Moving Unit’s & Apartments

Though both properties are quite compact in size they usually have complicated access and difficult parking arrangement’s, that’s why we have developed a new and improved removals service specifically designed to help those people in these situations overcome a potentially large removalist bill.

Moving Units with Lift Access

Your standard removalist wouldn’t want to give you a fixed price, Quick Move will! It is due to the fact that units with stairs can take a considerable amount of time longer than they anticipate sometimes, but sometimes not! It really depends on the team, how they handle what gets moved first, planning ahead for parking, and a few other tricks we hold up our sleeves. We know all the good moving tips. Though lifts are great they sometimes are too small to load larger furniture and appliances in, so in some instances we must use the fire escape for large items, or take the time to dismantle the items. You see how the hours can start to build up now?.

How does Quick Move do it?

We simply plan ahead for your move, each and every move has a plan of attack. If we plan it right we can effectively move you faster and cheaper, simple maths! Planning for moving seems simple right? It can be, however it can also be stressful so let us worry about it. We will need your assistance in providing the correct details about the quantity of items, lift dimensions and to arrange or reserve suitable parking. We will walk you through a quick check list to make sure everything has been thought through. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars.

Save hundreds on your moving costs!

Potentially you can save hundreds on the moving cost, during our conversation we will mention the savings and the benefits of using our moving services. We are an Australian family owned business therefor you can count on great communications and quality Sydney removalists, all we need is the correct details about the removals job at hand.Removalist

Things we need to know

    • Full addresses of both locations
    • Detailed list of Furniture
    • Provide dimensions if possible
    • Type of property at both locations
    • Type of access, lifts, stairs ect.
    • How many boxes and bags are expected?
    • Parking arrangement’s on both ends
    • Whether anything needs dissembling prior ?
    • Whether anything needs assembling ?
    • If you require us to pre-pack

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