a minimum 2 meters distance away from the staff
  • Please disinfect your household belongings prior to us arriving
  • Please make a clear pathway for the staff to enter and leave the property.
  • Hold open doors with whatever you can so that we are not needing to touch handles constantly.
  • Cough into your elbow and please keep the chat to the bare minimum.

Due to the covid pandemic, we will be taking payments over the phone with Visa, Mastercard, or Amex. We will be wearing protective equipment when deemed necessary and if available to our staff. The removalists will be consistently taking short breaks to wash their hands and sanitize. We understand these times are very difficult for you and we appreciate your full cooperation in adhering to our changes effective immediately.

We will update this covid page continuously and make changes as deemed necessary after given more advice from the NSW Government and health authorities. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 0487 399 669