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Quick Move, Furniture removalists in Sydney you can trust & rely on. Firstly at Quick Move we provide an affordable removals service for small to medium size homes and offices without breaking the budget. And secondly we offer this low cost removalist service in Sydney 7 Days a week with no extra charges for weekends. Contacting us for a quote is super easy. Because our business hours are from 7:00 am to 7:30 pm, Monday to Sunday including public holidays. So therefore whether you need a moving quote or wish to make a booking.  Call us on 0487 399 669 Today.

2T Removalists Van Truck
3T Furniture Removals Truck
4.5T Removalists Truck

See What's Included When You Hire Our Quick Move Service

We do not charge any fuel levies for customers moving within the Sydney metro, unlike all other removalists we actually absorb the cost. If you are moving to a location outside of the metro such as The Blue Mountains, Central Coast, South Coast or regional suburbs on the outskirts of Sydney we will apply a 10% fuel charge to the total bill.

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As part of our everyday removalists service we include a free complimentary plastic wrap on all mattresses. This complimentary wrap will ensure that no dirty hand marks or stains get onto the fabric whilst being handled and in transit.

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Unlike all other movers in Sydney we do not charge you for travelling to your starting destination, providing it is within the Sydney metro. If you are moving to Sydney from an area outside of the metro such as the Central Coast, South Coast or a suburb on the outskirts of Sydney we will need to include the travel time on the total bill.

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We do not charge our customers any back to base or travel time to get home from the final destination, providing the final destination is in the Sydney metro. Meaning the clock stops when we are finished moving. For those that are moving to an area outside of the Sydney metro such as the Central Coast or another coastal city or even a suburb on the outskirts of the Sydney metro time back to Sydney will be charged.

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Unlike all other removalists, we do not charge our customers for stairs, we are being paid for the time it takes not how many steps we take. So if you are moving out of or into a residence that does have alot of stairs, we wont charge you! Perhaps just have a few bottles of cold water and be a little patient as it obviously does take a little longer.

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As part of our standard removalists service we include free assemble and disassemble of furniture and bedding, taking down beds can be a real pain, let the guys do it for we will have our own tools on hand, placing all the bolts into a bag and then re-assemble the bed at the new home, you are paying us for the time, so why do others charge you extra? We wont!

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Larger Trucks Are Available For Any Size Home

Choose from a wide range of small, medium to large size trucks, we cater for all moves regardless the size. Our rates vary per truck size,  Hit the call now button below if you need a hand.

6-8T Truck 2-3 Bedroom Homes

6-8T Removalists Truck Info

Fantastic size, recommended for Larger size units to medium size homes. The 6-8T truck will hold a cubic metre range from 30 – 35 M3. And the heights of the truck range from 3.0 – 4.0 Metres in height.

6.8T Truck Includes

You get two strong men, the 6-8T truck will include soft padded blankets, boxes & wrapping a fridge trolley and much more such as tools.

6-8T Minimum

$POA Price is inclusive of GST, for a full 2 hours of moving time, if it takes a little longer to move you we reduce the half hourly rate by 20% per half hour thereafter and GST inclusive also!

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8-10T Truck 3-4 Bedroom Homes

8-10T Removalists Truck Info

Large Size, recommended for 3 Bedroom Homes & Large Units. The 8-10T truck will hold a cubic metre range from 35 – 45 M3. And the heights of the truck range from 3.2 – 4.2 Metres in height.

8-10T Truck Includes

You get two strong men, the 8-10T truck will include soft padded blankets, boxes & wrapping a fridge trolley and much more such as tools.

8-10T Trucks Price

$POA Price is inclusive of GST, for a full 2 hours of moving time, if it takes a little longer to move you we reduce the half hourly rate by 20% per half hour thereafter and GST inclusive also!

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10-12T Truck 4-5 Bedroom Homes

10-12T Removalists Truck Info

Extra Large Size, recommended for 4-5 Bedroom Homes. The 10-12T truck will hold a cubic metre range from 45 – 55 M3. And the heights of the truck range from 3.2 – 4.2 Metres in height.

10-12T Truck Includes

You get two strong men, the 10-12T truck will include soft padded blankets, boxes & wrapping a fridge trolley and much more such as tools.

10-12T Trucks Price

$POA Price is inclusive of GST, for a full 2 hours of moving time, if it takes a little longer to move you we reduce the half hourly rate by 20% per half hour thereafter and GST inclusive also!

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Full Price List On Application

Our Prices & Rates Per Half Hour

To help you determine the price for a removalist service in Sydney, we have made an easy to read chart showing the quantity of men we will provide, the truck sizes (gvm), the cubic metre capacity, AND our recommendations so that you can see what roughly fits in each truck size, we also provide for you the two hour minimum charge and offer a discounted rate therafter. Our prices are super affordable, and if you are within Sydney our rates are fully inclusive of GST, fuel and we have no back to base charges meaning our prices are door to door. We make sure everything is included so there are no surprises when the move is finished.

You Get What You Pay For…. Or Do You?

Some would think that the more you pay the better the removalists will be. In reality though that in not true. Sure there is some training needed and you must of course be fit and strong, though you don’t need to have completed a degree at the university of Sydney to become a mover.  We of course make sure our teams are well experienced and have the right customer service to complete your move whilst still offering a removalists service for Sydney without breaking the bank.

Discounted Rates For Our Sydney Moves

Calculating the cost of a removalist can sometimes be hard, you can make as many in depth enquiries regarding fees and charges as you feel necessary combine all amounts into either an hourly rate or half hourly rate, estimate your load and unload time, use google maps to calculate the time of travel, crunch all the numbers together and multiply by the cost of the removalists rate. You will get a figure close what you would expect to pay for the removalists service, HOWEVER, please take into consideration, how well prepared you are, your access and your parking situations. All these things determine a smooth running move and of course the time it takes to facilitate. We do offer a discounted rate after our 2 hour minimum charge and have multiple online and facebook promotions. To speak with one of our friendly staff members regarding our removalists rates and charges please call on 0487399669 or simply fill in the quote form above to receive an official written quote with all our latest deals and promotions.

Fridge Delivery Truck

Fridge Pickup & Delivery

Bought a new fridge?, or perhaps just need the old one taken away, whether its or second hand let us at Quick Move pick the fridge up and deliver it for you, our experienced removalists will wrap the fridge up like a new born baby protecting it whilst being relocated.

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furniture removals service

Furniture Removalists

Moving homes, offices anywhere in Sydney, hire our two men and we will throw in the truck absolutely free. Rates are 1/2 hour after the first two hours. Removalists that care, are quick and most of all affordable is near impossible to find. Thats Quick Move.

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Furniture Delivery Van Sydney

Small Delivery Van

Yep we move just one off items too. Actually its how we started this business, its great simply search online for a new peice of furniture and we will pick it up from the seller and deliver it directly to you. Prices are low for single item deliveries. Call us for a free quote.

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Moving in sydney on a budget?

Hire Quick Move & Get More Bang For Your Buck!

In most cases we can move you for less than it would typically cost to transport the furniture yourself, without the headache! We specialise in relocating family homes, mostly small to medium size apartments within Sydney. However we too also cater for larger homes. No matter if its a granny flat size or the largest 6 Bedroom family home we can get the job done within reasonable time and for a great price.

Compare cheaper Removalists Sydney with our rates and see

Value For Money Is What We are all About!

For those that don’t already know, Quick Move is well known for our budget Removals and same day delivery service. Saying that you would expect us to know a thing or two about removals. And now offering a whopping 20% less on the half hourly rate! Its crazy but we want your business, so book online or contact us to discuss anything you have on your mind. Submit an online quote request or simply drop us a line by calling our mobile on 0487 399 669.

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A Further 5% Off the rates! Its starting to get ridiculously cheap! Book your move online this month and receive a further 5% discount off the already reduced rates, its crazy! simply book online this month and use the unique coupon code QM8883C its that easy!

Get Even Bigger Removalists Discounts For Return Business!

Cheap Sydney Furniture RemovalistsReliable, Friendly, Honest and Hardworking are all words customers leave in their reviews. Clients that have used Quick Move tend to use the furniture removals service over and over, again and again. This return business keeps us very busy as you can appreciate. In saying that though we can most definitely help you out The majority of our small jobs and one off deliveries are done within the 2 hour minimum. Though if by chance it exceeds the two hours we then charge in half hour increments “phh”. Purely depending on how long the relocation took to complete will determine the final cost. However what we can say for certain is that the more prepared you are the quicker the removalists can complete the job. We have frequently asked questions that have been answered in more detail for further information..

What Makes Us Different From All The Rest?

Experience is certainly the greatest asset in our company. And for your satisfaction we are all fully trained beforehand. Not to mention are also fully equipped to make certain your precious items and belongings are relocated safe and sound without any damages. Using only but soft padded blankets to ensure no scratches whilst we safely pack and tie furniture into the truck. Another point, for the fragile items we use bubble wrap to help protect from any sudden impact whilst in transit.

furniture assembly removalists

Free Assembly Of Beds

Beds can be frustrating! Llet the friendly removalists take care of that task for you. And at the destination re-assemble the beds and place them exactly where they belong, After all you are paying for a removalist service. We carry our own tools for your convenience.

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moving boxes Sydney

Free Use Of Our Boxes

Use our packing boxes Free, buy tape and wrapping via the website, pay online save money all at your fingertips. Packing boxes are only $3.00 per carton to buy! You can keep the removalist boxes for future use, sell or simply take us up on our buy back offer.

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Removalist Wrapping

Free Plastic Wrap Offer

All Mattresses will be wrapped in plastic absolutely free of charge as part of the service, protecting your mattresses from any dirty hand marks whilst being moved. The plastic wrap offer will cover the mattresses only, we do carry a wide range of plastic wrapping in the trucks.

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Removalists Sydney City

Our Sydney City Removalists services are a simple solution for home or office removals and even your once off single item deliveries in the City. Our company operates 7 days a week and provides amazingly cheaper rates than other furniture removals. We can remove your home & office contents and transport them to your new home, and even pickup your online purchases from eBay members, gumtree sales and graysonline even your local furniture outlets. Have you ever hesitated purchasing something online with worry of how you were going to get it home? Or maybe seen the perfect item and stopped yourself from buying it as the expense and stress of transporting it is too much? Contact us today and speak with one of our team members, no more stress and no more worry. We have it all, experienced men, over 20 trucks to accommodate to all services needed, and all the necessary equipment needed to pick up and deliver furniture. Call us today on 0487 399 669.

Find Another Mover To Be A Little Cheaper? Look A Little Closer!

You will be happy to hear that our rates are GST inclusive too. Likewise for Sydney local relocation’s there is no extra charge for fuel, no additional charge for furniture or bedding assembly and we offer a complimentary plastic wrap for all mattresses. And unlike other “cheap” removalists within Sydney, we have no ridiculous charges for heavy items like large pot plants, statues ect, no extra fees for stairs or complicated access. Free Use of our Packing Boxes and time starts when we arrive & finishes when we leave. See our terms of service for the full rundown.

Can you provide packing boxes to Sydney City?

Yes we sure can. We offer free hire of our moving boxes to all of our customers. To get these boxes ordered you just have to have a booking with us. We have all sizes available. Click here to find out more about our free boxes.

When does the time start in the city or at your depot?

Time starts and stops at your door. And we have no fuel charges, unlike others we do not charge to or from our base or fuel if you are within Sydney.

Can you disassemble and reassemble our furniture?

Yes. Of course we can. Our guys are definitely used to helping out by pulling apart and putting furniture back together. We carry all the basic tools, like screw drivers, drills, Allen keys etc. If you have a piece of furniture that has a specific type of tool needed, we ask that you have that on hand so that our Sydney City Removalists can still do it for you. Feel free to contact us if you would like to have a chat with one of our team members.

How many men do you send for a City Moves?

All of our quotes are based on 2 men. We of course have the capacity to send as many men as you need, so if you do need more men please do not hesitate to call us on 0487 399 669 and have a quick chat about what we can do for you.

How can i pay on the day for my city relocation?

We do accept MasterCard, Visa and Amex. A tax invoice will be issued to you regardless upon payment at completion of the job.

Sydney Moving Company Helping The Comunity

Quick Move a Budget Removalist company in Sydney offer a remarkable service to the entire Sydney metro area, if cheap professionals is what you are after (and why wouldn’t you want the best?) then you have found what you are looking for with us. We cover the entire Sydney metro area and also going as far up as Nelsons Bay and as far south as Batemans Bay. Unfortunately we are not interstate furniture transport, however it is something we are looking into for the future of the company. Ultimately we are well known as a budget removalist company, and have a fantastic reputation among Sydney siders needing a cheap relocation.

When does the clock start for the budget rate?

Time starts when we arrive at your first pick up address. We do not charge to or from our base, therefore time ceases once we have finished at your final destination. Unlike other budget furniture removalists we do not feel it is fair to charge you the time it takes for us to get to your home.

Does your company charge for stairs like some others?

We have no extra charges for stairs, unlike some of our competitors, our removalist team do not try and rip you off.  The rate that you are quoted is an actual fixed half hourly rate.  So therefor we do not add any other fees for things like flights of stairs, dismantling or reassembling any of your furniture, or use of our padded furniture blankets.

What days are your budget removalists available?

Quick Move are available Monday – Sunday from 7am to 7pm. You will be happy to know that we do not charge extra for weekends and if need be we do offer a specialised after hours service. Contact us today to see our availability or check out our available dates and times on our booking form.

Does Budget mean i will get a poor service?

Because we do not overcharge you for our service doesn’t mean we are not going to provide you with the best quality service you could ask for. Helping you stay within your budget whilst de-stressing you throughout the duration is our job and we are great at it! Lets face it we can all do with a bit of savings here and there. Check out our reviews to see how good our budget removalists actually are.

How long is my move going to take im on a tight budget?

It is extremely hard for us to estimate how long your job is going to take. A lot of things come into consideration for example, the access plays a massive part. If you have flights of stairs or extremely heavy furniture with tight turns its obviously going to take slightly longer than a ground floor relocation. The best advice we can give is to be completely prepared on the day. Have everything packed and ready to go, if possible maybe try putting all the small boxes in one room, this making it more time efficient and cheaper for you. 🙂

Sydney removalist’s That Actually Care!

You want a company that will not take advantage of you and have your best interests at heart, Thats Quick Move! For us to be cheap removalists in Sydney and even with all our qualifications and professionalism we still yet to manage to keep the prices down saving you money and there is never a moment where we shy away from our responsibilities, from start to finish we have clear communication with you and throughout your move you will be happy to know that you are being well looked after. Your first initial point of contact will be with one of our lovely staff members in the office who will be able to help you with any query you may have. We will also offer you our free hire or our budget moving boxes at this stage helping you get as organised as you can before the big day. The booking process is so easy, its done and dusted with one simple phone call or for some even easier as we have our online option making it simple for you to book in, select your own date and time at your own convenience. Pretty good huh? Well it doesn’t stop there. Once your job begins you will be asked to go sit down and relax and let the boys do their job.

Sydney CBD Removalists to get the job done!

Nothing is too big or small for us, call us today and find out just how we can give you the absolute best price. Quick Move being number 1 in the furniture moving industry within Sydney, we have no worry in providing all the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure a safe and easy relocation. Our CBD removalist team move anything with ease, this being as all of our men have over 10 years of experience, and are used to working in tight access areas.

Professional Sydney City Removalists with multiple size trucks

Quick Move we have more branches in the Central Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong & Sydney, this giving us the leading edge for all furniture pickups, removals and deliveries. We can send to and from any of the locations on the map and all areas in between. We truly are your local moving experts. Call us today on 0487 399 669 to get a great rate for all your furniture removal needs. Be happy knowing that all of our prices include GST , so there are no nasty little surprises for you at the completion of your job. That is where we differ from the rest. We are very upfront with all of our prices, you will always be told about all fees and charges so you know exactly what you are up for on the day. Other removalists have the tendency to leave out the GST from their rates and then they also slap a fuel and back to base charge at the end of your job. Potentially paying up to 20% on top of your total. At least with us our prices are all inclusive. On top of all this we have over 20 trucks and can have a team of friendly staff out to you in no time if an emergency removal is needed. Same day removal is not an issue either get a quick quote today or if you have already obtained a quote you can call us to book over the phone or click here to make an online booking.

Our Most Recent Customer Testimonials

I hired Quick Move for the simple fact they were significantly cheaper and they were very polite and friendly when booking. My feedback is positive the men arrived on time and got straight into moving, we were all done in less than 2 hours!

Vincent / Surry Hills

Nothing was too hard, and yes like other testimonials the guys were very friendly and fast, very professional. We must of saved hundreds, compare with others and see the difference. My lovely wife did a great job in finding Quick Move.

Adam & Jess / Waterloo

Excellent work Guys! So pleased with this service i would honestly recommend it to anyone that is looking to move and save some money on removalists. The guys were hard working and it was a super hot day thank you Quick Move!

Amander / Bondi
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