Yep, we moved that!

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wall unit delivery service

Yep, We Moved That!

Picked up a 3 Metre Entertainment Unit ,yep thats right 3 Metres!  came in two pieces, and stood two metres tall. Picked up from Glenmoore Park & delivered to Cranebrook, another happy eBay customer.

It was a Monster of an Entertainment Unit

We were pleased with the delivery and so was the customer, the sellers had put the item on eBay for sale, and i think it was a total score the buyer said.

The sellers were also happy

and amazed that we actually could pick it up and remove it from the loungeroom, they were a tad skeptical lol, but like always we blew them away with our service.

I must say, it was extremely heavy, made from quality timber and materials, though we had good access so it went smooth, could you imagine moving this beast up 7 flights of stairs?

A job well done! & another happy customer.