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Removalists Bondi, Furniture Removals Bondi, NSW

2T Removalists Van Truck
Few items
$45.00 1/2 HR
$225 Two Hour Minimum Charge
Two Men?
2T - Van?
5 - 10 / M3?
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3T Furniture Removals Truck
1 Bed Size
$47.50 1/2 HR
$237 Two Hour Minimum Charge
Two Men?
3.T Truck?
10 - 15 / M3?
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6-8T Removalists Truck
2 Bed Size
$50.00 1/2 HR
$250 Two Hour Minimum Charge
Two Men?
4-5T Truck?
20 - 25 / M3?
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4.5T Removalists Truck
3 Bed Size
$55.00 1/2 HR
$275 Two Hour Minimum Charge
Two Men?
6-8T Truck?
25-30 / M3?
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removalists bondiBondi Beach, a great place to live, but an absolute headache to find a reputable removalist in the area, most are out of area and charge a return to base levies, we do not, all in one cheap 2 hour minimum everything is covered to the get the guys and the truck and ll the moving gear to your door,

Quick Furniture Removalists Bondi Junction

Within proximity to Bondi, Quick Move head quarters can assist with an in home inspection for the quote for large or small removals in Bondi, we are fast efficient and ready to take the call so give us a quick call on 0487 399 669

No matter the locale Bondi Beach or Bondi Junction removalists, we are your first choice for a quick and cheap move, to give you a genuine reasonable quote we will need to ask a few quick questions in relation to the move, we wont need measurements like others so don’t stress, just a quick run down of the items you will be moving in Bondi on the day, figure out exactly what is going to the new Bondi relocation and what you may like to offload perhaps sell on gumtree before moving to Bondi, the less you take with you the quicker and cheap the move is going to cost in Bondi.

Affordable Bondi Removals and Packing Service

Once all above is sorted you can let the estimator in your area know exactly whats being moved to Bondi, therefore you can get an estimate for the furniture removals that will near reflect the true total being charged on the day, now bare in mind we do have that small 2 hour minimum charge this is a fixed total that includes everything, so no hidden fees, you will be glad to know that you will only have to pay the guys if the move takes any longer tan 2 hours, if it does we will discount the half hourly rate by 20% to keep the price cheap and affordable, we also offer student discounts and travellers discounts for backpackers moving in Bondi eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Bondi Removalists Questions Answered Here

  • Do you service all areas of Bondi Junction?

Yes absolutely whether is the beach or the junction Quick Move can assist with the relocation contact us for assistance.

  • Are you competitive in your rates, is there any extra fees for moving in Bondi?

Competitive? we cant be beaten on price for value, sure there is cheaper but nasty! we are very affordable and experienced we are certain you will be happy with the price, get a quick quote.

  • Can you provide just men to move in Bondi no truck is needed?

Sure can, we have guys in Bondi that are fit ready to work, you will get the two men in Bondi cheaper because you wont need the truck they can simply head over and start shifting furniture for you within the same property, next door or down the street. we also supply free moving boxes for Bondi residents,