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BEWARE dodgy Removalists in Sydney

Be very careful there are plenty of sharks in the water!

Quick  Move is a professional moving business, we are not some bloke with a ute looking to pick up some extra cash on the weekend. I have seen these operators and i have picked up the pieces literally… its unfortunate that this industry is not as regulated as i would like it to be. Too many cash cowboys out there claiming to be professionals. Check out what the owner has to say on his Blog about dodgy furniture removalists in Sydney,

Today we had to pick up the “left overs” from a so called Removalist

from a dodgy bloke that claims to be a professional furniture handler. Quick Move literally picked up the broken pieces. A customer of Quick Move hired this person (who advertised on gumtree),  he  had a ute – Great. Operated on his own and claimed to be a professional removalist- Super!…….. Well if he was a professional removalist  i am sure he would of known to STRAP DOWN the roll top desk BEFORE attempting to move it! Ok…. benefit of the doubt …. Maybe has never moved a roll top desk before.  This “professional bloke” apparently picked up the roll top desk then turned it on its side , the roll top flung back and broke off! What a wombat!  What happened next ??? The seller complained and called the buyer. They advised the buyer what had happened. The buyer called the “professional bloke”, Instead of him apologising to the buyer AND seller for now breaking the desk, he spat the dummy and walked off the job and left the seller with a broken roll top desk!! Benefit of the doubt OVER !! Cash Cowboy, advertising as a professional removalist!

Quick Move received the call about 1pm today from a previous eBay customer

I recognised the voice as it was a previous customer and  quickly headed over to see if i could help. Took me 20 minutes in traffic, lucky i wasn’t too far away. I arrived and  was blown away! The desk was in the middle of the driveway and there was broken pieces everywhere. We picked up the debris and carefully secured the desk in the van. We then drove to the buyer and delivered………. the BROKEN desk !  The customer had already paid the other guy. He broke the desk, stormed off, no apology….. and he got paid to do it !! THEN she had to pay me to come to the rescue, obviously we didn’t charge her much for that.

The customer thanked us for helping out and now  knows not to go with any of these “one man & a ute ”  Cash Cowboys! They are shonky blokes full of false promises don’t get fooled by their cheap rates, you will only regret it.

Quick Move operates 7 Days a week, moving furniture is our full time business, you will be hiring the right mover if you choose us, so be sure to check next time you get a cheaper quote that they are in fact a legitimate business or else you could end up with damaged goods just like this lady did.

Things to look out for a Good Removalist

  1. ABN – Make sure you check the abn number and then look on the abn lookup site to make sure it is a real abn
  2. Business Name – If they are a business shouldn’t ’they have a resisted business name?
  3. Website – Any real operator will have an online presence, check out the website and read up on that business, if they are genuine then of course they should have a website right?
  4. Reviews or testimonials – See what other people have said about the service, if you can even find a page for that!
  5. Contact details – Ask for his name, phone number & email address, surely that isn’t to much to ask for?
  6. Rates – Check his rates and ask about any additional fees that you might be up for that they may not be upfront about such as , fuel, toll, GST, minimum call out fee, (you will be surprised)
  7. Insurances – Ask if they have public liability, property damage, comprehensive insurance, carriers insurance, workers comp etc.

If you come across an ad on Gumtree or ebay and they don’t tick all the Boxes, just don’t take the risk, it’s not worth the pain in the end!.