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The Most AWKWARD thing we have had to carry!

Mattress delivery latex king size

Man oh Man. Never owning a latex mattress is now on my ” that’s ok, i’m good thanks list”. We picked up a King Sized Latex Mattress today from Kellyville and delivered it to Barden Ridge, this thing had to be 100kg! Apparently it was worth $4000 and the lady won it on ebay for $200 , not a bad score.  We completed the job for the customer without any problems, but WOW what a beast of a mattress.They are so difficult to carry, no handles and the worst part is they flop! They aren’t stiff like an innerspring type so it’s like carrying a water bed mattress with the water in it! QuickMove will soon be updating the quotation form with another question………….Is it Latex ?  lol. 🙂