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Hire Taxi Trucks for Moving & Deliveries in Sydney

sydney taxi trucksQuick Move has introduced its newest service “Taxi Trucks”. Our Sydney Taxi Truck service is suitable for larger furniture pickups or even small moves. Being a removalist company in Sydney, we can pickup pallets (providing a forklift is present at both locations to load and unload). The versatile taxi truck runs 7 days a week, with such a huge man in demand it does require a little notice so if your in need of a taxi truck call us today for our availability.

Please feel free to Contact Us or Call us today on 0487 399 669. Sydney Taxi Trucks are available 7 days a week, from 7am to 7pm. A remarkable service that is truely designed for the small mover in Sydney.

Sydney Taxi Trucks Rates & Charges

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Please note that we are not a taxi service for humans, we do not transport people or animals and we do have a prohibited list of items we will not carry. Please do not be confused, we only maneuver furniture and household items, please note you can not ride in the truck at all whatsover sorry!

When and where you need us we will be there. Our taxi truck prices start from $42.50phh that is for a truck and professional removalists to assist. Roll up your sleeves and help load, you will save money and be rewarded by your own hard work. With our professional advice and great rates the Taxi Truck service is sure to please.

What Items can fit in the Sydney Taxi Trucks ?

The taxi truck has a huge 3.6 metre tray and can handle loads of up to 2 tonne, there is really no furniture item that it can not handle. With its versatile tray back and high powered motor, the taxi truck stands to be a real asset within our company. Sydney Taxi Trucks on eBay, you can use this service for a number of things, for example to pickup eBay or gumtree purchases & of course items you have found at garage sales. Items that are too large to carry yourself. If you have experience in moving you may like to assist and save some cash. Moving furniture is not easy, if you want it done right.

Get a quick quote for a taxi truck today, we are ready to take on the job regardless the day, time or the weather. Call us 0487399669 or simply use the online booking system to make a booking today.