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small removals serviceHow did we get started?

We wanted to offer a service that suited small moves and one off deliveries, when we rolled out the service we couldn’t believe how many people did in fact benefit from it, so we continued to improve the removalist service and fine tune it until we had the perfect and affordable small removals service that was reliable.

Why “Sydney Furniture Couriers”

The Furniture Courier became our service type and eventually ended up being our slogan, we are known now by most as Quick Move, the furniture courier, though we are removalists by trade we wanted to differ from the general furniture removals business, and being a small mover and picking up and delivering just single pieces of furniture we decided what better term to use other than Courier?, So now you have it Quick Move “Sydney Furniture Couriers” and we are super proud of the way we have introduced the service and revolutionised the removals industry.

eBay, Gumtree, Grays Online & More…………

It was amazing to see how many online shoppers did need a service like ours, we wish we had of created it alot sooner. It’s the way that everyone is now  starting to shop. Online shopping isn’t new, back in the day you would need to hire a truck or a trailer to pickup the goods and i bet everyone that did would of rather the seller deliver, well that’s hard because most sellers are just private residents selling online to clear out and make room for new furniture, most sellers want the buyer to take full responsibility to pickup which does make it hard especially when its larger heavy types of items. We are well known as a fridge delivery service, check it out and relax in knowing that we can get your furniture delivered to you fuss free.

Call Quick Move we can help!

We have a great website that offers a variety of quote request forms for all of our removals services, but if you would like to discuss your move call us on 0487 399 669 we are available 7 days a week 7am to 7pm.

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