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Quick Move frequently asked questions, here we have tried to answer the majority of questions we come across, if you have a question that isn’t listed below please feel free to call us today on 1800 784 256. We totally understand that not all of your questions could be answered here so if you do have any further inquiries in regards to our furniture removals service please either use the Contact Us page or call us today.

How much do you charge?

Quick Move offer amazingly low moving rates, each home is obviously different so this means each job is quoted individually. Prices are based on the size truck you choose here is a quick list of sizes and rates.

Removalist Price list

What is the minimum charge?

The minimum charge covers you for the first two hours, for those Sydney metro moves this means when the guys arrive your two hours start. If the move takes a little longer we will simply charge by the half hour thereafter. That half hourly rate is dependant on the truck size you choose when booking. Refer to your booking confirmation email for the price.

Is GST included in your prices?

Yes so unlike all other movers we decided to include GST in our prices right across all trucks, sizes and products, we believe excluding this tax from advertising like all others is sneaky and misleading.

Is there any fuel levy or carbon tax charges?

For people moving within Sydney to another location in Sydney the answer is NO, we do not charge any fuel levies or carbon taxes for those simply moving within the Sydney metro. For this moving for example to the central coast will incur a tax levy.

Do you charge for traveling to my home & back to depot?

For those that are moving within Sydney time will start and finish at your door, meaning we will not charge any extra to get back home nor charge any extra to get to your job. For outside of Sydney we obviously must charge this.

Is there any extra fees for flights of stairs?

No we do not charge for complicated access like stairs and long walking distances, its part of the job and we are being paid for the time anyway. We believe its sneaky and unethical for those removalists that have these hidden fees.

Is wrapping included in the price?

Yes to an extent, meaning we will not charge any extra for your items to be wrapped in blankets its all part of the moving service. However if you wanted additional bubble or plastic wrapping done on items we will offer you a price this will cover the cost of the materials.

Do you supply packing boxes prior so we can pack?

Yes we do, in fact we can either sell you boxes to keep or you can take us up on our buy back offer meaning you pay for the boxes $3 each + $25 delivery and $25 pickup fees, then when you are finished with them we will pick them back up and refund you for the total you paid minus delivery and pickup fees. This ultimately means you can have an unlimited amount of boxes to use for a low cost of just $50 Here is more information about the offer and the form you can use to hire our packing boxes.

Is assembly of beds or furniture included in the price?

Yes we assemble and disassemble bedding and furniture at no extra cost, we believe this should be standard and all part of the moving services as we are being paid for the time anyway.

When can i expect the driver to arrive?

When you make a booking you will be offered a time slot, our slots are 3 hour windows meaning if you selected the 8am slot the driver will arrive within that 3 hour window between 8am – 11am. Though we always aim to be there at the earlier time its our policy to offer that window incase of traffic or prior jobs blowing out.

Can i get a ride with the truck?

No absolute not sorry!, we are unable to carry passengers unfortunately, please do not rely on travelling with the truck you must organise your own transport thank you for understanding.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do have public liability, goods in transit and workers comp insurance. If your building manager needed a copy of the public liability we can send that to them directly. We do not cover second hand items for accidental damages during loading and unloading process.

Can i reschedule my moving date or time?

Absolutely simply reply to your booking confirmation email as we need it to be in writing, do not leave it to the day as it will be ignored all rescheduling can be done up until the day prior to your move before 5pm.

How can i pay for my move?

We accept cash on completion and the three major cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD & AMEX. paying by card on completion is proffered as we do not carry change.

Is moving outside of the Sydney metro different?

Yes moving outside of Sydney such as central coast, Wollongong ect.. will incur fuel charges and travel time to or from our depot in Sydney.

What days are you available?

We operate 7 days a eek from 7am to 7pm, you can call us during business times on any day and one of our friendly staff will assist you with a quote or booking.

How can i make a booking?

You can take advantage of our online offers and book online via any of the links provided to you in your quote, click on Book now on our home page or of course you can simply call us today and one of our friendly staff members will take your booking for you straight over the phone.

Do you move businesses also?

We sure do! Quick Move is a moving company in Sydney offering a removailst and delivery service to all sized homes and offices. see our office removalists service today and get a free quote.

How much notice do you need to make a booking?

We like to get as much as possible, let us know the second you have a date in mind you can always reschedule if need be. We do get busy in peak season so the more notice we get the better chance of us organising the move for you.

What items will you move and wont move?

All furniture & appliances, home ware and exercise equipment, tools, boats and bikes, everything except flammable materials, dirty greasy car parts or liquids, no tiles no bricks and anything of that nature. For a full list check out the prohibited items page

Do you have a terms of service that i can read?

Yes absolutely thought you would never ask, here is the link to our terms of service this can also be found as a link when making a booking you must accept the terms of service when booking.