Quick Move’s ETA for Arrival

Quick Move ETA

How do we project an ETA?

Quick Move drivers use the latest GPS tech we allow it to calculate the traffic intensity with distance traveled and then simply provide the customer with an approximate time of arrival or commonly known as ETA, however the driver will not take into consideration, road works, accidents, heavy congested traffic or breakdowns. ETA really does mean just that, it is an estimate and we do not make any guarantees to be at any location on any given time.

What does it mean?

ESTIMATE time of arrival, notice i capitalised ESTIMATE ūüôā so it’s not to be confused with DEFINITE. There is really no way in the removals¬†industry that a Sydney removalist can give any definite times. In furniture removal,¬†anything can happen. We have had circumstances when we have had to disassemble furniture or customers have given incorrect details, this setting us back for the day. To avoid disappointment make sure we have all the necessary information. ETA is commonly used in the transport industry, the majority of you would already know this but¬†just in case some of you may think that ETA means something other than what it stands for i have written this short article. ETA is used by our drivers daily, the driver may send the customer a text with an ETA once they are loaded and on the way.¬†There are other words that are also commonly used in our industry when referring to¬†times of arrival such as – Approximate , Approximately, approx, rough guess, roughly, educated guess………. you know where i am going with this right? ūüôā

When will you get an ETA?

The Quick Move driver will simply either call or TEXT you letting you know what time we expect to arrive usually with one hours notice. The ETA given is a good indication and you need to make sure someone is there ready to provide access.We will at all times call you prior to arriving, and you will be able to give us multiple phone numbers and contacts at the booking stage.

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