You Are Now Tentatively Booked In!

How to Activate your Tentative Booking?

We have sent you an email to activate the booking, simply click on that link as it is unique to your booking and will bring up all of the details entered today, Or simply use the form on this page that holds all the data you eneterd simply select make a definite booking and continue to make a booking, you can use Visa, Mastercard or Amex to make payment.

Remember this is only a tentative booking in order for us to make this booking live we require a payment this will ultimately lock in and secure the booking date and time slot, we can only take a certain number of bookings so we do encourage you to activate the tentative booking asap.

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Don’t forget to book online, you get all the freebies, such as free mattress wrapping, free use of our moving boxes, all your beds and appliances installed and assembled at no extra charge, don’t delay we can not hold the tentative booking for long as definite bookings do hold preference, so activate now using the form on the right.