Welcome to the M5 Carpark

For a Removalist or Courier Business the motorways are essential

However,can someone tell me what we are paying for? and why?. Honestly they should look into changing the charges.
Peak and Off peak rates sounds like a great idea.Weekdays from 6am – 9am  & 4pm – 7pm = Peak , all others in between are Off peak and FREE !! We use this road every day, like thousands of other commuters.Getting onto the M5  it isn’t a major problem its once on the motorway we nearly come to a standstill every morning. We get used to it and accept that that’s just the way it is ……..but why should people pay to be trapped in a situation like that?

There are alternative roads to use like Canterbury road,

Even when its congested it still moves along, many removalists & couriers are  using the alternative roads, such as Canterbury road during the morning then getting back onto the M5 at King Georges rd.That way you skip the TOLL plus part of the traffic.

What are your thoughts on the M5?