Washing Machine Delivery Service

washing machine delivery serviceHave you just bought a new Washing machine?, wondering how you were going to pick it up and get it home? Don’t stress we have you covered Quick move’s washing machine delivery service operates 7 days a week, we pickup new and second hand appliances from anywhere you bought it, no matter if it was bing lee or simply off eBay, our trained staff are ready to take your order today.eBay has Cheap Washing Machines available to buy prety much every day all day so grab a bargain then hire us to deliver :).

We can even take away the old Washing Machine FREE!

You have read it right, we even take old appliances away, at no extra cost to the customer, all we ask is that its empty and all water is drained thoroughly that’s all! you don’t have to worry about leaving it out the front to be vandalised again. have more old appliances you need removing? We will take all the old appliances away while we are there. We take fridges, freezers, dryers and microwaves.

Removalists that deliver appliances!

Washing Machine Service all staff are professional removalists, so when we deliver the new washing machine we wont damage the item, nor the property we deliver to. Professional service that takes extra care to protect your item and property, e are hands down the best appliance courier in Sydney.

Appliance Delivery Quote Form

Its easy simply fill out the quote form and press submit, within the hour we will reply with a fixed price for your delivery, we ask a few questions relating to both addresses mainly access is what we need to know. To give you an accurate quote for your washing machine pickup and delivery we must obtain as much information as possible.If you need your old appliances removed please make sure you explain this on the quote form as we need to know prior to make certain we have room.


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