One More Pot Hole Please Sydney Roads

Movers on Sydney’s Awesome Roads

Sydney has had some serious rain fall and our roads have worn the brunt of it. This week alone we have reported 5 different pot holes to 3 different councils. One after the other today, it was honestly ridiculous. They are a major hazard to all of us, and not to mention the fragile goods any Daily Courier service would be carrying.

I reported one particular pot hole over a fortnight ago still nothing has been done about it. Really…..get someone out there and fix it.  I hit one last year that hard it bent my wheel, I reported it to council with supporting  photos of my wheel and the pot hole showing how it was unavoidable. However council cant be responsible for that as it needs to be  reported before you hit it, how silly is that.

Of course being a professional courier service,with trained furniture removalists  we take the up-most care in transporting your furniture, however it would be nice if the council jumped on board with all of us commuters and saved a little unnecessary stress and drama in our busy days.I know being a Sydney Furniture Removalists and having to courier goods all day long in the city, it is really frustrating and dangerous having to at the last minute try and dodge a pot hole.