Our Removals Rates & Charges – Price List

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Removalists Costing Our Prices & Rates Per Half Hour

To help you determine the price for a removalist service in Sydney, we have made an easy to read chart showing the quantity of men we will provide, the truck sizes (gvm), the cubic metre capacity, AND our recommendations so that you can see what roughly fits in each truck size, we also provide for you the two hour minimum charge and offer a discounted rate therafter. Our prices are super affordable, and if you are within Sydney our rates are fully inclusive of GST, fuel and we have no back to base charges meaning our prices are door to door. We make sure everything is included so there are no surprises when the move is finished.

You Get What You Pay For…. Or Do You?

Some would think that the more you pay the better the removalists will be. In reality though that in not true. Sure there is some training needed and you must of course be fit and strong, though you don’t need to have completed a degree at the university of Sydney to become a mover.  We of course make sure our teams are well experienced and have the right customer service to complete your move whilst still offering a removalists service for Sydney without breaking the bank.

Rates And Charges For Removalists In Sydney

  • Two Men No Truck – Just The Manpower – $225 For the first 2 hours
  • Two Men & a 2 Ton Truck – $225 For the first 2 hours Shared room / Small delivery
  • Two Men & a 3 Ton Truck – $237.50 For the first 2 hours – Studio/ Small 1 bedroom
  • Two Men & a 4.5 Ton Truck – $250 For the first 2 hours – 1 bedroom / Small 2 bedroom unit
  • Two Men & a 6-8 Ton Truck – $275 For the first 2 hours – 2 Bedroom/ Small 3 bedroom unit
  • Two Men & a 8-10 Ton Truck – $300 For the first 2 hours – 3 Bedroom Move
  • Two Men & a 10-12 Ton Truck – $325 For the first 2 hours – 4 bedroom Move
  • Two men & a 12-14 Ton Truck – $ 350 For the first 2 hours – 5 Bedroom + Move

Discounted Rates For Our Sydney Moves

Calculating the cost of a removalist can sometimes be hard, you can make as many indepth enquiries regarding fees and charges as you feel necessary combine all amounts into either an hourly rate or half hourly rate, estimate your load and unload time, use google maps to calculate the time of travel, crunch all the numbers together and multiply by the cost of the removalists rate. You will get a figure close what you would expect to pay for the removalists service, HOWEVER, please take into consideration, how well prepared you are, your access and your parking situations. All these things determine a smooth running move and of course the time it takes to facilitate. We do offer a discounted rate after our 2 hour minimum charge and have multiple online and facebook promotions. To speak with one of our friendly staff members regarding our removalists rates and charges please call on 0487399669 or simply fill in the quote form above to receive an official written quote with all our latest deals and promotions.