Garage Sale Pickup Service

Garage Sale Pickup Service

Are not a thing of the past, in fact its more popular now then ever. Its a fantastic way to find some hidden treasures and to grab a bargain. Garage sales are not that easy to find but with the smart phones & android tablets that we have these days its easy, there are applications & websites like gumtree,  that advertise garage sale locations for people.

It doesn’t matter where you buy your furniture, we at Quick Move will pick it up and then have it brought to you and place it anywhere you like within the home. Wardrobes & buffets are a popular garage sale purchase they are expensive to buy anywhere else and heavy and awkward to deliver, so people buying these items will benefit from our pickup service the most.A Garage sale pickup service in Sydney

Garage sale pickup service

In Sydney you will expect a same day service, we are expanding rapidly so we should be able to quickly pickup & deliver the items in a jiffy anywhere in the Sydney metro area and outter regions of NSW. For areas out of this region don’t worry you can too use our service, we can pickup from Newcastle and delivery to Sydney all areas in between and as far south as Bateman’s Bay.

Garage Sale pickup service Prices & Rates

We charge the same as if we where picking up your eBay purchase, our prices are amazingly cheaper than other removalists in Sydney. Compare the price we give you with other major removals companies you will be blown away, i say compare with major removalists because we offer the same quality workman ship as any of the top 10 removalists would. Furniture protection, insurance and trained staff.

Don’t pickup the furniture yourself

Garage Sale Pickup Service

Garage Sale Pickup Service

  1. Its dangerous, see image
  2. Potentially damage the item
  3. Potentially injure yourself or others
  4. Damage the property walls and door jams

Garage Sale Pick Up service is the way to Go>

Quick Move is your simple solution for all types of moving, just check out our Sydney removalists reviews or contact us for further  enquiries.

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