How many Men & can you assist us?

Sure you can assist us, it is really helpful when the customer gets involved

It may only be some cushions we ask you to carry, or we may ask for the hose to be wound up so it’s out of the way, perhaps move the car or tie up the dog. Small things like this are fine but we will never ask you to help carry anything over 5kg. It is our policy to fully relocate the furniture without your assistance, when i say assistance i mean actually carry furniture, contact us to see what we can do to save you even more money Call 1800 784 256.

We are a two men team of professional removalists

not the average one man and van, it would be nice for you to guide us through any tricky access paths and its particularly nice when the customer greets us down stairs at the front of the property, some units and apartments are often far down corridors and really hard to find, so this is a real nice gesture if you can meet us out the front.

Why can’t you help Carry?

We don’t ask you to carry anything because it is a work safety hazard, especially when you have no experience in moving furniture other than moving your own items around the house. Also there is the insurance liability of any damages, if you were assisting me to carry a 3 seater sofa and you couldn’t lift it a particular way and injured yourself, or dropped it and broke the item or cause property damage, who would be liable?  It is a messy situation that i wish to avoid so this is the main reason why we don’t ask for customer assistance