No Hidden Fees Unlike Most Removalists

no hidden furniture removal charges

  • Stairs , some charge $5 per stair case, some will just make up a price on the day, real professional right?
  • Outdoor furniture, some will have stupid charges for BBQ’s or lawn mowers anything that has petrol or oil in it that could spill!
  • Pot Plants, yes even pot plants other so called movers will charge for, why? Because their heavy. Well aren’t you experienced? God forbid they will need to sweep out the truck afterwards in case some dirt escapes the pots!
  • Statues, yep even the old statue gets a surcharge with these cash cowboys, because it will take a little more effort to maneuver, what a joke right?
  • Fish Tanks, why? BECAUSE ITS GLASS! If they are professionals why are they so scared to transport glass?
  • Pool Tables, Oh look out this requires dismantling and a touch of careful wrapping! Look out for that surcharge!
  • Gym equipment, another sneaky hidden charge by most of our competitors, yeah the old treadmill surcharge another difficult item to carry! NOT, it’s easy if we know about it prior to booking.
  • Motor cycles, and just because its out of the norm yep slap an extra $50 on that! Pretty much anything out of the norm these blokes will hit you up for more!
  • Pianos, yep the old piano surcharge trick. They will convince you that they needed more men and that you can simply pay them an extra sneaky $100 and they will do it! We do manouever pianos’s however we recommend a piano specialist if there are stairs, as the risk would be too high and we actually care!

Yep the list goes on guys, i can not believe how these Movers get away with this!

Nobody to complain to, nobody to turn to when its too late and right there face to face and demanding more money from you! I really hope this page gets as much attention as our recent page regarding dodgy movers advertising on gumtree does so that you get a clear understanding what you could be up for if you choose against us. FYI we would never charge you for any of this, and if ever by chance a staff member did do that he would be reprimanded that same day!

You see when you book in a job with us it is carefully looked at by the operation manager and the team prior to arriving to ensure that we have the right tools to safely conduct and move your precious belongings.

If you are not fully convinced that we are the perfect choice read up on a previously posted article about dodgy backyard removalists. Just be very careful and always do your homework before booking a removalist in Sydney.