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Free To Good Home Not Free Delivery

Today we had a call out on the road for a pickup of a wardrobe

free delivery serviceCustomer called asked if we could pickup before 5pm & deliver to Sylvania, so we pressed on and got our jobs done and did what we usually do called the contact at the pick up location, “Hi Scott from Quick Move we are Picking up a Wardrobe, on our way should be arriving in 45 minutes, Lady replies “yeah its out the front on the lawn”, so we say great see you soon!, we arrive in 30 minutes to the address, i cant see any wardrobe?, so i called the Lady & she says “it was there half an hour ago!, someone must of taken it, i replied “were you throwing it out?, she said yes!, so this lady obviously left the wardrobe on the council strip so that any one passing by could take, so the poor bugga over at Silverwater gets a call from me saying that someone has beaten us to it!, he was not happy Jan, and i to wasn’t in the best of spirits asi just drove 30klms though 2 x tolls for nothing!. Needless to say another lesson learned! The lady could of at least put a sold sign or perhaps pulled it off the council strip onto her private property.

So for you guys asking us to pickup these Free To Good home items, please make sure that they are not left for others to take.