Who are you?

Please advise the  seller that Quick Move will be Picking Up your items.

We call each pickup contact when we are roughly 30 minutes away from arriving. Today we had a strange seller actually not let us come and pickup the items because she didn’t know who we were, fair enough! Its a good idea to let your sellers know that you have selected Quick Move to pick up on your behalf, even though we organise times ect on your behalf, atleast email or text the seller that Quick Move will be intouch to organise pickup,

We arrived at the pickup and after several calls, texts & emails and some more calls, the buyer finally answered and then spoke with the seller, and we finally were allowed access, it was worth the wait and honestly how would the buyer (my customer) feel if she knew i didn’t even try and contact her to resolve it. We couldn’t just walk away, it was our patience in the end that made it all happen. Any other courier would of turned around. It was a good result we were able to pick the items up and we actually became good friends with the seller, so now she is referring us to her friends.