One Man Removalist in Sydney

Quick Move can assist with one man removalists sydney services , our prices may not be the cheapest you will find but they certainly are the best value you will ever find. Our movers only charge per half an hour  in 30 minute blocks. We make certain that the mover is equipped with everything needed to move you in a quick and efficient fashion. Call us on 0487 399 669

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removalists sydneyRoll you sleeves up and assist the removalist, hiring one man is a smart way to save some coin. Imagine moving your entire home for pennys, you can do it. You just need to be motivated & perhaps a few red bulls to help you along  the way lol 🙂  Our removalists will do all the heavy lifting you may only need to guide him in some situations like moving the fridge. Contact our One Man Removalists

One Man Removalist in Sydney

No matter the size of the home or amount of furniture and appliances you have to move, if you want one man you will get one man removalists Sydney. We absolutely love hearing back from our mover saying how great the move went after they have finished. In the past we wouldn’t of even considered sending one man to a move but after seeing how high the one man in demand is since we have taken the plunge it has shown we have done the right thing.

You see it was always a case of what happens if? We did not want to take responsibility for any damages if a home owner assisted the removalist in moving, you could appreciate that is still the case. To date it is still our policy on our one man removalists sydney service that, no liability is taken if the customer or anyone on behalf of the customer, that is not a direct contractor with Quick Move  and is actually manually lifting and loading goods on any particular move with any of our one man movers.

Removalists Sydney Quality Workmanship

Though our prices are cheap our quality of work is very high, all contractors & Furniture Removalists Sydney have been screened, they have all the tools and materials in the vehicle to easily move the most complicated moves. It has always been our policy to make sure every customer is satisfied so not only will you have the expert help on the day you also have a friendly team of customer support in the background. All moves by a removalist take time and we are very clear and concise when it comes to explaining the processes of a move, for instance on a 1 bedroom move that only needs one man and a van and moving within a 20 klm distance in Sydney you wouldn’t expect to take longer than 3 hours in total. It may not necessarily take 3 hours it really depends on the access and where our movers can get the closest parking spot, you would appreciate its very difficult to find parking in Sydney and sometimes a little pre planning can make a big difference to your total time on the move.

One Man Removalists Tips

one man removalistsHere is the top 10 tips to save some coin on your next move

  1. Reserve a good parking spot for the mover
  2. Make sure all loose items are boxed
  3. Make sure all beds are disassembled
  4. Make sure all appliances are unplugged
  5. Tape up loose slats from beds
  6. Remove all drawers from any large cabinets
  7. Remove any loose shelves from cabinets
  8. Remove all glass loose items and safely pack
  9. Make sure the fridge is empty ( use an esky)
  10. Make sure there is no obstacles for the mover such as outdoor mats, pot plants , hoses ect…

So by now you just want to know if 1.our one man movers will suit your next move and 2. if we are available the day you need us right ? Fill in the form below and we will respond within the hour with an amazing quote and our availability.

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