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Below i will explain our availability, what our time frames are and what they mean, i appreciate you taking the time to read this as it does clear up any concerns you may have about the arrival time. As you can appreciate within the Sydney metro its just impossible to say we will be there at a [...]

I am absolutely blown away by the amount of calls we get daily saying that they have had their mover cancel on them the very same day they are moving, who are these amateur's? After several hundred calls and conversations with customers being let down I have summed it up to what I think is going [...]

Here we explain the call out fee. You may be wondering why you have to pay a call out fee when you book a move with us? Basically we do not charge travel, fuel or add taxes to the total of your move, we simply take a small one off call out fee of just [...]

Quick Move operates 7 days a week, during Monday to Friday our communication hours are 7am - 7pm, Monday to to Sunday. Our office is open during weekends making it even more convenient to make a booking in your own personal time, everyone is busy these days and time is of the essence, we understand [...]

Buyers you can simply copy & paste this text into any email or eBay message. “Highlighting the text hold down left mouse button & highlight, then simply right click on the highlighted text select Copy, now that you have copied the text simply go to your email and right click then select Paste.” Copy / [...]

Its real easy to find, you have to be viewing the item on eBay, then simply scroll down a touch and its on the right hand side. See the Picture for the actual location. Sure is it makes our job quoting so much easier, we can see the item and obviously read some important information [...]

At Quick Move we strive to make certain that everything and everyone is safe when we are providing a service, in order for us to make sure that this happens, we must not remove certain items from the home, indefinitely if we deem them to be unsafe or high risk. When we say high risk [...]

Several months later we are really starting to realise that they work and how important they are. We calculated on the 1st of May 2013 how many deliveries we have done for eBay & Gumtree and out of that number how many buyers were mislead with the sellers description of the item. On average 2 [...]

We accept Visa , Master Card & Amex, yes we accept cash as well! We do not however accept Cheques or e-cheques nor eft transfers, nor paypal anymore due to the high fees. You will be glad to know we use a secure site and page https to accept card payments, it is our preferred method of paying [...]

When sourcing your removalist you need to make sure you hire a well known reputable removalists service. Preferably a local business that has reviews & testimonials with a consistent amount of good feedback. The final price to expect on the day will depend on the service you select. A cheap no frills service from the newspaper that [...]

Unless you have specifically asked for a certain day for pick up or delivery, we place your order on the next available time frame for your particular area. Call us on 0487 399 669 or meaning you won't ever have to wait for more than 7 days for your item to be picked up and [...]

From time to time we have requests to move entire households of furniture - you'll be happy to know that it's absolutely no problem for us!. We have enough trained staff and vehicles to complete any relocation task, including entire office moves. As you would expect, it's a large move, therefore we can adjust our [...]

Sure you can assist us, it is really helpful when the customer gets involved, it may only be some cushions we ask you to carry, or we may ask for the hose to be wound up so it’s out of the way, perhaps move the car or tie up the dog. Small things like this [...]

When yo ask a Removalist "Are You Insured" and they say "Sure" What they are actually saying is Yes we have comprehensive vehicle insurance, yes we have public liability insurance, yes we have goods in transit insurance and yes we have property damage insurance. But that is not what you want to know is it? [...]

Quick Move Offers great value for money, we only give you Fixed prices based on the information you provide us during the quotation stage. The Cost to move your Furniture depends on a few things, see below; The type of item Dimensions of the item Weight of the item Type of parking available at both [...]

We can have two furniture removalists and a suitable size truck at your service whatever day it is you need to move. Our availability extends to 7 days a week from 7am - 7pm. Being such a well known brand and having such a large fleet of trucks enables us to offer you, the customer, [...]

The answer is YES! What we do is simply pickup your purchases from wherever and then place them on a pallet, pack and wrap them up and then simply take them to a transport company that can freight the items to you in your local city, there are many transport companies in Sydney that go [...]

Not all, but some furniture really needs to be disassembled prior to us arriving. We have seen too many ikea wardrobes that are poorly put together, nearly falling apart, really flimsy and difficult for the boys to carry especially down flights of stairs that twist and turn and require tricky manoeuvring. Its much easier if [...]