Inspection Reports for Online Purchases

After new years 2012 we introduced FREE inspection reports

Free Inspection Reports on all eBay pickups
Several months later we are really starting to realise that they work and how important they are. We calculated on the 1st of May 2013 how many deliveries we have done for eBay deliveries & Gumtree and out of that number how many buyers were mislead with the sellers description of the item. On average 2 out of 10, that’s 20% of the deliveries had either been a mis-representation or in terrible condition. At least 3 buyers took further action to re-cover their losses. Given the numbers, we believe we have done well in our efforts to supply a premium delivery service for eBay & Gumtree buyers. Inspection Reports are Optional, meaning we only conduct one if the buyer requests us to do so.

How does the inspection reports work?

On arrival at the pickup location we advise the seller that the buyer has requested we inspect the condition of the item before we touch it. Our staff are well trained in noticing marks & scratches, chips & broken parts. The entire process takes literally 5 minutes. Once we have finished we call the buyer and let them know “our opinion of the condition”. 9/10 times the buyer simply lets us carry on, we then proceed with our service.In the event the item was incorrectly described, either damaged or just significantly different in other ways, the buyer can have a talk with the seller to discuss the situation if they choose to, the buyer will instruct us at this point whether to carry on or not.

We do not get involved with disputes!

We simply provide our honest opinion and then try and proceed with our service.  If the buyer requests us to STOP work, then we do as they request, pack up and leave. At no point do we act on the buyers behalf to mediate between the two parties.
Our fees for the attempt delivery would be 50% of what the total quote was. If the service was prepaid, the buyer would be notified by the end of the day that we are reimbursing 50% of the cost.

Why are Inspection Reports so important?

We believe it creates honest trading, and therefore mitigates the chances of people being ripped off. It also protects the buyer & Quick Move from any disputes of damages during transit. We highly recommend Inspection Reports!

Remember Inspection Reports are Optional

That’s right they are optional, not everyone wants the service for various reasons, they may have already visually inspected the items or what ever the case may be, and that’s their prerogative, we respect that. So remember if you want a Inspection report you must request this by phone prior to us arriving, We hope this article provides helpful information.