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Honesty is The best policy We Say!

Why do people put “Ground level no stairs” on the quote form?

when they have a unit on the 7Th floor?

Please be honest and tell us what access you truthfully have and then we can make sure we have the adequate tools, men & time dedicated for that particular job. Yes the price may be slightly higher, but at least you will have the job done the right way. If you have provided us with the incorrect information, you will be contacted at the time of pick up/ delivery and advised of this, and there will be an additional charge.

Something to remember when booking your move.

Quick Move are Furniture Removalists but we don’t charge by the hour so our time is precious. Our clock isn’t ticking over like the other guys, we gave you a fixed priced based on the information you provided us, and therefore we have the right to refuse, re-schedule or re-quote any job that has been affected by incorrect details.

Moral of the story: we’re not here to “rip” you off and expect our customers to be honest.