Quick Move attempted to complete this delivery…… when i say attempted, i mean we tried everything.

Now picture this. Beautiful day, nice easy drive out to the Blue mountains to  pick up a “3 seater” sofa … remember i said 3 SEATER ! So… all good, looks a tad larger than a normal 3 seater however, we collected it and drove off to the delivery point at Surry Hills.

Arrive at Surry Hills to find that the “3 seater” needs to go up 7 flights of stairs…. why? The buyer ( delivery point) advised us upon booking that there was a lift… GREAT…. um… doesn’t fit. Why? Because it’s a 5 seater lounge and the dimensions given to us were incorrect.

7 flights of narrow stairs on a Friday afternoon YAY….measuring the inside diameter of the lift is important,  the customer became rather upset and expected us to carry it up 7 flights of stairs.

Did we do it?, we tried everything!. The stairs were too narrow and tapered in after about 2 flights and with twisty turns, we just couldn’t get it to fit around the corners without damaging either the walls or the lounge. It just couldn’t get any further. Now if we had done what the customer asked and damaged the lounge or the building, there’s a law suit we don’t want.The customer wasn’t happy at all, the sofa had to be left in the foyer of the building …… the building with the worst access EVER.

Please remember to measure your Lift! Make sure you ask for measurements from the seller, some people advertise 3 seater when they are a 4-5 seater, and this is proof !!