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Furniture Removal Service – Removalists Penrith, Sydney NSW

2T Removalists Van Truck
Few items only
$45 phh
$225 Two Hour Minimum Charge
Two Men Included
Tools, Trolleys & Wrap
2.0T - Van / Truck
5 - 10 / M3 Capacity
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3T Furniture Removals Truck
1 Bedroom Size
$47 phh
$237 Two Hour Minimum Charge
Two Men Included
Tools, Trolleys & Wrap
3.0 Tonne Truck
10 - 15 / M3 Capacity
Make A Booking
6-8T Removalists Truck
2 Bedroom Size
$50 phh
$250 Two Hour Minimum Charge
Two Men Included
Tools, Trolleys & Wrap
4-5 Tonne Truck
20 - 25 / M3 Capacity
Make A Booking
4.5T Removalists Truck
3 Bedroom Size
$55 phh
$275 Two Hour Minimum Charge
Two Men Included
Tools, Trolleys & Wrap
6-8 Tonne Truck
20 - 25 / M3 Capacity
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Servicing Penrith & its Greater Regions

Removalists PenrithQuick Move – Removalists Penrith are now offering the Penrith & greater region a cheaper more reliable option for moving homes and businesses. We take care of absolutely everything, you won’t have to do a thing. Our amazing team of Penrith movers will relocate your entire home. Nothing is too tricky for us. And you will be happy to know that we will even reinstall your fridge and washing machine, getting it all up and running for you. Just tick another thing off your ‘to do list’. It’s no problem if you are outside of the area either, as long as we service that greater region you will enjoy the benefits of our low moving rates. Our Penrith removal teams have such a way of moving its so different to the rest, we make the whole experience stress free and smooth sailing. Every item in the home is wrapped for absolute maximum protection even the light fragile items.

Seeking Professional Penrith Furniture Removals

There is nothing our guys will not do for you. As stated above all of your items will be wrapped in padded furniture blankets and packed carefully in the truck. If you have any items a tad heavy for the guys to lift up on the truck, its no problem as we have trucks with tailgate lifters making it all as easy as 123. We will include two men to unload your furniture and place it wherever it is in your home that you would like it to go.

That’s right, you just say where things need to go and we will follow all your instructions. And do not stress that you cant find your drill or allen keys to put your bed back together. Our removalists Penrith furniture removals trucks are fully equipped with all the tools needed to undertake dismantling and reassembling any item of furniture at all.

Check out our reviews and see for yourself just how amazing we are.

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Penrith Removalists Questions & Answers

How many men will be moving us?

As a standard we always quote for two men, its really all you need unless there is something super heavy, however for those that really want the 3rd man we can always add him to the deal.

Do you charge anything like fuel, stairs or exclude GST?

We do not charge extra for anything like that. We do not charge extra for travel, fuel, stairs or anything like that unless you are moving out of Sydney, the only thing we will pass on to you are toll notices. But with a simple request from you we can avoid tolls.

What days are you available to move me?

Our removalists in Penrith provide a furniture removals service from Monday – Sunday from 7am – 7pm. We know that most people work and have busy schedules so we are readily available for you on any day of the week. And just to be clear we do not charge extra for weekends. We have all the same time slots available on both weekdays and weekends. We really are out to service the lovely community of Penrith.

How much notice do i need to provide in order to make a booking?

Of course we would like as much notice as you can possibly give us so we can be as organised as we can for you. We can help you out on any given day as we have quite a large fleet of trucks, but the more notice you give us, the more prepared and organised we will be. If you book in advance you will be able to have pick of the range when it comes to days, dates and time slots. By giving plenty of notice we will be able to apply the time slot of your choice for your job. With even more notice we can have your moving boxes delivered to you with sufficient time for you to pack before the big day.

Can you deliver packing boxes prior to my moving date?

We certainly can, we offer to Penrith residents a free moving box deal, basically we buy back the boxes when your finished. We have tea chest boxes (43.5cm x 38cm x 67cm High ) which are the the most popular type of large moving boxes and we also have the most popular smaller sized smaller book wine boxes ( 41cm x 30cm x 43.5cm High) used for things like your cuttlery drawer and books. For just a small deposit per box you can hire as many as you need. We deliver the boxes to you and you can have them for up to a month from your moving date. Once you are finished with them just flick us a quick email and we will put your boxes pick up on our next scheduled run and fully refund you.

How do i make a booking online or over the phone?

Booking in is so simple. Once you have decided that we are the ones for you, simply either give us a call on 0487399669 or do it online at your convenience. When you call a member of our amazing team will book you in over the phone or for your convenience you can book online any time of the day.