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Our Fleet of Truck’s, Sizes and Prices

Please use the below table to find the right size truck that will suit your needs, we have made a chart showing the quantity of men, the trucks gvm, the cubic metre capacity, our recommendations so that you can see what roughly fits in each truck size and the rate per half an hour for the truck and two men, if you require a 3rd man simply add $20phh to the price. Please be aware that all jobs have a minimum of 2 hours payable plus a 30 minute callout fee payable when booking, Check Your Availability when booking in!

What Size Truck Do You Need?


No Hidden Fees Unlike Most Removalists

no hidden furniture removal charges

  • Stairs , some charge $5 per stair case, some will just make up a price on the day, real professional right?
  • Outdoor furniture, some will have stupid charges for BBQ’s or lawn mowers anything that has petrol or oil in it that could spill!
  • Pot Plants, yes even pot plants other so called movers will charge for, why? Because their heavy. Well aren’t you experienced? God forbid they will need to sweep out the truck afterwards in case some dirt escapes the pots!
  • Statues, yep even the old statue gets a surcharge with these cash cowboys, because it will take a little more effort to maneuver, what a joke right?
  • Fish Tanks, why? BECAUSE ITS GLASS! If they are professionals why are they so scared to transport glass?
  • Pool Tables, Oh look out this requires dismantling and a touch of careful wrapping! Look out for that surcharge!
  • Gym equipment, another sneaky hidden charge by most of our competitors, yeah the old treadmill surcharge another difficult item to carry! NOT, it’s easy if we know about it prior to booking.
  • Motor cycles, and just because its out of the norm yep slap an extra $50 on that! Pretty much anything out of the norm these blokes will hit you up for more!
  • Pianos, yep the old piano surcharge trick. They will convince you that they needed more men and that you can simply pay them an extra sneaky $100 and they will do it! We do manouever pianos’s however we recommend a piano specialist if there are stairs, as the risk would be too high and we actually care!

Yep the list goes on guys, i can not believe how these Movers get away with this!

Nobody to complain to, nobody to turn to when its too late and right there face to face and demanding more money from you! I really hope this page gets as much attention as our recent page regarding dodgy movers advertising on gumtree does so that you get a clear understanding what you could be up for if you choose against us. FYI we would never charge you for any of this, and if ever by chance a staff member did do that he would be reprimanded that same day!

You see when you book in a job with us it is carefully looked at by the operation manager and the team prior to arriving to ensure that we have the right tools to safely conduct and move your precious belongings.

If you are not fully convinced that we are the perfect choice read up on a previously posted article about dodgy backyard removalists. Just be very careful and always do your homework before booking a removalist in Sydney.

Our Free Plastic Wrap Offer for Mattresses

free removals plastic mattress wrap

Get Your Free Plastic Wrap on Your Mattress!

Sydney Siders Benefit from a Complimentary Free Plastic Wrap on all Mattresses

Free Plastic WrapNew to the service is our free plastic wrap offer, we now in every single vehicle and truck carry plastic wrap and bubble wrap for those customers that need that extra protection. As a standard we wrap everything absolutely free of charge using our softly padded moving blankets, now to add as an extra protection we offer a shrink wrap or bubble wrap also. When the movers arrive they will advise what they think will need this extra protection, its an optional extra and a recommended suggestion only, you do not need to take us up on this and we will do our best to move it without damages. If you take us up on the offer we will give you a price there and then so no nasty surprises at the end of the day.
moving boxes bubble wrap removalists sydney

Types of Items we would normally like to wrap in plastic are:

  • Glass door cabinets
  • Glass furniture
  • Vases, large statues
  • TV screens
  • Mattresses
  • Fabric furniture

Need more than just your mattresses wrapped?

The Prices we would normally charge are roughly $5 – $20 per item depending on its size and how much plastic wrapping needs to fully cover the item, the guys on the day will give you there best price.

As it stands you will be entitled to this free mattress wrap offer when you book online, you will not need to call or make note of this on the quote form, to get a free plastic wrap all you need to do is book online and you will automatically be covered. We will give you a premium removals service at a budget rate, its all part of the friendly fast service we offer, in respect to pre packing we can indeed help however must be organised at least for the day prior. Leaving the packing to do on the same day as the move will only delay the moving process therefore costing more in billing hours, lets keep the cost down so prepare, and make all packing, wrapping and stacking boxes at least the day prior to your move.

We also supply Free Packing Boxes

What we do is, offer X amount of boxes to you for just a low deposit. Once the boxes are returned or picked up we simply refund the boxes, its a very handy add on you can simply option in for when booking in your job. If you would like to read a little more about our free boxes offer please do so, there you will find all terms and conditions relating to that offer and how that effects you, we can also deliver and pickup the boxes for your convenience.

Removalists Penrith for Local Removals

Servicing Penrith & its Greater Regions

Removalists PenrithQuick Move – Removalists Penrith are now offering the Penrith & greater region a cheaper more reliable option for moving homes and businesses. We take care of absolutely everything, you won’t have to do a thing. Our amazing team of Penrith movers will relocate your entire home. Nothing is too tricky for us. And you will be happy to know that we will even reinstall your fridge and washing machine, getting it all up and running for you. Just tick another thing off your ‘to do list’. It’s no problem if you are outside of the area either, as long as we service that greater region you will enjoy the benefits of our low moving rates. Our Penrith removal teams have such a way of moving its so different to the rest, we make the whole experience stress free and smooth sailing. Every item in the home is wrapped for absolute maximum protection even the light fragile items.

Seeking Professional Penrith Furniture Removals

There is nothing our guys will not do for you. As stated above all of your items will be wrapped in padded furniture blankets and packed carefully in the truck. If you have any items a tad heavy for the guys to lift up on the truck, its no problem as we have trucks with tailgate lifters making it all as easy as 123. We will include two men to unload your furniture and place it wherever it is in your home that you would like it to go. That’s right, you just say where things need to go and we will follow all your instructions. And do not stress that you cant find your drill or allen keys to put your bed back together. Our removalists Penrith furniture removals trucks are fully equipped with all the tools needed to undertake dismantling and reassembling any item of furniture at all. Check out our reviews and see for yourself just how amazing we are.

Questions About our Penrith Removalists?

We do not charge extra for anything. We do not charge extra for travel, fuel, stairs or anything like that unless moving out of Sydney, the only thing we will pass on to you are toll notices. But with a simple request from you that we avoid tolls, our Penrith movers will do so. Do keep that in mind as you are comparing prices, as alot of companies will withhold all there charges and then slap them on you at the end of your job. A lovely surprise for you, just what you needed right? NOT!

  • Can you help us with Boxes in Penrith?

Just another great service we offer to Penrith residents. We offer our customers free hire of our moving boxes. We have tea chest boxes (43.5cm x 38cm x 67cm High ) which are the the most popular type of large moving boxes and we also have the most popular smaller sized smaller book wine boxes ( 41cm x 30cm x 43.5cm High) used for things like your cuttlery drawer and books. For just a small deposit per box you can hire as many as you need. We deliver the boxes to you and you can have them for up to a month from your moving date. Once you are finished with them just flick us a quick email and we will put your boxes pick up on our next scheduled run and fully refund you.

  • What days are you available for a move?

Our removalists Penrith furniture removals team work from Monday – Sunday from 7am – 7pm. We know that most people work and have busy schedules so we are readily available for you on any day of the week. And just to be clear we do not charge extra for weekends. We have all the same time slots available on both weekdays and weekends. We really are out to service the lovely community of Penrith.

  • How much notice do you need to give?

Of course we would like as much notice as you can possibly give us so we can be as organised as we can for you. We can help you out on any given day as we have quite a large fleet of trucks, but the more notice you give us, the more prepared and organised we will be. If you book in advance you will be able to have pick of the range when it comes to days, dates and time slots. By giving plenty of notice we will be able to apply the time slot of your choice for your job. With even more notice we can have your moving boxes delivered to you with sufficient time for you to pack before the big day. Now in saying all of this we do understand that other unreliable penrith removalists may let you down and in the case of this happening our emergency removalist teams will still be able to help you on the same day.

  • How do I book in a Penrith removal?

Booking in is so simple. Once you have decided that we are the ones for you, simply give us a call on 1800 784 256 and a member of our amazing team will book you in over the phone or for your convenience you can book online any time of the day. Are you are ready to book with our Penrith movers now? Book Online


Budget Removalists Sydney Low Rates

Moving Families on a Budget is Our Thang!

budget removalists SydneyQuick Move a Budget Removalist company in Sydney offer a remarkable service to the entire Sydney metro area, if cheap professionals is what you are after (and why wouldn’t you want the best?) then you have found what you are looking for with us. We cover the entire Sydney metro area and also going as far up as Nelsons Bay and as far south as Batemans Bay. Unfortunately we are not interstate furniture transport, however it is something we are looking into for the future of the company. Ultimately we are well known as a budget removalist company, and have a fantastic reputation among Sydney siders needing a cheap relocation.

Hire Budget removalist’s that actually care about you

So you want a company that will actually do care about you. Well once again we have you covered. We have a massive fleet of trucks and staff members available that make it possible for us to be cheap removalists even with all our qualifications and professionalism. There is never a moment where we shy away from our responsibilities, from start to finish we have clear communication with you and throughout your move you will be happy to know that you are being well looked after. Your first initial point of contact will be with one of our lovely staff members in the office who will be able to help you with any query you may have. We will also offer you our free hire or our budget moving boxes at this stage helping you get as organised as you can before the big day. The booking process is so easy, its done and dusted with one simple phone call or for some even easier as we have our online option making it simple for you to book in, select your own date and time at your own convenience. Pretty good huh? Well it doesn’t stop there. Once your job begins you will be asked to go sit down and relax and let the boys do their job.

Well equipped ready to move the most complicated items!

All of our trucks come well equipped with all the necessary tools and trolleys to undertake a fuss free home or office removal. We are able to dismantle and reassemble any items of furniture that you need. Once you have all your items on the truck and we have arrived at your new place, the boys will unload the truck and place all your items wherever it is in your home that you need them to go. All while you are kicking back with a beverage relaxing until all the hard work is done. For a free quote please fill in the form below, it takes 30 seconds.

Asked questions about us and our budget service

  • When does the clock start for the budget rate?

Time starts when we arrive at your first pick up address. We do not charge to or from our base, therefore time ceases once we have finished at your final destination. Unlike other budget furntiure removalists we do not feel it is fair to charge you the time it takes for us to get to your home.

  • Does your company charge for stairs like some others?

We have no extra charges for stairs, unlike some of our competitors, our removalist team do not try and rip you off.  The rate that you are quoted is an actual fixed half hourly rate.  So therefor we do not add any other fees for things like flights of stairs, dismantling or reassembling any of your furniture, or use of our padded furniture blankets.

  • How long is my move going to take im on a tight budget?

Unfortunately it is extremely hard for us to estimate how long your job is going to take. A lot of things come into consideration for example, the access plays a massive part. If you have flights of stairs or extremely heavy furniture with tight turns its obviously going to take slightly longer than a ground floor relocation. The best advice we can give is to be completely prepared on the day. Have everything packed and ready to go, if possible maybe try putting all the small boxes in one room, this making it more time efficient and cheaper for you. 🙂

  • What days are your budget removalists  available?

Quick Move are available Monday – Sunday from 7am to 7pm. You will be happy to know that we do not charge extra for weekends and if need be we do offer a specialised after hours service. Contact us today to see our availability or check out our available dates and times on our booking form.

  • Does Budget mean nasty service?

Just because we do not overcharge you for our service doesn’t mean we are not going to provide you with the best quality service you could ask for. We like to know they are helping you stay within your budget whilst de-stressing you throughout the duration of your job, lets face it we can all do with a bit of savings here and there. Check out our reviews to see how good our budget removalists actually are.