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Quick Move frequently asked questions, here we have tried to answer the majority of questions we come across, if you have a question that isn’t listed below please feel free to call us today on 0487 399 669. We totally understand that not all of your questions could be answered here so if you do have any further inquiries in regards to our furniture removals service please either use the Contact Us page or call us today.

How much do you charge?

Quick Move offer amazingly low moving rates, each home is obviously different so this means each job is quoted individually. Prices are based on the size truck you choose here is a quick list of sizes and rates.

Removalist Price list

What is the minimum charge?

The minimum charge covers you for the first two hours, for those Sydney metro moves this means when the guys arrive your two hours start. If the move takes a little longer we will simply charge by the half hour thereafter. That half hourly rate is dependant on the truck size you choose when booking. Refer to your booking confirmation email for the price.

Is GST included in your prices?

Yes so unlike all other movers we decided to include GST in our prices right across all trucks, sizes and products, we believe excluding this tax from advertising like all others is sneaky and misleading.

Is there any fuel levy or carbon tax charges?

For people moving within Sydney to another location in Sydney the answer is NO, we do not charge any fuel levies or carbon taxes for those simply moving within the Sydney metro. For this moving for example to the central coast will incur a tax levy.

Is there any extra fees for flights of stairs?

No we do not charge for complicated access like stairs and long walking distances, its part of the job and we are being paid for the time anyway. We believe its sneaky and unethical for those removalists that have these hidden fees.

Is wrapping included in the price?

Yes to an extent, meaning we will not charge any extra for your items to be wrapped in blankets its all part of the moving service. However if you wanted additional bubble or plastic wrapping done on items we will offer you a price this will cover the cost of the materials.

Do you charge for traveling to my home & back to depot?

For those that are moving within Sydney time will start and finish at your door, meaning we will not charge any extra to get back home nor charge any extra to get to your job. For outside of Sydney we obviously must charge this.

Is assembly of beds or furniture included in the price?

Yes we assemble and disassemble bedding and furniture at no extra cost, we believe this should be standard and all part of the moving services as we are being paid for the time anyway.

When can i expect the driver to arrive?

How do we project an ETA?

Quick Move ETA
Quick Move drivers use the latest GPS tech we allow it to calculate the traffic intensity with distance travelled and then simply provide the customer with an approximate time of arrival or commonly known as ETA. The driver will not take into consideration, road works, accidents, heavy congested traffic or breakdowns. ETA really does mean just that, it is an estimate and we do not make any guarantees to be at any location on any given time.

What does ETA mean and how it effects you?

ESTIMATE time of arrival, notice I capitalized ESTIMATE 🙂 so it’s not to be confused with DEFINITE. There is really no way in the removals industry that a Sydney removalist can give any definite times. In furniture removals, anything can happen. We have had circumstances when we have had to disassemble furniture or customers have given incorrect details, this setting us back for the day. To avoid disappointment make sure we have all the necessary information. ETA is commonly used in the transport industry, the majority of you would already know this but just in case some of you may think that ETA means something other than what it stands for I have written this short article. ETA is used by our drivers daily, the driver may send the customer a text with an ETA once they are loaded and on the way. There are other words that are also commonly used in our industry when referring to times of arrival such as, approximate, approximately, approx, rough guess, roughly, educated guess. You know where I am going with this right? 🙂

When will you get an ETA?

The Quick Move driver will simply either call or TEXT you letting you know what time we expect to arrive, we aim for at least a half hours notice. The ETA given is a good indication and you need to make sure someone is there ready to provide access.We will at all times call you prior to arriving, and you will be able to give us multiple phone numbers and contacts at the booking stage.

Have a Question about an ETA that isn’t answered here?

For more information see about us or simply call us on 0487 399 669 today. Our office hours are 7am to 7pm 7 days a week. Call us today!


How do i get a delivery quote?

Get a Quick and Cheap Courier Quote Today It’s Easy!

Cheap Courier Quotes sydneyWritten courier quotes are sent via email from the official email address. Furniture courier quotations will only be sent to a reply address , from a quotation request received. Though we do experience allot of calls & Multiple Quotes Couriers requesting quotations, quotes that have been verbally given over the phone are only estimates, estimates mean that the price is not fixed and should only be taken as a rough guide, the final courier quotation may fluctuate up or down, its not an official quote until you have a written quotation, Cheap Courier Quotes Sydney are written and emailed to you after you have submit a quote request via the website, we may ask for more information after we receive the quote request, every job is different and therefore we must quote each individual job separately.

Professional Sydney removalists that care about you

We Treat All Furniture the same regardless of condition, we are a professional moving service that offers the entire NSW region a pickup and delivery option for their online purchase

Quick Move, the specialist in furniture removals for Sydney siders, we pick up & deliver the items you have purchased whether its online or at a nearby shopping centre. We at quick move tailor each and every job specifically for the customer. All furniture courier quotes are fixed, the price will never change providing all of the information regarding weight, dimensions, access & location is correct.

Interstate Courier Quotations

When it comes to customer support, we have to be #1, meaning we can handle any type of relocation to a degree, we also have the resources to help with Brisbane, Melbourne  Canberra & all areas in between. we have affiliations with interstate removalists and local businesses, our unique support program assures that what ever you need we can help.

Local Removalist quotes in Sydney Nsw

We are indeed a Removalist business, the way we handle furniture is the exact same way any quality removals company in Sydney would, our packing practices, strapping and duty of care is what makes us stand out among the others.

We are jack of all transport trades!

Exactly right! we are removalists that have decided to help the community with small one off jobs, instead of focusing on full house relocation’s we are proud to say we are indeed a furniture Courier. Not to be mistaken with a general courier that transports small parcels and other light objects.

eBay & Grays Online delivery service

Daily we provide Sydney siders with a unique pick up & delivery service, offering free inspections on all second hand furniture. to obtain a free furniture courier quote simply use the form to the left.

Its an easy booking process

We have simplified the entire system so its really easy to request a quote, pay for the job & book it in.

You can find out more about how we operate simply by reading the answers to the questions we have posted on the website. FAQ

Reviews & Feedback

We have true testimonials from our customers, you can read these and see for yourself, our customer support, our dedication to customer service and our experience is what makes us have the best furniture courier service in Sydney.

Can i reschedule my moving date or time?

Absolutely simply reply to your booking confirmation email as we need it to be in writing, do not leave it to the day as it will be ignored all rescheduling can be done up until the day prior to your move before 5pm.

Do you supply packing boxes prior so we can pack?

Yes we do, in fact we can either sell you boxes to keep or you can take us up on our buy back offer meaning you pay for the boxes $3 each + $25 delivery and $25 pickup fees, then when you are finished with them we will pick them back up and refund you for the total you paid minus delivery and pickup fees. This ultimately means you can have an unlimited amount of boxes to use for a low cost of just $50 Here is more information about the offer and the form you can use to hire our packing boxes.

Does your company follow Work Safety Methods?

Our Staff Work Safe Always

Quick Move practices safe working conditions always as outlined in the manual tasks published by the nsw government. We have revolutionised the delivery service industry, employing only people with a removalist or furniture handling experience. it’s important that we keep a high standard of staff, for obvious reasons, we want to continue to provide the community with professional affordable help. Our staff on arrival will formally introduce themselves , you will enjoy their friendly professional company throughout the moving process, it’s all part of the service .If you have had a certain team prior and want to reschedule that exact same team, it’s easy all we need is an email from you and we can send the exact same crew as we sent last time.

Uniform & PPE OHS removalists

All staff are equipped with the latest safety gear , we issue on start-up Hi-Vis shirts, navy shorts & pants, wet weather jackets and winter sweaters all fluorescent and all with our company logo branding. Staff also must wear issued steel cap safety boots. Uniform is important to us, it represents professionalism. Quick Move makes sure that the staff representing our company are always well attired, neat and tidy. After all you would prefer someone in uniform turning up at your doorstep wouldn’t you? With work uniforms at least you know who the person is and where they were from before you open up your home to them.

We conduct a quick risk assessment on every job, a simple walk through the job access path is all we need, the staff will assess any dangers and make arrangements to mitigate any threats, such as trip hazards ect.

Witches Hats are continuously used for unloading, its necessary that we make people in our working environment aware that we are working and to stay clear. We are always looking at new ways to improve our OHS or work safety policies.

Contact us by calling 0487 399 669 today!!

Can i get a ride with the truck?

No absolute not sorry!, we are unable to carry passengers unfortunately, please do not rely on travelling with the truck you must organise your own transport thank you for understanding.

How can i pay for my move?

We accept cash on completion and the three major cards such as VISA, MASTERCARD & AMEX. paying by card on completion is proffered as we do not carry change.

Do you have insurance?

Yes we do have public liability, goods in transit and workers comp insurance. If your building manager needed a copy of the public liability we can send that to them directly. We do not cover second hand items for accidental damages during loading and unloading process.

Is moving outside of the Sydney metro different?

Yes moving outside of Sydney such as central coast, Wollongong ect.. will incur fuel charges and travel time to or from our depot in Sydney.

What days are you available?

We operate 7 days a eek from 7am to 7pm, you can call us during business times on any day and one of our friendly staff will assist you with a quote or booking.

Do you move businesses also?

We sure do! Quick Move is a moving company in Sydney offering a removailst and delivery service to all sized homes and offices. see our office removalists service today and get a free quote.

How can i make a booking?

You can take advantage of our online offers and book online via any of the links provided to you in your quote, click on Book now on our home page or of course you can simply call us today and one of our friendly staff members will take your booking for you straight over the phone.

How much notice do you need to make a booking?

We like to get as much as possible, let us know the second you have a date in mind you can always reschedule if need be. We do get busy in peak season so the more notice we get the better chance of us organising the move for you.

Prohibited Items List

At Quick Move we strive to make certain that everything and everyone is safe when we are providing a service, and some things our insurer just will not cover us for. In order for us to keep safe and insured, we must not remove certain items from the home. If we deem them to be unsafe or high risk, we simply will not move them. When we say high risk we mean it could cause damage to us, you, or the furniture items or property. Below you will find a list of items we will not move, carry or relocate for you, these items will be left at the pickup address, we will advise you of the items we will not take before we leave so that you can make alternative arrangements.

Quick Move will not transport the following items

Prohibited substances

  • Paint
  • tiles
  • any Liquids incl Oils
  • any Flammable substances
  • Rocks
  • Dirt & Sand
  • and any other type of loose substance

Prohibited items

  • Gas Bottles
  • Weapons
  • Illegal paraphernalia,
  • Illegal items
  • oily car parts
  • greasy parts

Prohibited Animals

  • pets
  • reptiles
  • birds
  • and any item with any infestation of pests

The following must be considered for us to move these items

  1. Lawn mowers & petrol operated tools must be drained of the petrol and wrapped in something and taped up.
  2. BBQ’s and stoves must be clean and free of grease or oil.
  3. Fridge & freezers must be empty and dry, not leaking water

It is at our discretion if we decide not to move an item and there will be no negotiation if we decide any items are dangerous or illegal. In the event that this may occur you have the option to move those selected items yourself or find an alternative, any cancellations will incur fees and charges.

Beware of Dodgy Removalists

Beware of Dodgy Movers

We are absolutely blown away by the amount of calls that we get daily, saying that they have had their mover cancel on them the very same day they are moving, who are these amateurs? After several hundred calls and conversations with customers being let down I have summed it up to what I think is going on here, and here are my thoughts.

Its too easy to simply say you are a removalist these days. All you have to do is buy a van and place an ad on gumtree. Its overwhelming the amount of people doing this, mainly backpackers looking to make a quick buck, but it doesn’t stop there and alot of the time the people that are making these false claims are not at all equipped, trained or have any type of moving experience let alone customer service skills.

What type of impact do these guys have on you?

Sure they are cheap, really cheap, they actually under quote the Australian standard minimum hourly wages which is shocking, illegal and down right un Australian. Your asking me how does this effect you? Well based on my several hundred discussions with customers that have been let down, I have summed it up as to what these guys are actually doing.

You call them because they advertise the cheapest rates, they take your booking knowing that there is a high percentage that they will end up cancelling on you. You see what they do is play with your move, they do this by getting other interested people to bid higher, or they simply quote higher for a job that is booked on the same day as yours, when they get a booking for a higher amount they don’t tell you, nor do they even have the decency to cancel. Why do they do this? So that in the event the higher priced job cancels on them they can always fall back on you, the lower priced job, how dare they treat you like this right?

Read on more about how these guys operate, how we are completely different!

We will never ever cancel your move on you!

How can we say this?

Easy we have over 20 trucks in Sydney alone, there is absolutely no way that we will ever double book anyone! Unlike the typical fake mover that just has 1 truck! This is really important for you to understand, never trust these guys. Our network of professionals is huge. I would make a big call and say we are most likely the largest network in Sydney, having professional help on standby when we are under the pump makes things really easy to manage.

We will never ignore your calls

How can we say that?

Easy we have several staff that operate 12 hours a day dealing with customer inquiries, we also have an operations manager that you can call direct on his mobile to make any inquiry what so ever. Unlike the dodgy guy on gumtree that is a one man band operating from his driver seat. Who do you think answers his phone when he is working? Correct these guys are lacking the main essential ingredients that make a move smooth sailing.

We won’t turn up un-equiped to relocate you

The small operators that are flooding the industry are not properly equipped with the tools & materials needed to efficiently remove someones belongings. Just recently I noticed a small pantech truck in the CBD parked up on the footpath loading furniture, my jaw dropped when I noticed the lack of care whilst manoeuvring the items and to top it off they had it all stacked on top of each other with absolutely no protection between the surfaces.

Our promise is to protect every single item regardless of its age or condition, we wrap all furniture in professional moving quilted blankets. Fridges especially require heavy duty quilted pads, I am amazed to see that these guys have not had the decency to learn how its done right nor bothered to purchased the correct gear to do the job.

We wont send inexperienced movers

Do you honestly think that the guys advertising $36 per hour have any idea how to manoeuvre furniture? They don’t, trust me, no experience and never even worked for another company to learn how to remove the basic items. Elevated properties with stairs scare them and they may leave heavy items behind that are complicated. I have even rescued jobs that other companies simply turned up and walked away immediately after discovering the hard access, not really what you want is it especially last minute, but don’t be shocked it is becoming more and more common. We get these calls daily and some of the movers were actually well known on Google, but cheap & nasty.

Now our promise is to only send men that are equipped, trained and ready to relocate under any condition. We take pride in training the men to a standard where we believe they need to be before we send them out to move. On some jobs we will send 3 men rather than 2 as we conduct on hand training on real jobs, the supervisor leading hand oversees all aspects on the day to ensure care & safety is being practice.

Is it really cheaper to hire these amateurs?

So lets look at a couple of scenarios, I have calculated these figures on real life prices advertised on gumtree. Ok so lets just say you found a “Mover” and he says “I am the best and cheapest prices start at just $36 phh” you think wow that’s really good eh, because you have had quotes at $47.50 from us and that’s $11.50 saving per 30 minutes right? WRONG! I wont go completely into it but after they breakdown the costs they are not to far away from our price, you may see a few dollars in savings after they drop all their other fees on you but read on for the big bombshell!

Here is the most important fact and it definitely is the most crucial part of my point I am trying to make here. If these guys take just 1 hour or less longer than what we would, you would have paid more already. Just a measly hour or even 30 minutes in some instances is all it takes and the budget is out the window,  they increase the time simply by just by dragging their feet or they are not fit and healthy enough to keep the ball rolling. The obvious inexperienced techniques you will definitely notice may get them caught up and then the clock starts to tick every minute that goes by. You wish you would of hired a real company rather than some guy & a truck that talks to much about himself! These guys are small fish and they want to maximise the hours charged on each job as they may only have just that one job, where we are in fact the opposite. We have plenty of work and are getting the job done quicker and moving on to the next one faster, saving you money and us time. I have addressed all these issues in a recent article i wrote check it out.

Cheap and Nasty Removalists

More than likely you had a really bad experience! The guys talked too much, they took forever in the truck they didn’t really know how to get the fridge down the stairs, the fridge was scratched and the walls were damaged, the timber architrave around the entry doors were scratched and dented, most of the fragile items in the boxes were broken, the mattress got stained and dirty from no protection, your timber floors were marked because they didn’t think to cover it first, you and your mates had to assist and did most of the work to make things go quicker!

If you had of chose Quick Move you would of received

A pleasant experience! You were asked to relax whilst the removalists initially wrapped and protected the surfaces and fragile items, you were amazed how efficient they communicated with each other and how easy they made the job look, the fridge was wrapped up like a baby, you would of noticed that particular items were taken first to the truck and the guys advising why they pack a certain way to avoid damages, the job went smooth and quick you are very happy and glad you chose Quick Move.

In a nut shell we are faster, fitter and more reliable, experienced & professional in all aspects of the removal. The small amount you may think you are going to save by hiring the amateurs is unlikely to happen and 99% of the time you will pay alot more rather than save.

Now you want to compare the real “Removalist Companies” now right?

Don’t make the same mistake, now without bad mouthing other moving companies, the way they conduct themselves and so on I would like to just say this “Google Reviews”. It is an amazing little thing that allows these companies customers to have a say about what type of experience they received, its difficult to get people to leave good feedback as good service is expected regardless, but bad feedback is given freely and honestly the way it should. We all know bad news travels faster than good news! I have read all of our competitors reviews and I am absolutely gob smacked at some of the reviews I have seen. If true i would hate to think that the problems they obviously have been having are still there, you see it only takes a few wrong choices with hiring inexperienced men and the consequences are critical.

All i am going to say is do your homework!

Research the reviews for each company you call and speak with the staff in person to get your own opinion before judging. I recommend you call our competitors and then call us, that’s how confident we are. You will notice the difference in customer service, knowledge and how easy we take booking and payments.

Finally, I think I have made my point without pin pointing or naming anyone and I hope you guys that read this do indeed take into consideration my findings. Call us today and save on time and money. 0487 399 669.

A cheap delivery! You get what you pay for…. NOT!

Cheap Delivery TruckAs it stands we are definitely one of the most competitive Sydney removalists for a cheap delivery, businesses all around use us 7 days a week, i doubt there is another provider that offers what we do for the same price. We try our absolute best to stay competitive but on the same token we cannot run at a loss just to provide a cheap delivery. I have had some recent feedback from a furniture store that requested our rates, they said we were expensive when comparing there delivery guy to us. We will obviously be slightly higher then the average courier or delivery person that has no overheads or insurances nor experience.We don’t drag around furniture on a trolley to save on the cost of having a second man! End of story!

I started this company with the total belief you get what you pay for!

But after doing my research and comparing the services x value with all major removalists and couriers, you actually don’t get what you pay for. To an extent that phrase is true, though when you sit back and look at the big picture and see what some of these removals businesses are charging you will be amazed. And the guys i see are supposed to be experienced but they are lucky to be 21 so how do they have the experience required?.

Can it be that you don’t get what you pay for at all with a cheap delivery ?

Certainly, in fact we tell everyone that we are not the cheapest nor the dearest, however we are the best choice, why? Quick Move is the perfect balance of service x value, you actually get quality workers that have had pre training. We have a leading hand on all jobs. We also have all insurances that protect you and us. What would you rather? Professional well spoken uniformed workers handling the entire job making you feel comfortable with friendly customer service?  Flexible payment options, receipts and invoices and terms & conditions, Or No experience, potentially will damage furniture, not well spoken, no uniform, grumpy, sweaty dirty bloke that wants to be paid cash only, scribbles on a postal note for a receipt. Filthy truck with graffiti on it, no insurances, no terms, no nothing, just to save a few bucks!

What i suggest is

Think it through first, don’t jump into any deal unless you make certain that they are experienced, qualified, insured, ect..

Then compare with us, see what we offer and compare, make your decisions based on our reply. If we can’t convince you that we are the better choice by all means go with who you feel comfortable with, but give us the chance to explain if we are slightly higher then your last quote. A cheap delivery is more then likely going to go wrong, its important that you think it through.

Call to speak with one of our friendly staff today or simply make an online enquiry and someone will call you back to discuss your options.

Read between the lines

Even though they say this and that, to make themselves look good, most have hidden fees that will be included without your knowledge.That is unless you ask about it before hand. So be sure to ask a lot of questions, cheap delivery food for thought.

Ask Questions Like

  • Why is it a cheap delivery ?
  • what type of service should i expect?
  • Is there any additional charges i may face?
  • will my items be insured?
  • will i have the drivers phone number?

Don’t get a Cheap Delivery get the best delivery at the cheapest price

Compare our Service

Quick Move will give you the best price we can, you wont need to worry about anything after that. Its our service you will be pleased with the most, the price is just a bonus.

Free Furniture inspection reports

Quick Move staff can report the condition of the furniture , look for marks and scratches or broken parts that were not described in the items description. Feel safer knowing that we are on your side.

Availability in Sydney

We are 7 days a week, though Saturday and Sunday’s are usually booked out way in advance with light removals. So for deliveries and pickups try your best to get the seller to be available during the week preferably during business hours.

Do you have a terms of service that i can read?

Yes absolutely thought you would never ask, here is the link to our terms of service this can also be found as a link when making a booking you must accept the terms of service when booking.

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