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cheap furniture Removalist in sydneyGrays Online Furniture Removals service

Here is what you need to do!

Call us on 0487 399 669 or follow the simple steps below;

  1. Get a quote from us using the form below
  2. To proceed and pay, simply follow the steps in the quote.
  3. You can select any day of your preference

Now here is the stuff that makes the transaction run smooth…….

  1. Send an Email to grays ask them for the email address
  2. Make sure you CC us into that email >>>
  3. In the email give Quick Move Removals authorisation to pickup the items on the given day.
  4. Make sure you put the invoice numbers in that email so they can work out who you are.
  5. Attach a copy of your photo ID, you must include this don’t leave it out!

Once you have sent that email Grays online pickups department will reply by email and let you know if all is good to go. We will see this reply, because we are CC’d into that conversation. We will also send you a confirmation of the booking. One of our grays online couriers will be there on the given day to pick up your goods for you. Quick Move are number 1 when it comes to furniture removal companies!

Grays Online Furniture Removalist


1 Your Moving Requirements
2 Your Contact Information

furniture removalistGrays Online Auctions Australia is an amazing auction website

So you have won an item or multiple items on the Grays Online website ? Now you need a Courier Delivery Service right?

Grays Online is an amazing website to buy goods, especially furniture & appliances! But as you may be aware now Grays Online Pickups processes just may not work for you with your daily schedule as Grays Online only lets customers pickup their items during business hours Monday to Friday. We understand you are busy, we know how important every hour is believe us, we are a furniture & appliance removals service based in Sydney, we can offer you a furniture removalist service 7 days a week, we conduct grays online deliveries 5 days a week, to get your items quicker call us now.

So what we have developed is a unique furniture removals delivery service especially designed for Grays Online customers. Our furniture removalist teams will simply pickup your items on your behalf and deliver them to you direct whether you want us to bring the item to your workplace, place it inside your garage, leave it on your doorstep or perhaps you have organised a friend or family to be home to receive the goods, we have you covered on every aspect.

If you decide to pickup your goods yourself here is how it works.

Grays Online pickups process is for the customer to print out their invoices, bring photo ID and go to Carter Street in Lidcombe. When you arrive at Carter Street you need to find the big building that has a tiny sign that says Grays Online. Enter into GATE A, find parking then head to the office, wait in line with everyone else then present your paperwork at the reception desk for pickup’s. Take a ticket and then take a seat, you may be there for up to 30 minutes in the waiting room whilst  they find and pick your order. A lady at the desk will then call out your ticket number and instruct you on what BAY /garage door number to head to. You will then need to go back to the car, and make your way around the side of the building, find the right bay number and back your car into that loading dock. Another staff member will greet you there and ask for more paperwork, you will need to sign the receiving documents and then once all of this is done you can take your items, but make sure you bring a friend as the Grays Online staff are not allowed to assist you load. Now providing you have the right vehicle or trailer and have gone through all the processes you should be right! lol 🙂 Grays Online is located in the industrial estate at Lidcombe on Carter Street, its a massive facility, I recall the lady saying it was larger than 6 Football fields!.

Quick Move Truck Or you can hire us as Cheap Removalists Sydney, and use our Gray sonline delivery Service & be done with it!

Grays Online Couriers in Sydney

Quick Move pick up from Grays Online on a regular basis, basically twice a week. Grays Online is a great way to shop for a bargain, and we pickup some amazing things for people such as outdoor settings & appliances. Quick Move Removalists Sydney can pickup & deliver your grays order in the same day. Please feel free to Contact Us about our Grays online deliver service Or simply call us today on 0487 399 669

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