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Rustic or Neglected you decide?

Quick Move  received a call to pickup an outdoor setting

6 piece timber setting with an umbrella” The item was located in Hornsby and needed to be delivered to Rosemeadow. No problem we arrived at a “shop front” where the gentleman selling the item was waiting,  and he had the furniture out the front ready for us to take. GREAT! I went to the back of the removals van where my offsider could hand the items to me. I received the first chair….. Straight away i thought…” man oh man these are in terrible shape”  The setting appeared to be over 20 years old and very neglected. The timber was so dry and near rotten, not to mention the corrosion build up and Bird droppings. I couldn’t believe someone would buy them let alone pay me to transport them all that way. So i approached the seller and asked “mate is the buyer aware of the condition this table setting is in?. He replies “yes of course”.  Not just taking his word for it, i called the buyer who advised me that she bought them based on his description in the EBay listing and a photo.

The seller described the furniture to be of  a Rustic appearance

and  in good condition, like new. This was so far from the truth it wasn’t funny. The buyer had already paid and insisted we carry on. When we arrived she was blown away, couldn’t believe how dishonest some people can be with the descriptions. To make this setting look like the one the seller described is going to take ALOT of work. This is one of the main reasons we don’t Pay for items for customers anymore because the risk is too high of being caught stuck with furniture people were not willing to pay for, and i do not blame them. Photos can be deceiving, and so can the sellers. It’s an unfortunate truth, but that is why we will inspect your items for you BEFORE we load them into the van. Quick Move will inspect your Item Free of Charge but unless you ask for this service we will just pick the items up regardless of the condition, please make sure you request a Condition Report! when booking the job in.