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What Does it Cost for a Delivery in Sydney?

Quick Move Offers great value for money

We only give you half hourly rates based on the size truck you need, information you provide us during the quotation stage will help us determine what size truck you need The Cost to move your Furniture depends on a few things, see below or Call us on 1800 784 256

  • The type of item furniture or appliances?
  • Dimensions of the item
  • Weight of the item
  • Type of parking available at both locations
  • Type of access at both locations
  • Type of property, unit, house ect
  • Location of where the item is located
  • Location of where the item is going

These are the major things that we need to be provided with to accurately quote you, we understand that dimensions & weight can be estimated that’s fine, but all other info is critical. During the quotation process we may ask other relevant questions to help us decide the price, the rate per half hour we give you is fixed and will not change unless you end up needing a larger truck or more men see the Terms & Conditions.

Moving furniture isn’t easy and we know you will appreciate this service for what it is, and the price we give people is very competitive, the price to expect would be somewhere in between standard courier to a house moving business.

We don’t charge Hourly Rates saving you money we charge in half hourly rates,we have no hidden fees or any other type of fee other than your surcharge for paying by Visa or Master card and callout.

We don’t mind you comparing the price, but compare the service & experience as well. Make sure you see our Reviews Page and see what other people are saying about Quick Move