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    Stairs , some charge $5 per stair case, some will just make up a price on the day, real professional right?
  • Outdoor furniture, some will have stupid charges for BBQ’s or lawn mowers anything that has petrol or oil in it that could spill!
  • Pot Plants, yes even pot plants other so called movers will charge for, why? Because their heavy. Well aren’t you experienced? God forbid they will need to sweep out the truck afterwards in case some dirt escapes the pots!
  • Statues, yep even the old statue gets a surcharge with these cash cowboys, because it will take a little more effort to maneuver, what a joke right?
  • Fish Tanks, why? BECAUSE ITS GLASS! If they are professionals why are they so scared to transport glass?
  • Pool Tables, Oh look out this requires dismantling and a touch of careful wrapping! Look out for that surcharge!
  • Gym equipment, another sneaky hidden charge by most of our competitors, yeah the old treadmill surcharge another difficult item to carry! NOT, it’s easy if we know about it prior to booking.
  • Motor cycles, and just because its out of the norm yep slap an extra $50 on that! Pretty much anything out of the norm these blokes will hit you up for more!
  • Pianos, yep the old piano surcharge trick. They will convince you that they needed more men and that you can simply pay them an extra sneaky $100 and they will do it! We do manouever pianos’s however we recommend a piano specialist if there are stairs, as the risk would be too high and we actually care!

Yep the list goes on guys, i can not believe how these Movers get away with this!

Nobody to complain to, nobody to turn to when its too late and right there face to face and demanding more money from you! I really hope this page gets as much attention as our recent page regarding dodgy movers advertising on gumtree does so that you get a clear understanding what you could be up for if you choose against us. FYI we would never charge you for any of this, and if ever by chance a staff member did do that he would be reprimanded that same day!

You see when you book in a job with us it is carefully looked at by the operation manager and the team prior to arriving to ensure that we have the right tools to safely conduct and move your precious belongings.

If you are not fully convinced that we are the perfect choice read up on a previously posted article about dodgy backyard removalists. Just be very careful and always do your homework before booking a removalist in Sydney.

Get Your Free Plastic Wrap on Your Mattress!

Sydney Siders Benefit from a Complimentary Free Plastic Wrap on all Mattresses

Free Plastic WrapNew to the service is our free plastic wrap offer, we now in every single vehicle and truck carry plastic wrap and bubble wrap for those customers that need that extra protection. As a standard we wrap everything absolutely free of charge using our softly padded moving blankets, now to add as an extra protection we offer a shrink wrap or bubble wrap also. When the movers arrive they will advise what they think will need this extra protection, its an optional extra and a recommended suggestion only, you do not need to take us up on this and we will do our best to move it without damages. If you take us up on the offer we will give you a price there and then so no nasty surprises at the end of the day.
moving boxes bubble wrap removalists sydney

Types of Items we would normally like to wrap in plastic are:

  • Glass door cabinets
  • Glass furniture
  • Vases, large statues
  • TV screens
  • Mattresses
  • Fabric furniture

Need more than just your mattresses wrapped?


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The Prices we would normally charge are roughly $5 – $20 per item depending on its size and how much plastic wrapping needs to fully cover the item, the guys on the day will give you there best price.

As it stands you will be entitled to this free mattress wrap offer when you book online, you will not need to call or make note of this on the quote form, to get a free plastic wrap all you need to do is book online and you will automatically be covered. We will give you a premium removals service at a budget rate, its all part of the friendly fast service we offer, in respect to pre packing we can indeed help however must be organised at least for the day prior. Leaving the packing to do on the same day as the move will only delay the moving process therefore costing more in billing hours, lets keep the cost down so prepare, and make all packing, wrapping and stacking boxes at least the day prior to your move.

We also supply Free Packing Boxes

What we do is, offer X amount of boxes to you for just a low deposit. Once the boxes are returned or picked up we simply refund the boxes, its a very handy add on you can simply option in for when booking in your job. If you would like to read a little more about our free boxes offer please do so, there you will find all terms and conditions relating to that offer and how that effects you, we can also deliver and pickup the boxes for your convenience.

Servicing Penrith & its Greater Regions

Removalists PenrithQuick Move – Removalists Penrith are now offering the Penrith & greater region a cheaper more reliable option for moving homes and businesses. We take care of absolutely everything, you won’t have to do a thing. Our amazing team of Penrith movers will relocate your entire home. Nothing is too tricky for us. And you will be happy to know that we will even reinstall your fridge and washing machine, getting it all up and running for you. Just tick another thing off your ‘to do list’. It’s no problem if you are outside of the area either, as long as we service that greater region you will enjoy the benefits of our low moving rates. Our Penrith removal teams have such a way of moving its so different to the rest, we make the whole experience stress free and smooth sailing. Every item in the home is wrapped for absolute maximum protection even the light fragile items.

Seeking Professional Penrith Furniture Removals

There is nothing our guys will not do for you. As stated above all of your items will be wrapped in padded furniture blankets and packed carefully in the truck. If you have any items a tad heavy for the guys to lift up on the truck, its no problem as we have trucks with tailgate lifters making it all as easy as 123. We will include two men to unload your furniture and place it wherever it is in your home that you would like it to go. That’s right, you just say where things need to go and we will follow all your instructions. And do not stress that you cant find your drill or allen keys to put your bed back together. Our removalists Penrith furniture removals trucks are fully equipped with all the tools needed to undertake dismantling and reassembling any item of furniture at all. Check out our reviews and see for yourself just how amazing we are.

Questions About our Penrith Removalists?

We do not charge extra for anything. We do not charge extra for travel, fuel, stairs or anything like that unless moving out of Sydney, the only thing we will pass on to you are toll notices. But with a simple request from you that we avoid tolls, our Penrith movers will do so. Do keep that in mind as you are comparing prices, as alot of companies will withhold all there charges and then slap them on you at the end of your job. A lovely surprise for you, just what you needed right? NOT!

  • Can you help us with Boxes in Penrith?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Just another great service we offer to Penrith residents. We offer our customers free hire of our moving boxes. We have tea chest boxes (43.5cm x 38cm x 67cm High ) which are the the most popular type of large moving boxes and we also have the most popular smaller sized smaller book wine boxes ( 41cm x 30cm x 43.5cm High) used for things like your cuttlery drawer and books. For just a small deposit per box you can hire as many as you need. We deliver the boxes to you and you can have them for up to a month from your moving date. Once you are finished with them just flick us a quick email and we will put your boxes pick up on our next scheduled run and fully refund you.

  • What days are you available for a move?

Our removalists Penrith furniture removals team work from Monday – Sunday from 7am – 7pm. We know that most people work and have busy schedules so we are readily available for you on any day of the week. And just to be clear we do not charge extra for weekends. We have all the same time slots available on both weekdays and weekends. We really are out to service the lovely community of Penrith.

  • How much notice do you need to give?

Of course we would like as much notice as you can possibly give us so we can be as organised as we can for you. We can help you out on any given day as we have quite a large fleet of trucks, but the more notice you give us, the more prepared and organised we will be. If you book in advance you will be able to have pick of the range when it comes to days, dates and time slots. By giving plenty of notice we will be able to apply the time slot of your choice for your job. With even more notice we can have your moving boxes delivered to you with sufficient time for you to pack before the big day. Now in saying all of this we do understand that other unreliable penrith removalists may let you down and in the case of this happening our emergency removalist teams will still be able to help you on the same day.

  • How do I book in a Penrith removal?

Booking in is so simple. Once you have decided that we are the ones for you, simply give us a call on 0487399669 and a member of our amazing team will book you in over the phone or for your convenience you can book online any time of the day. Are you are ready to book with our Penrith movers now? Book Online


Moving Families on a Budget is Our Thang!

Quick Move a Budget Removalist company in Sydney offer a remarkable service to the entire Sydney metro area, if cheap professionals is what you are after (and why wouldn’t you want the best?) then you have found what you are looking for with us. We cover the entire Sydney metro area and also going as far up as Nelsons Bay and as far south as Batemans Bay. Unfortunately we are not interstate furniture transport, however it is something we are looking into for the future of the company. Ultimately we are well known as a budget removalist company, and have a fantastic reputation among Sydney siders needing a cheap relocation.

Hire Budget removalist’s that actually care about you

So you want a company that will actually do care about you. Well once again we have you covered. We have a massive fleet of trucks and staff members available that make it possible for us to be cheap removalists even with all our qualifications and professionalism. There is never a moment where we shy away from our responsibilities, from start to finish we have clear communication with you and throughout your move you will be happy to know that you are being well looked after. Your first initial point of contact will be with one of our lovely staff members in the office who will be able to help you with any query you may have. We will also offer you our free hire or our budget moving boxes at this stage helping you get as organised as you can before the big day. The booking process is so easy, its done and dusted with one simple phone call or for some even easier as we have our online option making it simple for you to book in, select your own date and time at your own convenience. Pretty good huh? Well it doesn’t stop there. Once your job begins you will be asked to go sit down and relax and let the boys do their job.

Well equipped ready to move the most complicated items!

All of our trucks come well equipped with all the necessary tools and trolleys to undertake a fuss free home or office removal. We are able to dismantle and reassemble any items of furniture that you need. Once you have all your items on the truck and we have arrived at your new place, the boys will unload the truck and place all your items wherever it is in your home that you need them to go. All while you are kicking back with a beverage relaxing until all the hard work is done. For a free quote please fill in the form below, it takes 30 seconds.

Asked questions about us and our budget service

  • When does the clock start for the budget rate?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Time starts when we arrive at your first pick up address. We do not charge to or from our base, therefore time ceases once we have finished at your final destination. Unlike other budget furntiure removalists we do not feel it is fair to charge you the time it takes for us to get to your home.

  • Does your company charge for stairs like some others?

We have no extra charges for stairs, unlike some of our competitors, our removalist team do not try and rip you off.  The rate that you are quoted is an actual fixed half hourly rate.  So therefor we do not add any other fees for things like flights of stairs, dismantling or reassembling any of your furniture, or use of our padded furniture blankets.

  • How long is my move going to take im on a tight budget?

Unfortunately it is extremely hard for us to estimate how long your job is going to take. A lot of things come into consideration for example, the access plays a massive part. If you have flights of stairs or extremely heavy furniture with tight turns its obviously going to take slightly longer than a ground floor relocation. The best advice we can give is to be completely prepared on the day. Have everything packed and ready to go, if possible maybe try putting all the small boxes in one room, this making it more time efficient and cheaper for you. 🙂

  • What days are your budget removalists  available?

Quick Move are available Monday – Sunday from 7am to 7pm. You will be happy to know that we do not charge extra for weekends and if need be we do offer a specialised after hours service. Contact us today to see our availability or check out our available dates and times on our booking form.

  • Does Budget mean nasty service?

Just because we do not overcharge you for our service doesn’t mean we are not going to provide you with the best quality service you could ask for. We like to know they are helping you stay within your budget whilst de-stressing you throughout the duration of your job, lets face it we can all do with a bit of savings here and there. Check out our reviews to see how good our budget removalists actually are.


Moving Company in the Northern Beaches Region

Professional removalists Northern Beaches service dedicated to deliver high quality relocations for a cheap removals price, we service the Northern Beaches and the entire Sydney region moving family homes and offices is what we do best. The Northern Beaches delivery truck will also come equipped with moving and packing materials that you can purchase on the day in case you have forgotten something, The men in charge of your move will amaze you, in fact the guys are so well known now in the Northern Beaches for their high customer service and great maneuvering skills see our reviews, we have now been doing this now for over 6 years and going strong. Do not hesitate to call our Northern Beaches removalists today on 0487 399 669.

Removalists Northen Beaches Moving Boxes

We offer free hire moving cartons to you direct, there is a small delivery and pickup fee however the low $3 per box deposit is guaranteed to be refunded once we have picked up the boxes in good shape, simply to keep them in good nick just flat pack them when finished and do not tear or write directly on the cardboard, what we recommend is just write onto the masking tape and then rip it off once finished with the removalists northern beaches boxes.

FAQ – Northern Beaches Removalists

  • How many men do we get for our Northern Beaches move?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
At Quick Move we of course have the option of providing you with as many men as you need for your job, however we always quote for Two men in our initial quotes.

  • Do you have a minimum charge for the North Beaches?

Yes there is a 2 hour minimum charge on all job removals Northern Beaches.

  • Do you have a callout fee for Northern Beaches?

Yes, unlike other movers northern beaches though, who’s callout fees vary, we have a once pff fixed callout fee payable at the time of booking. Then on the day you only have your hourly rate to worry about.

  • When does the time start at The Northern Beaches?

Time starts when we arrive at your place , and the clock stops once we have finished at your final destination. We do not charge from our base like other northern beaches companies will.

  • Are there any other sneaky charges for my job?

No! Our furniture removalist Northern Beaches are upfront about all of our costs, we do not charge for stairs, for padded furniture blankets, to dismantle or reassemble any of your furniture. And you will pleased to know that our teams do not charge you for travel or fuel. The only thing we will pass on to you is toll charges, however you are more than welcome to ask them to avoid the tolls and they will.

In hope of giving you piece of mind we also would like to mention you can obtain a third party insurance policy through Carters insurance. I hope we have answered a few of the most common questions asked in regards to furniture removals Northern Beaches. If we have left any of your questions unanswered please do feel free to contact us and our guys will be happy to help with any enquiry you might have.


Relocating Homes throughout the Inner West of Sydney

Quick Move Removalists inner west department are out and about all over Sydney. We take our professionalism and consistent hard work throughout the whole of Sydney and have a dedicated team to service the Inner West. Covering the entire Sydney suburbs we can help you with any type of moving just call us on 0487 399 669 to find out how.

Moving can be the most stressful and exhausting time for you, moving into a new home can be like picking up your life and rolling the dice to determine if it all stays together in one piece. That could also be a metaphor for your mental state, as well. Most people moving home will hire professional, highly-recommended inner west furniture removalists like us to make sure all their belongings aren’t put in jeopardy by either your own hands or family and friends’ who, honestly, shouldn’t carry that pressure.

Trusted Inner West Furniture Removals Sydney

We understand that you need a removalist who cares about you and your belongings. Luckily for you Quick Move have you completely covered. We have the muscle, the transport and last but not least the respect and decency to understand that this is a stressful time for you and will do everything in our power to make it a fuss free occasion for you. We have a massive fleet of inner west Sydney trucks to service your area and of course all trucks come equipped with all necessary tools and two men to take out even the most awkward of jobs. We have padded furniture blankets, all sorts of trolleys to make sure any item can be moved, and of course all the tools that would be required for dismantling and reassembling for you. All of our removalists are hard working, professional reliable and available to help you with no matter what you need done even if its just the men needed without a truck we can assist.  Check out where we service in the inner west, you will be surprised and excited to know that we do not charge fuel or travel within any of these suburbs as they all fall within our Sydney metro area.

Get Insurance in the Inner West just to be safe!

Our Sydney removalists in the inner west comes with public liability insurance of up to $20,000,000. We also have goods in transit and property damage as well.  To find out more about our insurance please contact us. Here is where you can start to separate the men from the boys, so to speak, reputable removals copnay will have all their policies all sorted and upon requests from body corporate or companies can have them on the day for you to view, you can always option in for 3rd party insurance for accidental damages, this will be another easy checkbox to fill as you narrow down the most reliable companies. AKA Quick Move. 🙂 All of our relocation teams are hard working, professional reliable and available to help you with no matter what you need done.  Submit a free quick quote below and receive a reply almost instantly as we have staff on hand to reply back to you straight away. See for yourself what others think about our company, check out our reviews you wont be disappointed.


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information

FAQ – inner west Sydney Removalist

  • Will your inner west removalists dismantle and reassemble my furniture?

Absolutely. Our amazing team of staff will come equipped on the day with all the tools needed to dismantle and reassemble any item of furniture for you.

  • Do you use some form of wrapping to protect my furniture just in case?

Our men in the inner west are a professional and experienced team and of course will wrap all of your items with our quality padded furniture blankets. We understand the importance of making sure all your items are delivered in the same state as they were picked up.

  • Can you provide me with boxes if needed on the day?

We sure can, we offer you free box hire our boxes are tough built to handle tough and rough transport. We have tea chest and book wine boxes available with no limitations on how many you can hire. You can simply request that we deliver them out to you, (we deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays) and once you have finished with them we will also come and pick them up from you. Cant really beat that service can you? For more info and our terms and conditions regarding our removalists boxes.

  • How can i pay the guys on the day after the jobs done?

We will ask for payment once the job is completed and calculated the billable hours. We accept cash and card, however card payments will incur a small 2.5% surcharge, you can avoid that simply pay cash. For more information on payments please see our accepted payments page.


Why is it that your removalist let you down?

Most of the backyard removalists have only 1 or 2 trucks, they take bookings as if they had 15 trucks, why they do that is so they can filter through to the more expensive jobs and fall back on the cheap jobs if necessary, how dare they play you like that right? the worst part is they do not even have the decency to call you and say sorry we are unable to move you, and if they do they leave it right to the last minute giving you absolutely no chance to get another company booked in time, leaving you standard, this happens all to often for my liking, now we cant do anything about it because the government has no regulations over this industry as yet, but what we can do is warn you so that you have the best chance to avoid this happening to you. Let me just also say that you would be surprised most of these dodgy practices are from companies that you would never think of. Yep some of the ones that are ranking high on google. Just because they are paying for the ads to be high on google doesn’t make them a top choice, and i will go into that another time.

Make sure it is a Pty Ltd Company not a small operator Sole trader

We are an actual Pty Ltd company trading as Quick Move with many staff, managers and policies to enforce the highest customer service experience, many of the ” moving companies ” out there are outrageously dodgy to say the least, we get so many calls every day, every week 7 days about how these so called ” removalists ” have been letting you down, not showing up and making up a thousand excuses why and so on. I wont mention any names!

We would never do that and to be totally honest we are tired of picking up the pieces for these so called ” movers ” hence why i am trying to warn you now before you fall into their trap of cheaper rates, or overpriced rates! yes its not just the cheap guys its also a few of the more expensive men that are bluffing their way by overpricing themselves. Leading people to believe that they are getting a better job by charging too much!

I could go on and on about them but i wont i think i have said enough, let me now just focus on why we are different and how choosing us will be the right choice.

When hiring us you have an area manager & a supervisor leading the team & an operations manager throughout the entire move, and me the owner if you need to have a quick chat.

Here is a few other things you will be happy to know

  • All of our Prices & rates we quote you include GST!
  • We do not charge you a fuel levy if inside the Sydney region
  • We do not charge to assemble and disassemble furniture
  • Time starts at your door and finishes with you for Sydney movers.
  • We wont ask you for a cent if there is stairs or hard access
  • We wont say to you its extra if you want us to stop in somewhere else to pickup something.
  • All men are polite, trained & friendly!
  • All trucks are clean, tidy and fully equipped
  • We carry tools, trolleys, boxes and more

Not many other so called ” removalist companies ” can say or do this!, well they can say it but if its true is another thing!

Now if you are still focusing on the ” cheaper moving company ” because they are a few dollars cheaper per hour, take look at the big picture. If they take just 30 minutes longer, and i guarantee you they will take alot longer than us, you will have fell into their trap and paid much more than you should have, even though we may be a few dollars more per hour. Their prices per hour are unrealistic and i can almost guarantee that you will be disappointed if you choose a cheaper or more expensive company than us!

What i suggest is this

Check out the reviews on google that will give you a good indication if they are keeping clients happy, you will be shocked when you read half of whats there, and think about it, if there is a bunch of negative reviews do you really think that there is no others? they have just not bothered to leave a review, so i say multiply the negative reviews x 10 that will give you a good indication of what type of service you will expect to receive.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my rant, i do appreciate your time and look forward to hearing about your experiences good or bad if you choose to go elsewhere drop me an email info@quickmove.com.au

Three Hour window for Arrival on All Moves

Below I will explain our availability, what our time frames are and what they mean, I appreciate you taking the time to read this as it does clear up any concerns you may have about the arrival time. As you can appreciate within the Sydney metro its just impossible to say we will be there at a certain time of the day especially if its after 9am. The transport industry is continuously being disrupted by ongoing roadworks, traffic and accidents, it is unprofessional to guarantee to be somewhere on time knowing this.

Our Windows for Arrival and how they work


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Our first availability is 6am to 9am that is the first available time slot we have. If you were to select this time slot this means you are one of the first jobs of the day. Now due to traffic in the mornings it is really difficult to guarantee an exact time we can be there so we simply offer a 6am to 9am slot. 99.9% of the time we are within the times given, however if we have any difficulties on the road we will call to let you know there is a delay.

From then on we offer a three hour window for arrival from any time you wish to select on our form. We let you know to select the earliest you would be available allowing you to still be able to organise your day.

Example, the 3 hour window allows the first truck enough time to finish the 1st job and head to its second job, so if you choose the 10am to 1pm slot your truck can arrive at any time within that time frame, even 1pm. We can not say for certain it will be arriving at any time so please do not ask. The time slot gives the truck a 3 hour window to arrive, this usually is sufficient as most early jobs only take a couple of hours to complete so saying we hope to get there by 1pm is realistic in most cases, but you never know what little hiccups you could run into. For eg: A lift breaks down prior to the move and your big items don’t fit down the stairwell, so what we thought would be a simple easy move turns out that the sofa, fridge and buffet need to be brought down over the balcony. There is no way we will leave a customer in the lurch we will do the balcony lift and still keep our next customer happy as we will still arrive within the prepared window. Professionalism is to not over commit and make promises we cant keep, however if this particular truck has any delays on its jobs they will call as soon as they can to advise you of the delay.

Late 3 hour windows are offered for afternoon and evening bookings, same day bookings and after hours jobs. We will always aim to give you that 30 minute courtesy call to say we are on the way. We always take into consideration of the time you say you will be home from and aim to be there shortly after. However if a time slot becomes available earlier throughout the day we will call you to ask IF we can start earlier, you can always decline if you do need it later but we always offer you the option. Call us on 0487 399 669 to chat with us regarding our time frames.

Unlimited Free Moving Boxes for Packing

Free Hire Boxes Order Form

    We have a $25 Delivery Fee for all deliveries, unlimited qty of boxes 🙂
  • Tea Chest Boxes – Length: 431mm x Width: 406mm x Height: 596mm
  • Book Wine Boxes – Length: 406mm x Width: 298mm x Height: 431mm
  • Tape is just $3 per roll
  • American Express
  • $ 0.00
  • Terms & Conditions
Free moving boxes for Sydney residents that book a job with Quick Move. We now offer all of our moves free unlimited removalist boxes.
Excellent for packing absolutely anything & everything!

  • 5 week FREE hire
  • Very low $25 delivery fee
  • Delivered Tuesdays & Fridays only
  • Low deposit fee $3 per box any size! Fully refundable on collection
  • Very low $25 pickup fee

To order your FREE box hire you must have a booking scheduled with us, if you haven’t yet, please obtain a quick quote and proceed to book. Once you are all booked in, then please use the link in step 3 below.

How does the free moving box hire work?

Easy, we take a $3 deposit per box, you have 5 weeks to use them from the date you move and then request a pickup. Once we have picked up the boxes we simply refund you the deposit less any tape you purchased and delivery and pickup fees you paid. We do not have anywhere you can pick up the boxes yourself at the moment, deliveries and pickups are done by our drivers on Tuesdays and Fridays only. Box Prices & terms & conditions.

How about whilst your here a furniture removals quote?

Moving home? We have a two men team including the truck that can assist with everything you need, why waste your precious time when you can hire removalists for next to nothing. Save some $ at the same time buy taking us up on the budget furniture removals service we offer Sydney residents.

You will Get Two Men

  • A truck and all the moving equipment.
  • Tools, blankets & boxes.
  • Fast friendly removalists.
  • All prices inc GST.
  • All work is safely done.

We should change our name to Rescue Movers!

I am absolutely blown away by the amount of calls we get daily saying that they have had their mover cancel on them the very same day they are moving, who are these amateurs? After several hundred calls and conversations with customers being let down I have summed it up to what I think is going on here, and here are my thoughts.

Its too easy to simply say you are a removalist these days. All you have to do is buy a van and place an ad on gumtree. Its overwhelming the amount of people doing this, mainly backpackers looking to make a quick buck, but it doesn’t stop there and alot of the time the people that are making these false claims are not at all equipped, trained or have any type of moving experience let alone customer service skills.

What type of impact do these guys have on you?

Sure they are cheap, really cheap, they actually under quote the Australian standard minimum hourly wages which is shocking, illegal and down right un Australian. Your asking me how does this effect you? Well based on my several hundred discussions with customers that have been let down, I have summed it up as to what these guys are actually doing.

You call them because they advertise the cheapest rates, they take your booking knowing that there is a high percentage that they will end up cancelling on you. You see what they do is play with your move, they do this by getting other interested people to bid higher, or they simply quote higher for a job that is booked on the same day as yours, when they get a booking for a higher amount they don’t tell you, nor do they even have the decency to cancel. Why do they do this? So that in the event the higher priced job cancels on them they can always fall back on you, the lower priced job, how dare they treat you like this right?

Read on more about how these guys operate, how we are completely different!

We will never ever cancel your move on you!

How can we say this?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Easy we have over 20 trucks in Sydney alone, there is absolutely no way that we will ever double book anyone! Unlike the typical fake mover that just has 1 truck! This is really important for you to understand, never trust these guys. Our network of professionals is huge. I would make a big call and say we are most likely the largest network in Sydney, having professional help on standby when we are under the pump makes things really easy to manage.

We will never ignore your calls

How can we say that?

Easy we have several staff that operate 12 hours a day dealing with customer inquiries, we also have an operations manager that you can call direct on his mobile to make any inquiry what so ever. Unlike the dodgy guy on gumtree that is a one man band operating from his driver seat. Who do you think answers his phone when he is working? Correct these guys are lacking the main essential ingredients that make a move smooth sailing.

We won’t turn up un-equiped to relocate you

The small operators that are flooding the industry are not properly equipped with the tools & materials needed to efficiently remove someones belongings. Just recently I noticed a small pantech truck in the CBD parked up on the footpath loading furniture, my jaw dropped when I noticed the lack of care whilst maneuvering the items and to top it off they had it all stacked on top of each other with absolutely no protection between the surfaces.

Our promise is to protect every single item regardless of its age or condition, we wrap all furniture in professional moving quilted blankets. Fridges especially require heavy duty quilted pads, I am amazed to see that these guys have not had the decency to learn how its done right nor bothered to purchased the correct gear to do the job.

We wont send inexperienced movers

Do you honestly think that the guys advertising $36 per hour have any idea how to maneuver furniture? They don’t, trust me, no experience and never even worked for another company to learn how to remove the basic items. Elevated properties with stairs scare them and they may leave heavy items behind that are complicated. I have even rescued jobs that other companies simply turned up and walked away immediately after discovering the hard access, not really what you want is it especially last minute, but don’t be shocked it is becoming more and more common. We get these calls daily and some of the movers were actually well known on Google, but cheap & nasty.

Now our promise is to only send men that are equipped, trained and ready to relocate under any condition. We take pride in training the men to a standard where we believe they need to be before we send them out to move. On some jobs we will send 3 men rather than 2 as we conduct on hand training on real jobs, the supervisor leading hand oversees all aspects on the day to ensure care & safety is being practice.

Is it really cheaper to hire these amateurs?

So lets look at a couple of scenarios, I have calculated these figures on real life prices advertised on gumtree. Ok so lets just say you found a “Mover” and he says “I am the best and cheapest prices start at just $36 phh” you think wow that’s really good eh, because you have had quotes at $47.50 from us and that’s $11.50 saving per 30 minutes right? WRONG! I wont go completely into it but after they breakdown the costs they are not to far away from our price, you may see a few dollars in savings after they drop all their other fees on you but read on for the big bombshell!

Here is the most important fact and it definitely is the most crucial part of my point I am trying to make here. If these guys take just 1 hour or less longer than what we would, you would have paid more already. Just a measly hour or even 30 minutes in some instances is all it takes and the budget is out the window,  they increase the time simply by just by dragging their feet or they are not fit and healthy enough to keep the ball rolling. The obvious inexperienced techniques you will definitely notice may get them caught up and then the clock starts to tick every minute that goes by. You wish you would of hired a real company rather than some guy & a truck that talks to much about himself! These guys are small fish and they want to maximise the hours charged on each job as they may only have just that one job, where we are in fact the opposite. We have plenty of work and are getting the job done quicker and moving on to the next one faster, saving you money and us time. I have addressed all these issues in a recent article i wrote check it out.

Cheap and Nasty Removalists

More than likely you had a really bad experience! The guys talked too much, they took forever in the truck they didn’t really know how to get the fridge down the stairs, the fridge was scratched and the walls were damaged, the timber architrave around the entry doors were scratched and dented, most of the fragile items in the boxes were broken, the mattress got stained and dirty from no protection, your timber floors were marked because they didn’t think to cover it first, you and your mates had to assist and did most of the work to make things go quicker!

If you had of chose Quick Move you would of received

A pleasant experience! You were asked to relax whilst the removalists initially wrapped and protected the surfaces and fragile items, you were amazed how efficient they communicated with each other and how easy they made the job look, the fridge was wrapped up like a baby, you would of noticed that particular items were taken first to the truck and the guys advising why they pack a certain way to avoid damages, the job went smooth and quick you are very happy and glad you chose Quick Move.

In a nut shell we are faster, fitter and more reliable, experienced & professional in all aspects of the removal. The small amount you may think you are going to save by hiring the amateurs is unlikely to happen and 99% of the time you will pay alot more rather than save.

Now you want to compare the real “Removalist Companies” now right?

Don’t make the same mistake, now without bad mouthing other moving companies, the way they conduct themselves and so on I would like to just say this “Google Reviews”. It is an amazing little thing that allows these companies customers to have a say about what type of experience they received, its difficult to get people to leave good feedback as good service is expected regardless, but bad feedback is given freely and honestly the way it should. We all know bad news travels faster than good news! I have read all of our competitors reviews and I am absolutely gob smacked at some of the reviews I have seen. If true i would hate to think that the problems they obviously have been having are still there, you see it only takes a few wrong choices with hiring inexperienced men and the consequences are critical.

All i am going to say is do your homework!

Research the reviews for each company you call and speak with the staff in person to get your own opinion before judging. I recommend you call our competitors and then call us, that’s how confident we are. You will notice the difference in customer service, knowledge and how easy we take booking and payments.

Finally, I think I have made my point without pin pointing or naming anyone and I hope you guys that read this do indeed take into consideration my findings. Call us today and save on time and money. 0487399669.

Servicing Residents in the Lake Macquarie Region

Quick Move Removalists Lake Macquarie, centrally located offering the Newcastle region a supreme moving experience for less than your average moving company could ever possibly offer. Our trained staff and customer service team have revolutionised the furniture removals industry. We could never understand why it was so expensive to move in the past until we went into business ourselves late 2011. We have since been providing the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie & Port Stephens region with high quality moving staff at ridiculously low rates.

Cheap Removalists in the Lake Macquarie Area

On demand we can have two men and a truck sevice you 7 days a week, 7am to 7pm. Our staff are ready and waiting for you to call so don’t wait any longer call us on 0487 399 669 or simply submit your quote request using the quote form, a friendly team member here will promptly reply to your request.

Hire Trusted Lake Macquarie Removalists


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Its important when picking the right removals company you do a history check and see if they have been operating for long, how there reviews look across the internet and whether or not they are friendly enough to speak with when inquiring, contact us today. It is very important to ask the little things that could effectively up the cost of your job. Questions like what they charge per hour, how they charge and what fees are associated with the moving process, can possibly impact your total price as you could potentially be up for alot more than you hoped.

We are an affordable solution, a budget removalist Lake Macquarie company that prides itself on value for money without compromising on good old fashion customer service, just see our reviews online then give us a call to see how we can get you to where you need to go for alot less than any other mover could.

Our Contact Details for Moving to Lake Macquarie

Call us today on 0487 399 669, you can call us 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm, for more information about this see our trading hours. We also offer after hours emergency removalists services. These services are considered anything from our 7pm-7am time frame.

Free Box Hire in Lake Macquarie

Moving From Sydney to Lake Macquarie, don’t stress you can still hire our free moving boxes. We have a depot in the Lake Macquarie region that can pickup the boxes when you are finished with them, you can use the boxes for up to 5 weeks after your moving date! Call us today on 0487 399 669 to chat with a friendly staff member from Quick Moves Lake Macquarie region.


Providing Local Relocation’s on the North Shore

Moving to the beautiful North Shore? We offer you a professional team without breaking the bank. Think about how good it would be to make just one phone call and be all booked in and prepared for your job? Well in that case Quick Move  definitely fall in the “awesome” category. You will be glad to know that with just one quick phone call we will have gained your trust that we are qualified, professional and experienced, have your free mofving boxes sorted and scheduled to be delivered to you, but most importantly have a truck booked with 2 fit strong men to transport all of your items for you. It really is as simple as that. Call us today on 0487399669 to organise your booking today!

We provide the North shore with an affordable moving solution 7 days a week. The entire district has experienced our professional service for many years now and we are rapidly expanding making sure we meet the demand on the shore. Quick Move are well known for handling the most awkward of North Shore removals, access and parking are no issue for us. We will make sure that all the stress of your relocation is taken from you and we will deal with all the nitty gritty bits and pieces that occur in moving.

The best North Shore Removalists by far!

  • We have experienced professional removalists on hand 7 days a week
  • Our trucks accommodate for all size homes from just a few items to moving your entire home or even office.
  • Our men are fit friendly and reliable and you will be happy to know that we are contactable throughout the entire duration of your move
  • Our trucks are extremely clean and have all the necessary equipment needed for your frieght your belongings safe.

Affordable Furniture Movers North Shore

Moving to and from the North shore is so easy. No matter the size or value we have you covered on all aspects. As you would expect from professionals, we can quickly and safely have you moved  into your next destination. Whether it be to your new home or a storage facility, our removals in North Shore will take you there. If you do have any questions at all please do contact us via email or call us on 0487399669 any day from 7am – 7pm. To help the process along, we offer you guys free hire of our moving boxes. We can have them delivered to you on Tuesdays or Fridays making it easier for you again knowing now you don’t need to go looking for your boxes. We have it all covered. We have everything you need to pack and remove in just one easy load.

We service the entire district. Moving can be frustrating at the best of times and with us being recognised as the go to people for moving in the north shore we make it so easy to get a free quote, simply fill in the quick quote form below and a lovely member of our Quick Move team will give you a call to give you our best recommendations for your home and get you all booked in. If you still need a little convincing, see what our previous customers think. Check out our removalist reviews.

Question our North Shore Removal Service?

  • Can you guys help out with moving boxes in the North Shore area?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Yes absolutely, we have boxes available and as many of them as you need. We offer our customers free hire of our moving boxes. We can have them delivered to you on Tuesdays and Fridays of each week. For more info on our moving boxes.

  • I have more than just one addresses can you still help us out?

Yes of course. We are able to pick up from multiple addresses and drop of to as many delivery points you need us to all included in the price you get quoted.

  • I need my bed pulled down in my room can you do that?

Of course our trucks are fully equipped with all tools, trolleys and dolleys needed to undertake a house move or delivery. We supply all blankets also and each item is carefully wrapped with our quality padded blankets. We do carry the standard tools however if your item does require a special kind of tool please have that on hand and our guys will be happy to assist dismantling and reassembling your items.

  • We have stairs at our North Shore unit, any extra?

No. We will not charge you extra for stairs, that is ridiculous. That is our job. We have no extra charges at all. If we go through tolls of course we will pass on the toll notices, however you are more than welcome to ask the guys to avoid them.

  • How do i book in for a move with you guys?

Easy. Simply call us on 0487399669 and we can take your booking over the phone or you can complete the booking online. We will have a North Shore removals team out to you on your selected date. Feel free to call us at anytime if you have any questions at all, we are contactable by phone 7am-7pm Monday – Sunday or you can simply email us. Was it that you were looking for North Sydney Removalists? We also cover there and many other regions of Sydney.


Need a Hand? Moving Services for the North Sydney Region

North Sydney RemovalistsQuick Move – North Sydney Removalists, offer the residents of North Sydney a fantastic and reliable removals service. It all starts with our knowledgeable phone staff who can help you out with any uncertainties you have before you decide who to hire to relocate your things. You can Contact Us by simply calling 0487399669 today to find out more about our team.

There are plenty of furniture removalist companies out there willing to take on your job The difference is at Quick Move, our guys are experienced and professional in every way possible. We offer;

  • A professional service with qualified and experienced staff
  • A fuss free service knowing that your items are being carefully moved and are fully insured
  • Clean vehicles with all necessary equipment
  • Kind and  friendly guys who are available 7 days a week

Hire a Removalists North Sydney Service Today


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Our Trucks are complete with all the right equipment needed to transport your items safe. We have thick quality furniture blankets to protect your furniture, we carry all sizes of lounge and mattress covers, allowing you to feel comfortable in knowing your furniture will be protected at all stages of you move.

We carry all the correct trolleys and dollies to maneuver anything required. And last but not least our experienced North Sydney removalists, are trained furniture movers, they know all the tricks of the trades in how to get the most awkward of items in and out of any tight spot. And if it cant be maneuvered, we will dismantle on pick up and put it back together on arrival.  We are the number one removals and delivery company and our reputation is important to us. We make sure that our removal team are up to scratch at all times.

 Get a Quote North Sydney Furniture Removals

It is really quite simple, fill in the form below and one of our team members will reply to you within the hour. Or alternatively you can contact us or simply call us on 0487399669 and speak with one of our friendly staff. All staff are trained with amazing customer service and ensure you that your experience with our North Sydney Removalists will indeed be a pleasant one, just see what others have said about the service by checking our reviews. We ensure you will not be dissapointed when hiring our moving service, if you need a pre-pack or need to purchase moving boxes we have all of this and much more just enquire today.

Lock in & Secure Your Booking with Quick Move

Here we explain the call out fee. You may be wondering why you have to pay a call out fee when you book a move with us? Basically we do not charge travel, fuel or add taxes to the total of your relocation, we simply take a small one off call out fee of just $45, this fee ultimately locks in and guarantees you are booked and we will arrive on the day at the given times you select.

Questions & Answers about the Callout Fee & How it Works

When Is the Callout Fee Paid and how?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
When you book your job in with us you will be asked to make a secure online payment of $45. This is all done via our secure website. You can pay this with a debit or credit card, and we accept the all major credit cards VISA , Mastercard and AMEX.  A tax invoice will be sent to you via email along with your booking confirmation.

Is the Call out Fee Refundable?

Similar to a booking fee, the callout fee is not refundable, it is a payment used to lock a position in on a certain day, just like a booking fee therefore we may turn down other potential customers wishing to book on the same day. The callout fee guarantees your position is locked in, and therefor if you wish to cancel it is not refundable.

If I reschedule my move is the callout fee transferable?

No. A  callout fee is not transferable, therefore if you cancel your booking and wish to reschedule to another date you will be asked to pay a rescheduling fee. Please contact our office on 0487399669 if you feel there is an unavoidable circumstance for this reschedule.

Is the Call out Fee part of the rate quoted?

No, the call out fee is totally separate from the rate quoted and not to be thought part of the total owing or a deposit. This means on the day if the removalists worked for 2 hours you will pay them 2 hours not 1.5.

Don’t get caught paying more than you should!

Some movers will say “No Call Out Fee” just to get your immediate attention, it means absolutely nothing as they will charge you various other charges instead.  Some will charge, fuel, GST, travel from depot to depot, and some I have even heard will charge you for stairs and hard and complicated access. We do not charge for stairs, its outrageous! If you are moving outside of the Sydney metro, you will be subject to fuel and travel back or to Sydney. Please call one of our friendly staff if you are out of area as we may offer you a once off fixed price instead of our half hourly rate. Fixed prices will not occur within the Sydney metro area.

We Service the Eastern Suburbs and Local Surrounding Area’s

Now offering you our Removalists Eastern Suburbs service, supporting the eastern suburbs community with an affordable, cheap and reliable removals service. We operate 7 days a week, covering all suburbs. We are a local business available to you saving you $$ on all unnecessary costs like back to base charges and so what. To get affordable removalists in the eastern suburbs is easy. If it’s a quote you are after then simply fill out the quick quote form we have provided for you, we understand how hard it is with work these days to pick up the phone and call so we have designed it so it only takes a few seconds and you will receive a reply instantly. Alternatively you can call us on 0487399669 and we can help you out direct over the phone. Our team of friendly staff will ensure you have a pleasant experience throughout the duration of the entire moving process. Book in today and get the absolute best price we can offer.

Are you in need of Removalists Eastern Suburbs?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Yes? Well what are you waiting for? Quick Move guarantee an amazing moving experience. All of our quotes are for 2 men and the truck. Our guys are fit, strong professional staff and will do everything for you, no assistance required by you at all. We have over 20 trucks and all our trucks are fully equipped with all the necessary moving equipment. We have all types of trolleys and dolleys and all tools to ensure we can disassemble and reassemble your furniture if need be. And at no extra cost to you. One good thing about Quick Move is we are upfront and clear about all of our rates and charges. We offer you amazingly low fixed rates and we charge with half hour intervals. So never pay for a full hour if you don’t use it. If both addresses are within Sydney then the time starts and stops at your doors. We do not charge from our base or back to our depot. GST is already included in our rates so no additional charges once your job is complete you also may want to option in for removalist insurnace by a 3rd part insurer like Carters. All you pay for is the time it takes to do your relocation. All of our quotes outline our terms and conditions so everything is laid out clear and precise leaving you comfortable in knowing exactly what you are up for. We have many different sized vans utes and trucks to accommodate for all size homes. We can remove anything from just a single item to studio, 1, 2, 3 bedroom units and homes all the way up to 4 & 5+ bedroom homes, even large offices and with such a large fleet availability is no issue for us. If you have received your quote and you are ready to go ahead, the you can simply book online or call us “Your Local Moving Professionals”, we are ready and waiting for your call. We are a known Bondi removals service and have a remarkable reputation to with hold. See what other think about our Eastern Suburbs removals, check out our reviews.

Affordable Budget Removalists Eastern Suburbs

  • Great customer service, and know that you can contact your driver at all times
  • Quality packing equipment, thick padded furniture blankets, bubble wrap, shrink wrap and all other equipment required for moving your items
  • Fit, friendly and experienced furniture handlers available 7 days a week
  • Our operating hours are from 7am – 7pm
  • We offer free no obligation quotes. Call us today 0487399669

Moving in and around Sydney is not that hard, because we know our stuff! Yes we are professional furniture removalists, and yes we have all the necessary equipment needed to transport your personell belongings and furniture. You needn’t worry about any of your furniture getting marks on it as we have all types of furniture covers, including, all sized lounge and mattress covers, thick quality furniture blankets to protect anything you need moved, allowing you to not worry about a thing. We have a fantastic reputation to uphold and plan on doing so. We have so much more to offer than the average company in Sydney. Our staff know Sydney, we know the streets, parking and all the tricks of the trade necessary to get the job done fast and efficient. Our margins are small so we intend to move you as quick and as safe as possible. Make the move today. Call us on 0487399669.

We can add on a Ute to the Move if You Need a low Clearance Vehicle

removalists Sydney one man ute hireQuick Move ute hire for removals and shuttle vehicle, we have the best rates in town. Our prices are super competitive and we provide professional home furniture removalists Sydney.

Our two men and a ute service is our most popular for small single item deliveries for the simple fact that the ute is low and can park in any underground car park or low clearance unit blocks in Sydney. The type of items our moving ute hire can carry are items such as tall boys, mattresses, sideboards, washing machines etc, basically just single boxy items that are easy to load and secure to a flat tray ute hire.

All drivers carry blankets and trolleys for moving fridges and soft padding to secure all your precious items. We provide 2 men at all times so no need for you to assist load and unload your items. Hire our ute services in Sydney.

Moving Home & Need a Ute Hire to Shuttle items to the Truck?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
We always offer the truck and two men, if needed a ute can assist with a 3rd man to shuttle the furniture to the truck, this is common especially when you have really low clearance issues, we are here to assist with anything you require even internal moves just needing the men or shifting furniture inside the home whilst you get the floors done.

Need an extra Man? It is entirely up to you, you can add an extra one or even two more men when hiring our ute moving service, you will be happy to know we are a cheap and reliable way to transport large bulky furniture. If by chance you have the muscle to help or only need a few small things moved, you can assist the men to save on time. However this isn’t always the recommended method as moving can be difficult so its always best to leave it to the real professionals. This is what your paying for so if you do need more men i recommend selecting that option, you can always add more men to assist. Simply contact us or call 0487399669 today as we will give you a free no obligation quote. Quick Move Removalists will do it for you. We are Sydneys number 1 choice when it comes to furniture removals in Sydney and delivery services.

Cheap Ute Hire for Moving

Great rates and brilliant same day service available 7 days a week. Get a quick quote onlineand take advantage of our deals and promotions, once you receive the email you will be able to book online. It’s all at your finger tips and mobile friendly so you wont need an internet cafe to book 🙂 We are moving leaps and bounds with providing user friendly technology to our customers making it easy & affordable to hire a ute and two men. Call us today on 0487 399 669.

Cheap One Man with a Van for Moving in Sydney

Quick Move Man with a Van service can assist with one man or two, our prices may not be the cheapest you will find but they certainly are the best value you will ever find. We only charge per half an hour  in 30 minute blocks. We make certain that the mover is equipped with everything needed to relocate you in a quick and efficient fashion. Call us on 0487 399 66. Roll you sleeves up and assist the removalist, hiring one man with a van is a smart way to save some coin. Imagine moving your entire home for penny’s, you can do it. You just need to be motivated & perhaps a few red bulls to help you along  the way lol 🙂  Our men will do all the heavy lifting you may only need to guide him in some situations like moving the fridge, contact our one man with a van hotline today.

Hire a trusted removalist a man with a van service like ours!

No matter the size of the home or amount of furniture and appliances you have, if you just want one man that’s fine but we recommend giving you two men to move you also. We absolutely love hearing back from our guys saying how great the job went after they have finished. In the past we wouldn’t of even considered sending one man to a maneuver things but after seeing how high the one man in demand is since we have taken the plunge it has shown we have done the right thing.

You see it was always a case of what happens if? We did not want to take responsibility for any damages if a home owner assisted the removalist in moving, you could appreciate that is still the case. To date it is still our policy on our one man Sydney service that, no liability is taken if the customer or anyone on behalf of the customer, that is not a direct contractor with us and is actually manually lifting and loading goods on any particular job.

Forget the others, You wont find a better man with a van than we offer!


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Though our prices are cheap our quality of work is very high, all contractors & Furniture Removalists Sydney have been screened, they have all the tools and materials in the vehicle to easily remove the most complicated items. It has always been our policy to make sure every customer is satisfied so not only will you have the expert help on the day you also have a friendly team of customer support in the background. All relocation’s by anyone take time and we are very clear and concise when it comes to explaining the processes of a move, for instance on a 1 bedroom home that only needs one man and a van and moving within a 20 klm distance in Sydney you wouldn’t expect to take longer than 3 hours in total. It may not necessarily take 3 hours it really depends on the access and where our guys can get the closest parking spot, you would appreciate its very difficult to find parking in Sydney and sometimes a little pre planning can make a big difference to your total time on the move.

A man and his Van, Tips when hiring us,

Here is the top 10 tips to save some coin on your next move

  1. Reserve a good parking spot for the men
  2. Make sure all loose items are boxed
  3. Make sure all beds are disassembled
  4. Make sure all appliances are unplugged
  5. Tape up loose slats from beds
  6. Remove all drawers from any large cabinets
  7. Remove any loose shelves from cabinets
  8. Remove all glass loose items and safely pack
  9. Make sure the fridge is empty ( use an esky)
  10. Make sure there is no obstacles for the staff such as outdoor mats, pot plants , hoses ect…

So by now you just want to know if our one man option will suit you? and if we are available the day you need us right ? Fill in the form below and we will respond within the hour with an amazing quote and our availability. See our facebook page direct and socially on either Twitter, Facebook & Google +Like us on Facebook to receive all our amazing offers.

Hire our Office Desk Delivery Service Today!

Quick Move office desk delivery service, we can pick up your new office desk, dismantle and re-assemble it back at your location. In order for us to give you a price we need to know the type of desk. Is it a roll top?Is it glass or is it an L shape desk? Desks as you know can come in all shapes, sizes and be made from different types of material. Most large office desks require dismantling and some standard types can easily fit through a single door/hallway. We know our desks, we know how to move them safely preventing any damage. It is all part and parcel of having a professional Sydney removalist to do the job for you. Call us today on 0487399669.

Cheap Office Desk Delivery & Installation in Sydney

Large Office desks that include more pieces take extra care in packing to avoid scratches, we have any office removals tool required and all materials on all trucks to ensure there are no marks on any of the furniture items.

Do You Guys do internal office removals?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
The answer is YES! We get calls all the time inquiring about moving offices within the same building. We will do all the hard stuff for you. All you need to do is make sure you have done your moving offices checklist and given all the necessary details to us. We work under your instructions so you will need to let our office movers know exactly what it is they will be doing.

You can contact our office movers at any time!!!

During the process of moving, our office movers will keep the customer up to date with any changes or mishaps, this is all part of the service! Quick Move are known to be the most reliable and efficient company in all things in regards to office removals in Sydney. We are number 1 when it comes to office moving companies. Our feedback speaks for itself, see our office removals reviews online, see what others have had to say about our service. Quick Move will protect you! Call us today on 0487 399 669

Cheap Same Day Pallet Courier Deliveries

Quick Move, a furniture removalist that offers a quick pallet couriers service in Sydney, whether you just need a pallet of tiles delivered from Bunnings or simply just need a pallet moved from one location to another, Quick Move has you covered. We have a large fleet of 1 ton Utes in Sydney on call ready to pickup any pallet with just little notice. The price is right the service is better and you will be glad to know we have you covered for accidental damages!

Pallet Courier & Transport with removalist’s to Unload

Located in Sydney, we are your local courier service you can rely on.We service all areas of the CBD, Sydney Metro and outer regions. All pallets will need to be forked on and off the utility. If for some reason there is no forklift at the delivery location, we can hand unload the pallet at a rate of $45phh. Our removalists would essentially require notice if hand unloading is required, however we will never leave you in the lurch. Professionalism and being reliable is what we are known for.


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
We move tiles, bricks, besser blocks, basically any type of materials. Builders love our service and same goes for home renovators in Sydney. Pallet transport is just one of our specialties we also provide a courier service for furniture & appliances, and a complete home and office removals service. We have high roof vans, small and large enclosed pantechs and tray back utes and trucks, there is really nothing we are unable to move.

What else can we do for a Pallet courier job?

We can shrink wrap unsealed pallets for you on the spot, securing the load prior to transportation. We use the quality shrink wrap to ensure stability whilst in transit.

How can you pay for the pallet courier?

We accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, AMEX and of course COD. Please see our accepted payment page for the full details of how you can pay and the fees involved with your particular move.

How do you book in a Pallet Transport Service with us?

It’s easy simply contact us by simply calling 0487 399 669  today and ask about our pallet couriers service, one of our friendly staff will book it and advise when to expect the driver.

Servicing The Entrance, Wyong and the Entire Central Coast

The Entrance Furniture Removalists, you will be glad to know that you can also now hire affordable local Entrance removals to relocate you. Quick Move ” The Central Coast ” have professional movers in the Entrance, Wyong, Lake Macquarie & Gosford areas. We offer a great service with a smile. Call us direct on 0487 399 669 for a fast friendly no obligation quote today.

 The Entrance Movers and Deliveries for all areas

When it comes to moving furniture its detrimental you hire professional and experienced Entrance removalists. We have the experience, the resources and most importantly we are affordable! From just $45phh you can have two men and a truck to transport you today. Don’t waste your time with overpriced  Entrance removals services call us today on 0487 399 669.

We use furniture blankets and pads to protect each and every piece of furniture that we load, nothing gets loaded without careful consideration to how its packed and handled. Our customer service does not end once you have booked in, you will be glad to know that before during and after the job our staff are pleasantly spoken, professional and very helpful just see the proof in our reviews.

Moving Furniture to Storage The Central Coast NSW


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Call us on 0487 399 669, we may have a better solution to your storage requirements, when it comes to storage, talk to the experts. We can calculate your furniture’s size and let you know what size storage unit you will need. Have us pack, load and unload your furniture into storage to maximize space. It’s very important to have a professional furniture removalist present when unloading into storage so that one, it is packed in safe to avoid any damages and two, it is packed in so that most of the space is used, saving you money,  and giving you more space in the room for the future.

Pre packing removalists The Entrance NSW

Why waste your money on buying unnecessary boxes, tape and labels, let our professional central coast movers, come into your home pack your items using our products and packing supplies. We utilize all the space in each box safely, only pay for boxes we use and a low rate for the packing supplies. Majority of homes only require 2 packers at just $45 per half hour that’s amazing value! You will get a sense of satisfaction knowing that your items have been packed properly for transit and storage. Call today and make a booking 0487 399 669

Boxes & packing Supplies The Entrance NSW

Quick Move supplies moving boxes at wholesale prices, our boxes are a high-grade, strong sturdy cardboard boxes to store and remove your fragile items with ease, they are reusable, resealable and recyclable. Our boxes come in two common sizes the largest of the two is the TEA CHEST box and the smaller is the BOOK WINE, each have their own uniqueness! The Tea Chest is commonly used to pack larger heavier items, IT equipment and entertainment gear. The Book Wine is more used to pack away books, Wine bottles, dvd’s and smaller types of items. On average a home would use on average 10 of each but sometimes maybe more, we recommend that you obtain a removals insurance policy prior to booking. We supply not only the boxes but the tape, the markers and labels too! Our prices are cheaper than most others so call us today to get a price 0487 399 669. Contact Us Quick Move are central coast’s number 1 removalist team.

Moving from Sydney to any other State? We can Help!

Quick Move Sydney Interstate Removalists service can help! How? Well firstly we are a removals service we travel up and down the east coast of Australia, if you need to move call us first to see how we can help you get a quote. If you have a small once off delivery interest here is what we can do, we can pickup the item or items anywhere in Sydney and simply pack & wrap, place the items on a pallet and take it to a local transport company that has either a depot in your city or an agent that has a depot in your city. The transport/freight company is of your choice, we recommend calling around and get a few prices. Once you have found the one that is right for you let us know who they are and where they are, and from then one of our furniture removalists team members then can organise your pickup and delivery accurately. To find out more about our interstate pickup service please contact us.

Interstate Removalists Sydney to Wherever!


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Based in Sydney we pickup interstate buyers items all the time, in fact we are the only furniture courier company that will do this for you. We are removalists by trade so you know your furniture is in the best care yet offer much more value than the average interstate pickup service. With rates as low as just $42.50phh for to men to ship single items. We can pickup lounge suites, tables & chairs, fridges, freezers & much more…..

How much will an interstate delivery Cost?

We will have our own charges based on whats involved to pickup and what type of packing & wrapping is required. You need to first source the transport company you wish to use. Once you have gotten your quotes from them, come back to us and let us know who you have chosen, what they require and we can get it all under way for you.

Interstate eBay Deliveries

Ever wondered how you ever going to get that item from there to here?  Being interstate can make it quite difficult. Well our unique interstate removalists service will allow you to simply bid on any item anywhere in the country, what we do is we find the resources that will allow us to pick up the items from them. if we have to use a 3rd party mover in between A-B so to speak, then we can simply pickup and take over from there. Even if it is just a small job it is not a problem. Call us today on  0487 399 669 or simply contact us online.

Sydney’s First Choice for Furniture Delivery

Quick Move “Sydney furniture delivery service “a unique delivery service that offers you the customer value for money, you will be amazed! The easiest and most cost effective way to relocate furniture in Sydney, The Central Coast, Newcastle & Wollongong. Our furniture delivery service is much like you would experience from hiring a removalist business to move your home. Simply because you are hiring a furniture removalist company to deliver your items. Quick Move offer you cheap delivery rates with a professional removalists experience. You will be amazed by the quality and experience that our staff display. Professional advice & quality workmanship is what Quick Moves foundations are built on, not to mention the customer service and easy to use website. Our website has everything you need to know and much more, from obtaining a furniture delivery service quote to accepting and paying for the service, its all online fast and secure.

Absolutely the quickest furniture delivery in Sydney

We have many methods of accepting payments from our customers, paying for the furniture delivery service is easy, we simply take a small call out fee to lock in and secure your booking, then your total owing is pain upon completion of your job. We accept Visa debit or Mastercards, AMEX or you can pay COD. We are a secure online service and once a payment is processed you instantly receive a receipt emailed through to you. In just a few steps you can request a furniture delivery service quote, or you can simply call us on 0487 399 669.

You should be happy to hear that our furniture delivery service is the best!


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
We take care of everything and you will be happy to know that the furniture is protected using the best available packing materials on the market. Our furniture blankets/removals pads are made from a high density soft fabric that not only protects the furniture from scratches but protects the furniture from chips, bumps and chipping as well. The soft padding we use underneath the furniture also protects it during transit. We use another great product we call lashing, it is uniquely designed to strap and hold furniture in place whilst in transit, stopping the furniture from moving while we are driving. The lashes are made from another soft style of fabric, but a strong durable material that will not snap or break under pressure. Bubble wrapping furniture is another way we protect the surfaces of the furniture, though its not the normal process we will use bubble wrap when required or if it has been requested by the client.

Fragile and antique furniture should be covered with the wrap before handled, handling furniture of this nature requires experience. The plastic wrap can be requested on the day as all of our trucks are complete with all thing needed to pursue a professional move. Simply fill in the quick quote form or if you are ready to book in you can simply call us on 0487 399 669 or take advantage of our promotional offers and book online.

All Size Beds & Mattress Delivery to Your Door!

Bed and Mattress DeliveryFrom cots to king, queen, double, king single and single bed deliveries, you name it, we move it. If you do not have the vehicle to transport beds and mattresses, you will find it extremely frustrating trying to organise to get your bed and mattress to you. That is where we come in handy. Only a phone call or email away. Quick Move are known bed couriers within the Sydney region and run a well known mattress delivery service designed to cater for online shoppers. As you know there are many different sizes and kinds of bed and mattress items you can purchase online. We are known in the online shopping industry to pick up and deliver all kinds of furniture. We are recommended by alot of ebay delivery users as they know that we help in any way that we can. We are able to pick up anything you have purchased and deliver them to you fuss free. Please feel free to contact us or call us today on 0487 399 669

Mattress Delivery & Bed Installation

Quick Move is a known furniture courier, in fact we are the best Sydney furniture removalists in the game. We are well equipped with all the necessary tools to dismantle or to reassemble your bed upon delivery. Sometimes it is just a frame that may need delivering but in alot of cases there is also a mattress, we will need to know exactly what it is you need moved and if it is a mattress that requires moving, with that we will need to know what type it is, for example a latex mattress is a lot heavier than a pillow top or foam mattress, and definitely needs two men to handle it to prevent any type of damage to it or in fact our removalists.

Bed & Mattress Delivery Charges

Our rates start as little as $42.50phh. It is all about the time it takes. Of course all the normal aspects come in to it, access, and if there are any stairs and the parking situation. We offer a 2 men team at all times so nothing is too big or too small for us to deliver for you. This will not alter our prices at all, it just helps the guys knowing what they are up for prior to arriving. If you need your mattresses delivered, use Quick Moves mattress delivery service. We offer a free mattress wrap on all moves. For a free no obligation quote, simply fill in the form and you will get a reply instantly.

Have a Question about the Bed & Mattress Delivery?

  • Can I assist in moving my bed and mattress?


    1 Your Moving Requirements
    2 Your Contact Information

There is absolutely no need for you to assist as all our quotes are inclusive of 2 men. All you have to do is show the guys where it is you want your bed to go and they will get to assembling it for you.

  • I need my old bed moved to another room, can Quick Move help me with that?

Of course our guys are 100% committed to your job. If you need a bit of manpower to shuffle some items around we will be happy to assist with that.

  • Will Quick Move just deliver a mattress?

Absolutely, that is what we are hear for. The little guys always seem to miss out so YES. Quick Move are always available to do a once off small mattress delivery.

  • I have a bit more than a bed and mattress delivery?

Quick Move are a professional removalist company. So not only can we assist with your once off bed and mattress deliveries we are able to quote you for a full house move as well. Our guys specialise in furniture removals so please do give us a call on 0487399669 or submit a quick quote through the quote form or if you are ready to book take advantage of our deals and offers and book online today.


Proffesional Furniture Removalists to Relocate Today

sideboard delivery service
Sideboard Delivery Service, quite frustrating when you find this beautiful sideboard or hall stand on ebay and all you need is it delivered to your home. Well stress no more as Quick Move offers buffet hall stand deliveries and a magnificent sideboard delivery service to make all your purchases and decision making easier. We have a fantastic furniture removals team that move all kinds of furniture on a daily basis. Please feel free to Contact Us or call us today on 0487 399 669

Large & Bulky Furniture Delivery Service

All of our furniture removalists are experienced and specialise in moving anything from vintage sideboards to basic hall stands. No job is too big or too small for our boys. We come well equipped with all the necessary tools and trolleys to move your furniture. All items are wrapped in quality padded furniture blankets so nothing can be damaged. We have a large variety of utes, trucks and vans which of course are extremely clean. With professional furniture removalists to handle your sideboard & buffet delivery, why would you do it yourself?

Have a Question about our Delivery Service in Sydney?

  • How do I organise a hallstand, buffet or sideboard delivery service?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Its simple really, however we will need as much information about the sideboard or hall stand as you can provide.  It would be helpful if you added an approximate weight just so we know whether to add extra removalists or not. We are extremely experienced when it comes to furniture removals and  do not make a snap decision to remove any furniture if there is risk of damaging the item. Simply fill in the quick quote form or call us on 0487399669 today to speak with one of our friendly staff members.

  • What is included in your rates?

Inclusive in our rates are two men and a truck and all our rates are inclusive of GST and fuel is also included. (So long as you are in the Sydney Metro region) Along with our great prices, our trucks all have quality padded furniture blankets to wrap your items, also all trolleys, dolleys and tools required to undertake a professional sideboard delivery service.

  • How can I pay for my delivery on the day?

We accept cash or card on the day. Once your job is complete you can simply pay the guys cash or we accept all major credit cards, Visa & Mastercard debit cards and even AMEX. Click here for more info on our accepted payments for our sideboard delivery service.

  • Do your furniture removalists deliver interstate?

At the present we are not interstate furniture removalists, however it is something we are looking into for the near future. We do pick up and deliver from the far south coast up to the mid north coast. go to our service map page and see what locations we service. If need be we can deliver your item to a depot who does freight interstate.

  • What days am I able to get my delivery done?

Quick Move operates from Monday – Sunday from 7am – 7pm. We can organise your delivery on any given day that suits you. Our rates and charges are the same every day so feel free to use our sideboard delivery service on the weekend knowing we do NOT charge extra for the weekends, book online and take advantage of our online discounts or simply call us today on 0487399669 and one of our friendly staff members will book you in over the phone.

Cheap Sofa Bed Delivery Service in Sydney

Are you after a sofa bed delivery? Quick Move is a professional furniture delivery service who specialise in all kinds of sofa beds, lounge suites and couch deliveries. We only employ experienced furniture handlers to move your items of furniture. Our boys are known for being able to relocate the most awkward of lounge suites without hassle. Please feel free to Contact Us or call us today on 0487 399 669

A Sofa Bed Delivery Service That Offers Protection.

We relocate all different shapes and sized sofas. We also offer lounge covers as a part of our service. We cater for all sizes – 2 seater, 3 seaters, sofa and chaise etc. I couldn’t think of anything worse than buying a beautiful cream sofa, paying for a delivery service and receiving the couch with dirty marks on it. We have eliminated all those problems. We have pristine clean vehicles with polished floorboards in all the pantechs, the perfect transit vehicle for couch deliveries.

A  Courier Delivery Service Made Easy for Sofa Bed Delivery.


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
What makes this job so easy for us is YOU!! If you provide all the information we need about your couch, sofa or lounge suite, than the jobs run extremely smooth. On our quote form you will be asked to provide as much information as possible. Dimensions are almost always a must, unless you have an image of your sofa for us to view to give us a rough idea of what we are up against. When providing access details, please provide accurate access details to eliminate delays in your couch deliveries. If there are any stairs on either property than please let us know and if there is a lift please do your measurements to make sure the sofa will fit. These details are important to ensure our furniture removals service is prompt and professional. Please note though these details will not affect your rate that you will be quoted. You will be happy to know that the half hourly rate you are quoted will be a fixed rate and will not change. If access details look tough than we can always offer an extra man to make sure no damage is done to your property. This is very rarely needed as our furniture removalists are all experienced and tackle tricky access on a daily basis. Its all part and parcel of their job. Quick Move have a remarkable reputation for furniture deliveries and we intend to keep it that way.

Ebay, gumtree and Graysonline sofa pickup’s & deliveries

Quick Move is a known sofa courier for online shoppers. We are the people you call once you have one your shopping online and are looking for a reliable friendly lounge courier service. Grab a quick quote today or simply call us on 0487 399 669 to have a chat with one of our staff members at Quick Move.

Table Delivery Service, Office or Dining!

Do you need our table delivery service? We are well known removalists in Sydney and dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, each with their set amount of chairs. Seeing there is such a dramatic difference in sizing and weight we ask for your help in providing as much information as you can for us so we can offer you the best price. By providing dimensions, how many chairs, what kind of dining table it is (marble, timber, glass top, etc) all helps in receiving an accurate quote. Please feel free to Contact Us Or call us today on 0487 399 669

A Professional easy to use table courier Service

Quick Moves dining table delivery teams have developed a simple to use quote form specifically designed for your dining table, or any type of table in fact whether it be a round table you are after, a rustic or marble top, any kind of dining table, we will move it. Why struggle and try to do it yourself when for a great price you can sit back and let Quick Moves professional table delivery service do it for you? It’s easy enough these days to find your dining table deliveries on ebay grab all your details and organise with one of our team members to have it delivered for you.

We can disassemble and reassemble your dining table

As you know some dining tables come ready to eat off and others need assembling. Quick Move, offers our services to disassemble and reassemble your dining tables for you, just one more advantage to add to all the rest. All dining tables are different. Knowing from experience most dining tables hitting the 1800mm mark, will need to be disassembled. You can do this yourself if you are capable however we have professional dining table movers who are equipped with all the necessary tools to do this on arrival saving you the frustration of balancing the table whilst trying to remove the legs, all without damaging your dining table. We  also wrap the table in padded furniture blankets to avoid chips and scratches. To see what others think about our dining table courier service check out our reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Table Delivery Service!

  • How many men does it include?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
All of our quotes are for 2 men. If your table is marble or timber, or just extremely heavy we may need more than 2 men. Be sure to let our staff know the tables weight to ensure you are receiving the correct quote.

  • Are their any other charges?

All of our quotes include GST and we do not charge travel or fuel if you are within Sydney. The time starts and stops at your door. If we go through tolls we will of course pass on the toll notices, however you are more than welcome to ask the driver to avoid all tolls.

  • Are Quick Move insured?

We are covered for everything we can be insured for. We have public liability, goods in transit and property damage. For more info about our insurance.

  • Will you deliver glass tables?

Of course, we will deliver any kind of table, once again just be completely upfront about your delivery and we will quote accordingly. Our table delivery service is well known in Sydney and we intend to keep our fantastic reputation. Call us today on 0487399669 or simply fill in the quote form to get our absolute best priced quote.

Cheap Washing Machine Delivery & Pickup Service

washing machine delivery service
Have you just bought a new Washing machine? Wondering how you were going to pick it up and get it home? Don’t stress we have you covered Quick moves washing machine delivery service operates 7 days a week. We pickup new and second hand appliances from wherever it is you purchased it from. Whether it was a trading furniture store or simply off eBay, our trained furniture removalists are ready to deliver your item today. eBay has cheap washing machines available to buy pretty much all day every day, so grab a bargain and then simply hire us to deliver it for you 🙂

Washing Machine Delivery & Installation

You have read it right, we will install the new washing machine and take old appliances away. Just another option Quick Move offer you to make things easier for you.

Removalists or Washing Machine Delivery Service in Sydney!


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
All our teams are professional removalists, so when we deliver the new washing machine we won’t damage the item, nor the property we deliver to. A professional service that takes extra care to protect your item and property, we are hands down the best appliance courier in Sydney. To obtain a free no obligation quote is easy. Simply fill out the quote form and press submit, within minutes we will reply with a cheap rate for your delivery. We ask a few questions relating to both addresses mainly access is what we need to know. To give you an accurate quote for your washing machine pickup and delivery we must obtain as much information as possible. If you need your old appliances removed please make sure you explain this on the quote form as we need to know prior to make certain we have room in the truck just check out the reviews.

Have more than just the washing machine?

We move absolutely everything, so if you’ve bought other items including a fridge or a sofa, then we have you covered simply request a quick quote through our quoting form and one of our trained estimators will give you a great price to have all of your new furniture and appliances delivered, remember not just delivered but installed and the old items removed for you.

Contact Us via the website or Mobile

Call 0487 399 669 or simply use the contact us form.

Small Removal Jobs in Sydney

Small Movers SydneyQuick Move small and cheap movers for Sydney siders, specifically designed to help people with only a few items such as one bedroom and two bedroom apartments & studios mainly in the Sydney City but we service all areas across Sydney, inner west and out western Sydney. We operate 7 days a week 7 am to 7pm, call us any time during these business hours for a free quote. We are always happy to talk with you about your job, small moves are us! Call us today on 0487 399 669. You wont be disappointed you did, check out the reviews we receive daily from happy customers that use our service regularly, we also provide a delivery solution for small businesses so if you are an eBay seller you can also benefit from this small moving service.

Hire Trusted Small Movers in the Sydney Region


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Highly trained estimators are ready to take your call, with a skilled estimator you will get an amazing low half hourly rate. Beware of other unreliable overpriced businesses they all have hidden costs believe me and it wont be so cheap at the end of the day. Even the cheapest and smallest movers have fees, I have done the research. Why we are different is that we include GST and fuel charges that other moving companies will bill you for. So just a warning do not go with the cheapest price because if its to cheap than 99.9% of the time its for a particular reason its going to be nasty!.

Get a Cheap Price for all size homes Today

Small moving businesses will also have minimum 2 hour charges, though your job may take only just 1 hour you will be charged for 2. This is a standard practice for all removalists in Sydney. We simply give you an accurate rate based on our experience. We believe we are unbeatable in service and quality, not to mention customer service just see our reviews. So if you are moving just a one bedroom home or office or simply just need a couple of men to assist you with relocating a few pieces of furniture Quick Move is your one stop shop for all moving and relocating small homes.

Free Boxes for tiny relocation’s in Sydney

Sydney siders & the Central Coast both have a huge amount to save on moving costs since we are centrally located in both major cities. Our removalist service is in your local area and can be at your doorstep the same day you call so why wait? Call us on 0487 399 669 or simply use one of our online removals quote form, to hire a small movers Sydney truck today Call us on 0487 399 669 or simply book online via the website.

Old Appliances & Fridge Removals Service

Removal of Old Appliances, If you have bought a new appliance and have employed us to deliver, you will be glad to hear we can take the old one away for just the time it takes and your local tip fees. This can be done anywhere in Sydney, however we will need notice in advance so call and enquire today 0487 399 669.

We take away Old Appliances in Sydney


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Can it get any easier? We simply schedule your pickup on any desired day, we operate 7 days a week, so its convenient for you! You needn’t worry about a thing as our trained furniture removalists will make sure that the appliance is delivered and if need be the old one taken away straight after the fridge delivery service is complete. No damages to the property, no damages to the items, fuss free delivery at your service. Leave it up to Quick Move your number 1 Sydney removalist.

Recycle the old fridge in Sydney

We obviously scrap the appliances such as washing machines for little to no profit, the fuel and time alone to pickup the old appliances makes it difficult to make profit from, so our belief is to provide a quick no fuss fixed priced rate to Sydney siders. Its is best doing it all in the one go, we will remove the old one out and then reinstall your new one. We are available 7 days a week. To find out more about our appliance removal service please contact us or simply call 0487399669 today.

 Can we Deliver your New Appliance?

We certainly can. We offer great prices to everyone for delivery of appliances like fridges, freezers, washers and dryers as well, so do not hesitate to call us or simply request an online quote today. Call Quick Move, your number 1 furniture removalists in Sydney 0487399669



Just the Man Power Two Men No Truck

To easy, from just $45 phh you can experience a professional service by two of our most experienced staff. We do this alot for customers, just send the two men to move furniture in and out around the home, or even from one unit to the other in the same building, same same you don’t need the truck just the men! Our furniture removals service is an affordable way to have your new furnishings delivered to you and placed exactly where you would like them to go. Call Us on 0487 399 669. Not to be confused with a standard courier and not to be confused with other removalist businesses we are a uniquely developed moving service that cares about customer service above profit just see our reviews.

Two Men No Truck Just Man Power

Our staff are fit, strong and all trained to handle furniture the way it should be with care! Our furniture re-locators have undergone extensive training so that they are able to avoid damages to your goods and property. Since most of our services in-tale two parties, two locations, our Furniture removalists must meet the minimum requirements that we have set. The bench mark is high so that we do not attract inexperienced, under-trained staff. Two men are always on hand enabling you to put on the kettle, sit down and relax while we remove or bring in your furniture for you.

Professional, Friendly Movers at your door!


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Have you seen some of the trucks that most removals companies get around in? Filthy, dirty trucks that hardly meet the road standards let alone a decent business impression. Our vehicles are all new Volkswagen’s, Isuzus, Hinos & Mitsubishi’s with new clean and pristine pantechs, you could literally eat of the floor! We have strict maintenance scheduling daily so that all vehicles are kept in tip top shape to ensure that your items of furniture are always looked after to the best of our ability. Feel comfortable in knowing that the two men that we assign to do your job will have all the tools, trolleys, blankets and experience that we need to properly protect your furniture. All our quotes are for 2 strong men and either a truck or van. There are no hidden terms or added charges for GST ect like others do. It is thoroughly explained in our quotes the service you will receive. Get a free no obligation quote for our moving services by simply filling out the form.

Contact Us, the Cheapest and most reliable Removalists in Sydney

At Quick Move our reputation stands strong against other companies, we are always receiving remarkable reviews and feedback from our customers. Our drivers are contactable between our business hours 7am – 7pm and our emails are checked constantly so you can always know what is happening and where we are for the day. Call us today on 0487399669.

Cheap Emergency Moving Services in Sydney


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information
Quick Move provides an emergency removalists service for all Sydney siders and can be anywhere within the hour. Is it that the guys you hired didn’t turn up? Or perhaps you just need to move today!

Hire Emergency Removalists today for last minute Moves

We understand how frustrating it must be for you, for someone to boycott you or to just simply not turn up, that is why we have removalists in Sydney on standby 7 days a week. We have over 20 trucks and have over 25 employees. We can accommodate for any last minute removals that you need. Anything you need,or any problem you have, our emergency moving team can tackle it. Please feel free to Contact Us. Or Call us today on 0487 399 669

Last Minute Movers in Sydney with a Heart

We are the number 1 Sydney removalist when it comes to reliability and professionalism. Not only can you count on our emergency teams if your original movers have let you down, but you can contact us in regards to any type of move, whether it be just one item that you need moved urgently, or your entire office or home. Our transportation ranges from utes, vans and small trucks, usually needed for single item jobs or small 1,2 bedroom or small office moves. Then we have the big trucks that can pack everything including the kitchen sink. Height restrictions or any tight access issues are no dramas as we can have the correct size vehicle to you and handle your last minute move.

The best Last Minute Removals Rates in Sydney

Our rates must be the most competitive around, just because the company you hired has left you stranded doesn’t mean you need to be taken advantage of. I’m sure you have already had to deal with enough with having to find their replacement. Check out our Sydney removalists reviews to see how many people we have assisted in this position. For a quick quote call us now on 0487 399 669 

We Move family homes in the Parramatta City Region

Removalists Parramatta what else could you ask for? We are affordable, reliable and fast! Quick Move is a removalist in the Parramatta area, dedicated to deliver professional furniture removals services and more. Our customer service team will ensure you get nothing but the best experience. Parramatta is a great place to relocate to, its central to everything  that Sydney offers! Just remember when you need to move call us we can be contacted on the mobile number 0487 399 669, an affordable means of transport for your home and its contents within Parramatta.

Local & Trusted Removalists in Parramatta

Your first initial contact with us will have you sold. Our experienced and knowledgeable phone staff will be able to help you with any inquiry you may have. Once you are all booked in and ready to go, you will be amazed at how quick and professional our guys actually are. Prior to arrival you will receive a courtesy call to let you know they are on their way. Once they have arrived it is straight in. No mucking around, the boys will have all your items wrapped like a baby with our padded furniture blankets and stacked carefully on the truck. Once we have reached your delivery location you will be happy to know that with no assistance from you guys at all, we will have all your items inside and placed where it is that you want them to go. We will even reinstall your fridge and get your washing machine all hooked up for you and ready to use. Nothing is too hard for us. Parking in Parramatta can be complicated, so in some cases we have to obtain permits from the council, check with Parramatta city council. If it is a High Traffic area you are moving to, you will also need a Traffic control setup this consists of Hi Vis witches hats and signs, we setup the access path so that the public know we are working and caution is required contact us to find out more.

When you Hire our Removalists Parramatta you get Quality Service!

  • Our customer service will impress you with our friendly phone staff
  • Our Parramatta furniture removalist teams are all  experienced and professional furniture removalists. You will be happy knowing your furniture is being handled correctly.
  • Our trucks are equipped with all necessary trolleys and dollies to maneuver any type of furniture.
  • Our trucks are  fully equipped with quality furniture blankets protecting your furniture from any scratches or marks.
  • All of our vehicles are clean and tidy allowing no dirty marks, unlike other Parramatta furniture removalist.

We have moving Boxes in Parramatta to pickup.

Correct we supply everyone in the region moving boxes and more. We offer the most affordable Parramatta furniture removalist service in the industry. Moving to or from Parramatta to anywhere you like, specialising in small moves for Parramatta residents. Get a free online quote below or simply just call us direct on 0487 399 669

Frequently Asked Questions for the Parramatta Region

  • When does the time start in Parramatta moves?

As Removalists in the Parramatta district we are all about saving you time and money. We do not charge to or from our base like our competitors do. Being that Parramatta is in our Sydney Metro area, time starts when we arrive at your place. The clock stops once we have finished at your final location.

  • What type of items can you relocate in Parramatta?


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information