Understand what you are buying.

Quick Move recently received a booking to pick up and deliver a wardrobe. Easy right?……. WRONG.

The said wardrobe was described to us in the quote request as a “3 piece wardrobe that comes apart for easy transport”.

Our experienced removalist arrived at the pick up point (apartment ). The seller opened the door and we greeted her with a friendly smile. The removalist asked where the wardrobe was? And she said ” there it is”. We asked ” Where”?  She says  “There!” … mind you… we are looking at a wall at this point, and then it hits us………. The entire wall was the wardrobe!!!       It was a BUILT in wardrobe –  floor to ceiling and fully fixed into the wall! We couldn’t believe it….. surely not? Are they  having me on? … WRONG . The seller expected us to pull down the built in wardrobe and take it piece by piece away. UNBELIEVABLE! We contacted the buyer and they were very apologetic to say the least. Unfortunately we had to cancel this job obviously. We are not builders or carpenters, its one thing to pull apart a bunk bed, but to remove a built in wardrobe…… Not going to happen.

Moral of the story….. Know what you are buying, pictures can be deceiving and so can the sellers.