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Prohibited items That We Won’t Remove

Somethings we just can not take for you

At Quick Move we strive to make certain that everything and everyone is safe when we are providing a service, and some things our insurer just will not cover us for. In order for us to keep safe and insured, we must not remove certain items from the home. If we deem them to be unsafe or high risk, we simply will not move them. When we say high risk we mean it could cause damage to us, you, or the furniture items or property. Below you will find a list of items we will not move, carry or relocate for you, these items will be left at the pickup address, we will advise you of the items we will not take before we leave so that you can make alternative arrangements.

Quick Move will not transport the following items

Prohibited substances

  • Paint
  • tiles
  • any Liquids incl Oils
  • any Flammable substances
  • Rocks
  • Dirt & Sand
  • and any other type of loose substance

Prohibited items

  • Gas Bottles
  • Weapons
  • Illegal paraphernalia,
  • Illegal items
  • oily car parts
  • greasy parts

Prohibited Animals

  • pets
  • reptiles
  • birds
  • and any item with any infestation of pests

The following must be considered for us to move these items

  1. Lawn mowers & petrol operated tools must be drained of the petrol and wrapped in something and taped up.
  2. BBQ’s and stoves must be clean and free of grease or oil.
  3. Fridge & freezers must be empty and dry, not leaking water

It is at our discretion if we decide not to move an item and there will be no negotiation if we decide any items are dangerous or illegal. In the event that this may occur you have the option to move those selected items yourself or find an alternative, any cancellations will incur fees and charges.