Furniture Delivery Service Sydney

furniture delivery SydneyQuick Move delivery service Sydney specialises in picking up & delivering furniture for customers in NSW. Whether you have bought an item online or simply had it handed down by family or a friend. It’s all the same to us. As a specialised home furniture removalist in Sydney. We have proven to be the most reliable and affordable delivery service for everything furniture transport by far. Our unique style of operation coupled with our superb customer relations gives us the leading edge required to carry out our duties successfully. Known as an affordable removals company. The staff has extensive training in furniture handling and packing. Therefore you get the best help there is available to you. Nothing is too hard for our delivery service team. See our recent customer reviews. Call us on 0487 399 669 to get a free quote now or easily use our quick quote form today.

Sofa Bed Delivery Service in Sydney

Sofa bed delivery install and much more…..

Are you after a sofa bed delivery? Quick Move is a professional furniture delivery service that specialise in all kinds of sofa beds, lounge suites. And couch deliveries, we only employ experienced furniture handlers to move your items.. Our boys are known for being able to relocate the most awkward lounge suites without hassle.

Sofabed Pickup Service For Quick Deliveries

We relocate all different shapes and sized sofas. And we also offer lounge covers as a part of our service. To cater for all sizes – 2 seaters, 3 seaters, sofa, and chaise, etc. We have pristine clean vehicles with polished floorboards in all the pantech. Because we are the perfect transit vehicle for couch deliveries in Sydney.

Hire Sydney’s Cheapest Furniture Delivery Service

What makes this job so easy for us is you. If you provide all the information we need about your couch, sofa or lounge suite then the jobs run extremely smooth. Dimensions are always helpful or even an image of your sofa for us to view to give us a rough idea. Because we need to know what we are up against. When providing access details, please provide accurate access details. This is to eliminate delays in your couch deliveries. If there are any stairs on either property then please let us know. And if there is a lift please do your measurements to make sure the sofa will fit.

These details are important to ensure our furniture removals service is prompt. Please note though these details will not affect your rate that you will be quoted. You will be happy to know that the half-hourly rate you are quoted will be a fixed rate and will not change. If access details look tough then we can always offer an extra man.

This is very rarely needed as our furniture removalists are all experienced and tackle tricky access on a daily basis. It’s all part and parcel of their job. Quick Move has a remarkable reputation for furniture deliveries and we intend to keep it that way.

Sofa Beds, Day Beds, whatever type of bed you need delivered we can help!

Quick Move is well known for online shoppers. We are the people you call once you have done your shopping online. And then are looking for a reliable friendly lounge courier service. Grab a quick quote today or simply call us on 0487 399 669 to have a chat with one of our staff members at Quick Move.

Bed & Mattress Delivery Service Sydney

We Deliver Beds, Bed Frames and Install It All

From cots to the king, queen, double, king single, and single bed deliveries. You name it we move it. Quick Move is a known bed courier within the Sydney region and runs a well-known mattress delivery service. A service designed to cater to online shoppers. As you know there are many different sizes and kinds of bed and mattress items you can purchase online. We are well known and respected in the online shopping industry. Therefore are recommended by thousands as they know that we help. We are able to pick up anything you have purchased and deliver them to you fuss-free.

Mattress Delivery & Bed Frame Installation

We come well equipped with all the necessary tools to dismantle or reassemble your bed upon delivery. Most bed frames require just the standard tools to do so. However, in some circumstances, certain beds may require a special tool. If this is the case please make sure you have this handy on the day.

Bed & Mattress Delivery Charges

Bed and Mattress Delivery

Our rates start as little as $45phh. It is all about the time it takes. Of course, all the normal aspects come into it, access, and if there are any stairs. And the parking situation is a tricky one too. We offer two men and a truck team at all times. So nothing is too big or too small for us to deliver for you. This will not alter our prices at all, it just helps the guys knowing what they are up for. Because we need to know prior to arriving. If you need your mattresses delivered, use the Quick Moves mattress delivery service. We offer a free mattress wrap on all moves. For a free, no-obligation quote. Simply fill in the form and you will get a reply instantly.

eBay delivery service Sydney

Sydney’s Original Furniture Delivery Service

ebay delivery serviceIf you are new to eBay you may have not heard about the Quick Move eBay delivery service? Well, now you know! Quick Move is a removalist company that conducts courier-type delivery services. We provide this service for the city of Sydney. We have multiple vehicles picking up and delivering items that buyers have purchased. Items ranging from but not limited to microwaves, fridges & freezers. Even Gym equipment but mostly furniture. Though Quick Move specialises in relocating furniture, we tend to move a lot of exercise equipment.

We are located in Sydney, you can be anywhere in NSW and request a quote. We have a large fleet of staff. Therefore someone nearby can assist with your delivery service needs. Buy & bid with confidence knowing that Quick Move will assist in any way possible. Like to get your item to you offering a professional and a competitive price. For a full range of our service areas check out the service map.

We Provide a Delivery Solution For eBay Members

Buying & selling second-hand furniture on eBay & gumtree is a great way to recycle. And make some extra cash at the same time. What’s that saying? “One person’s trash is another’s treasure”. Websites like eBay are great, it gives you a great opportunity to let everyone know what you have. The auction format is the way to sell, start your bidding really low. But don’t worry too much about your reserve if you describe the item really well. Starting the bidding off low attracts buyers, the more people it attracts the more you will get interested in buying it. And before you know it someone needs a delivery service!

Last-minute bid, now you need a delivery van?

When selling an item on eBay, I want to see the bids escalate over the days. I always choose 10 days Why you say? Simply because I want more people to see the auction and get interested. By starting the bid low gets people to click on ‘watch this item’. This does absolute wonders for you because people that watch it are really interested in buying it. Because by the 10th day, they are that intrigued by the item they will pay top dollar just to win. Last-minute bidders will always be there and so will Quick Move to do the delivery.

Sellers feedback is important, check before you bid

The first thing you should do is check the seller’s feedback. If it’s above 100 I would consider that to be pretty safe. Anything under I would consider asking for a phone number to either text or speak with that seller. But just so you can get an idea if they are genuine and not interested in selling the item elsewhere.

Some sellers will say in their descriptions that they are advertising the item on another website. Such as the local paper and they usually put a tiny disclaimer like “we reserve the right to end the auction if sold elsewhere”. So if you do see that or something to that effect, straight away call the number or message the seller.

Negotiate It Makes The Furniture Delivery Price Cheaper 🙂

ebay courier sydneyTake a careful approach with your negotiating. Because you don’t want to upset or offend the seller by offering a ridiculous amount. Some people can get pretty upset, especially when it’s furniture or something. So be gentle with your approach and don’t be ruthless.

So how much should you negotiate?

I recommend first checking what the going value is of that particular type of item. Take into consideration the condition and the age. And try and find a few to compare that will give you a rough guide. However, if the item you are interested in is significantly dearer than others, find out why. If there is no significant difference, then I see no reason that you should pay more. Or better yet get it a bit cheaper as this is what eBay is all about. So my suggestions are to do your homework and then search for the item. Then hire Quick Move for the delivery.

Once the deal is done, Hire us to deliver the furniture

Communication is the most important thing for a smooth transaction. Everyone these days has such a busy schedule and some sellers can be really direct with pickup times. We have teams running from 7 am – 7 pm Monday to Sunday. This being able to work in with any busy schedule.

Pickup up the item & Deliver it directly to your door

We are professional furniture movers by trade. So you know you are getting the real deal when we deliver your furniture. It’s really important for you to understand that we are removalists by trade and you will get that moving experience done by professionals. And all in all, I am really proud of what we do.

To get a furniture delivery quote we need to know some things

Before any of the staff give you a price for delivery of the furniture, we want to know a bit. A bit about what we are picking up in order for your eBay delivery to run smoothly. This will not alter your initial quote unless you add extra men. For reasons such as due to the item being too heavy or unsafe. For eg: Is it timber, is it marble or is it steel? Are there any stairs or is there a lift and will it fit? And same regarding the delivery address. It is a good idea to also makes a few suggestions to the seller like how to prepare for us. For example: what to do with furniture with drawers and loose items like glass shelves and whatnot. That’s handy stuff that saves the sellers time, our time, and your time.

Available pickup times and schedule for furniture delivery

furniture movers sydney ebay deliveryWith us, we like to get everything done and dusted during daylight. Especially when we have inner-city furniture deliveries. Peak hour traffic in the Sydney CBD is a nightmare we all know this. So what we want is recognition of it. We offer reasonable timing windows and through no fault of our own maybe a bit later than suggested due to traffic. In most cases, we are able to pick up and deliver an eBay delivery any time of the day between 7 am – 7 pm. On top of that, you will receive a courtesy call approximately 30 minutes prior to us arriving. Ultimately giving you time to get home and be ready. So to avoid disappointment we always give a window of at least 3 hours.

Protection for a safer arrival on delivery

We use only the best products like furniture removalist blankets and soft straps to cover and secure everything We carry the furniture with care and experience, impressive quality workmanship. Some furniture sellers can be dishonest. So the best solution would be to ask questions and ask for pictures of the condition prior to purchase.

Don’t pay any more than we charge you for the eBay delivery!

We offer the best rates in Sydney. If we still haven’t convinced you that we are a superior removalist company. Check our reviews and see what our previous customers have had to say about their amazing experience.

Sydney’s First Choice furniture Courier Deliveries

Shopping online for furniture is a great way to buy what you want at a fraction of the retail price. But you will need an eBay courier at some point, whether you’re buying from eBay or Gumtree. Or other classified websites like Bondi classifieds, Graysonline, or even the good old Trading Post. Quick Move the Furniture Removalists offer you a removal service that you can afford. Contact Us for a Free Quote

You need a reputable furniture Courier service!

Thousands of people now look on eBay and Gumtree for all their family’s needs and want. It’s the way of the world as we know it! We can set our own budget, No dealing with pushy sales reps anymore. And with the click of a button, we can find new, old and antique furniture. eBay and Gumtree have all the options to narrow down your search so you can be as specific as you want. Honestly we no longer have to leave the house and can find anything we want and have it delivered straight to our door.

We have a strong customer base who trust and use us on a daily or weekly basis. We pick up and deliver the goods, whether it’s being taken to your home or place of business.

eBay courier sydney

Furniture Courier Type Of Furniture Removals Service

We are the most affordable choice to have the items you purchased. Regardless of how big & heavy or small) they are. We simply pick them up on your behalf and deliver them directly to you. Not just to your door, we place the items inside the home for you, wherever it may be. A delivery removals service that can provide a great affordable quote for whatever items you purchase. We provide you with a great price from the get-go. S no need to bargain with us at all, our prices are amazingly cheaper than the competition.

Bought on eBay? Need a courier for bulky deliveries?

Our removals company in Sydney consists of staff that has over 11 years experience. And know-how to deliver the best possible service you can buy. We are highly experienced and we use only the very best tools and moving equipment to ensure your items arrive safe and sound. But why choose us? There are heaps of other eBay couriers offering the same thing right? WRONG Most delivery services have exclusions with their prices or rates, so it ends up costing you a lot more than you initially thought. All our rates and charges are fully inclusive so no nasty add-on charges at the end of your delivery.

eBay courier same-day furniture delivery

We are based in all major cities of NSW, we operate 7 days a week. However, we also deliver to the North (as far as Newcastle) and South coast (as far as Narooma) on a regular basis. Sydney really is the HUB for bargain shopping so no matter where it is we will pick it up and bring it to you.

eBay removals service with buyer protection!

That is why we developed Quick Move, a unique service that not many have successfully accomplished as yet. Our services and business practices are built on the very same foundations as the furniture removalist industry, the way we handle the furniture is no different and the tools and materials we use are the same as if we were moving your whole house, the only difference is the price. We are amazingly cheaper. We can do this successfully, simply because the demand is there, and you will be glad to know that we operate 7 days a week. There is NO extra charge for weekends or after-hour deliveries. It’s just another way to serve you better.

Get a quote to pick up an eBay item

We give you instant eBay delivery quotes with simple pickup and delivery solutions for most furniture stores and online shoppers, in fact, we have rated the best furniture eBay removalist service for eBay in Sydney

Over 1000 eBay members have used us to pick up items they deemed to be awkward, too big, or too heavy for them to do themselves. Please feel free to Contact Us, Or call us today on 0487399669 No matter how big or small your item we have the tools and the people to get your delivery where it needs to go.

eBay Delivery Quotes Online Easy as 1-2-3

Quick Move developed an eBay delivery service in 2011 and since has become the favorite way to get your items delivered online. Our eBay rates can be fixed, therefore giving you a superior service without blowing the budget.

We operate 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm, and you would expect to hear back from our staff within the hour of submitting your eBay delivery quotes during these times. For more information on our services and how we can quote you give us a call on 0487 399 669.

Booking Online is easy after you get eBay delivery quotes

We provide everything online,  from quotes to booking, it is as easy as 123. Don’t waste time with the yellow pages, you have found your one-stop-shop eBay removalist Service. Let us quote you online, book you online and take your payment all online. It is our pleasure!

Looking for an eBay delivery van that won’t break the budget?

Look no further Quick Move – eBay furniture removalist’s service can pick up that gift and take it straight to the recipient, all with a friendly smile our service is of the highest standard, we understand your needs and wants, it’s our goal is to meet them, you can send us the eBay item number and we can look it up and provide a quote for delivery that way also.

IKEA Delivery Service Sydney

Ikea Delivery Service Sydney

We can pick up your in-store purchases, deliver and assemble the flat-packed Ikea furniture for you on any given day. How do we do this you may ask? Simple, we meet you at the Ikea store after you have bought your furniture, we then pack and load the items onto the truck and deliver them to your door. All our trucks come fully equipped with all trolleys and tools if the assembly is needed.

We Can Unpack & Install Flat Packed Ikea Furniture & Take Away The Rubbish!

You will need to have purchased and paid for the items prior to us arriving to save you time and money. Once you have done that our furniture removalists can take them from the loading bay at Ikea and load them onto our truck for delivery to you.

So prepare well in advance book us in at a time that allows you to shop then simply meet the guys and the truck in the front car-park and we will take over from there.

What we do not do for Ikea Delivery services

  • We do not shop for you
  • And do not pay for you

The Do’s of the fast delivery service

  • We do assemble your items
  • And do lift and load everything
  • Also, we do take away the rubbish and packaging
Our Ikea Delivery Service is Fast & friendly

Fast delivery times are flexible to suit everyone. Our Fast Delivery Service is unique we can make sure that you have your items the same day.

Delivery & Assembly Service for flat-packed Ikea furniture

To enquire about the cost to assemble please call us or use the quote form and one of our Quick Move team members will reply within minutes. We are fully trained experienced furniture removalists. Remember this is our profession, we do this every day of the week. So kick back make a cuppa,  relax and leave all the hard work for us.

Quick Move the furniture removalists take great pleasure in doing the hard parts for you. Leaving you to enjoy your new items. Check out our reviews and see what other thought of our friendly, professional service.

Lounge Delivery Service Sydney

Any Type Of Lounge Delivery Same Day in Sydney

We take super care when it comes to moving lounges. We protect the fabric using removalist pads and remove all cushions before transporting the lounge. A general lounge delivery service would not go to the extra lengths we do.

Lounges come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important we obtain what type it is and whether it is leather or fabric. What this does is lets us plan ahead for the job at hand and it also helps with quoting as well. All of our customers will have access to our same-day pickup and delivery service, for out of Sydney areas you can also request a same-day delivery. Just one of the many options our company offers our customers.

Sofa Beds & Lounge Delivery Service

lounge delivery service sydney

Sofa Beds are a lot heavier and will require more time for delivery, especially going upstairs and into properties with tight access, however, your in top hands. Our lounge delivery teams are more than qualified and more than happy to deliver the heaviest of lounges.

You make our job easier by moving any obstacles from our pathway, it’s hard to see what we are walking through so a little preparation really makes the job easy. Be careful when shopping online, I have seen a lot of people just buy lounges online without inspecting it and when it arrives they have been disappointed in the condition. Regardless of what price you may have won the lounge for, a recommendation from a professional is to fully inspect it before you make the final purchase.

An affordable lounge delivery service in The Sydney Region

Our prices for picking up lounges start from just $45phh. We achieve to give you the best price possible. We do have professional lounge delivery teams working with us Monday to Sunday to get your lounges and sofas delivered to you in impeccable condition and all within a reasonable price.

Need a Lounge delivery service quote?

Simply fill in the quote form and one of our friendly staff will reply with an amazing price, to proceed with the quote simply call us on 1800 784 256 to book over the phone or take advantage of our discounts and book online. You can contact us Monday – Sunday from 7 am – 7 pm. We are professional furniture removalists and your number one lounge courier delivery service. Forget the rest and hire the best, use a lounge delivery service in the Sydney metro area that offers more than affordable rates.

Protecting Lounges during delivery

We wrap every lounge and sofa in quality padded removalist blankets to protect it whilst in transit. The blankets that protect the lounges are made from high-quality soft padding manufactured right here in Australia.

We only use the best and therefore can provide maximum protection for a lounge delivery service. If we haven’t convinced you yet, check out our lounge delivery service reviews. Like us on Facebook to receive all of our amazing deals and snap specials.

Call us today on 0487 399 669 or simply book online through the website. Quick Move, your local moving professionals.

Wardrobe Delivery & Install Service

Wardrobe Installation & Furniture Delivery in Sydney

Quick Move wardrobe delivery couriers are a simple yet effective solution for all your relocation needs. We specialise in all furniture, particularly large awkward items like wardrobes and appliances that you would not attempt to move on your own. Our professional furniture removalists will have your furniture delivered to you fuss-free.

We are amazingly cheaper than any other removals company by far, check out our prices by simply entering your details in the quote request form. When it comes to wardrobe removals, there is simply no comparison.

Large or Small Wardrobe Delivery in Sydney

Quick Move is your best solution, we provide a safe and easy online booking system with various ways to pay, we move all types of wardrobes, new, second hand, and antique with ease.

Wardrobes can be quite difficult to maneuver around the home, our wardrobe removals team is qualified and insured to effectively move wardrobes anywhere in Sydney. Quick Move has a remarkable reputation in the courier delivery service check out our reviews of our wardrobe removals service.

Wardrobe Pickup Service For Online Shoppers

Quick Move can inspect, lift and load your new wardrobe from the seller. We deliver and place the wardrobe exactly where you need it to go.

The wardrobe size may limit where you would like it placed, people with lifts should measure and make certain that the wardrobe they purchase fits before paying out any money. To make sure that we can give you the most accurate price please ensure that you give us as much information as possible when describing your item and access.

If there are glass mirrors or doors please advise so in your quote form to reduce delays in your delivery process as we will need to wrap up the glass. Accurate info is what makes us run so smoothly and provide the best wardrobe removals service.

Pallet Delivery Service Sydney

Quick Pallet Delivery Courier Services

Quick Move, a furniture removalist that offers a quick pallet couriers service in Sydney, whether you just need a pallet of tiles delivered from Bunnings or simply just need a pallet moved from one location to another, Quick Move has you covered.

We have a large fleet of vehicles on call ready to pick up any pallet with just little notice. The price is right the service is better and you will be glad to know we have you covered!

Sydney Pallet Courier & Transport with Men to Unload

We are the local courier service you can rely on. We service all areas of the CBD. All pallets will need to be forked on and off the utility. If for some reason there is no forklift at the delivery location, we can hand unload the pallet at a rate of $45 phh.

Our removalists would essentially require notice if hand unloading is required, however, we will never leave you in the lurch. Professionalism and being reliable are what we are known for.

We move tiles, bricks, besser blocks, basically any type of materials.

Sydney Taxi Trucks & Pallet Courier

Builders love our service and the same goes for home renovators. Pallet transport is just one of our specialties, we also provide a courier service for furniture & appliances, and a complete home and office removals service. We have high roof vans, small and large enclosed pantechs and subject to availability tray back utes and trucks, there is really nothing we are unable to move.

What else can we do for a Pallet courier job?

We can shrink wrap unsealed pallets for you on the spot, securing the load prior to transportation. We use quality shrink wrap to ensure stability whilst in transit.

How can you pay for the pallet courier?

We accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards, and AMEX. Please see our accepted payment page for the full details of how you can pay and the fees involved with your particular move.

How do you book a Pallet Transport Service with us?

It’s easy simply contact us by simply calling 0487399669  today and ask about our pallet couriers service, one of our friendly staff will book it and advise when to expect the driver. Alternatively, our easy online booking form will activate a 5% discount when you book online.

Garage Sale Pickup & Delivery Sydney

Buy Anything Anywhere in Sydney & We Will Pickup & Deliver it!

Garage sale pickup services are not a thing of the past, in fact, it’s more popular now than ever. It’s a fantastic way to find some hidden treasures and to grab a bargain.

There are applications & websites like gumtree, that advertise garage sale locations for people. It doesn’t matter where you buy your furniture, we will pick it up and then have it brought to you and place it anywhere you like within the home by real furniture removalists that know how to do the job quickly, safely, and stress-free.

Bulky item Pickup from Garage sales

garage sale pickup

In Sydney you will expect same-day service, we are expanding rapidly so we’re able to quickly pick up & deliver the items in a jiffy anywhere in the metro area and outer regions of NSW.

For areas out of this region don’t worry you can also use our service. We can pick up in all areas of NSW. Wardrobes & buffets are a popular garage sale purchase, they are expensive to buy anywhere else and heavy and awkward to deliver, so people buying these items will benefit from our pickup service the most.

Garage Sale pickup service Prices & Rates

We charge the same as if we were picking up your eBay purchase, our prices are amazingly cheaper than any other mover. Compare the price we give you with other major removals companies you will be blown away, we offer the same quality workmanship as any of our highly expensive competitors would. Furniture protection and trained staff are all aspects of our company.

Do not pick up the furniture yourself

  1. It is dangerous
  2. Potentially you could damage the item
  3. Potentially you could injure yourself or others
  4. Damage to the property walls and door jams is the last thing you want

Clever ways to pay our guys, we accept cash and card methods. You need not worry the men will indeed pick up, deliver and take care of where the item needs to go, upstairs-downstairs or over a balcony, you are in great hands.

Bulky Goods Pickup & Delivery in Sydney

Buy With Confidence Knowing We Can Get It Home For You

We have a tray back truck that can handle bulky goods delivery in Sydney a whopping 8 ton of weight gvm. Our truck comes with two men to assist with loading and unloading the bulky goods.

We can lift and manually load the bulky goods if they are of reasonable movable weight. We will have trolleys dollies and protection materials on hand to ensure that it arrives safe, this tray back truck is specifically for bulky goods like large pallet deliveries or commercial restaurant equipment and also be handy for gym equipment.

Need bulky goods delivered and pick up the same day?

Quick Move can move your furniture but we do not carry people or customers in our vehicles. However, we are one of the most affordable and efficient ways to move extra large bulky goods.

You can select from one to six men to be present on the job. Try our taxi truck option, our new Volkswagen Crafter is a 6 seater and can carry an item from 3.6 meters in length to 2 meters in width, perfect for business, industrial, and commercial moving.

Bulky Goods Delivery Rates & Charges

Our bulky goods delivery rates start from a low $45phh and go up from there in increments of $5 phh depending on the size of the truck and the weight capacity needed. We have convenient ways to pay especially for businesses, all trucks will come with two experienced men that will help educate and guide you through the delivery process on arrival.

We won’t be beaten on quality of service

You may find another bulky goods delivery service in Sydney a little cheaper than ours, but be sure to ask if GST is included in their price. That is one way sneaky competitors try and sway you to booking with them.

You can potentially pay up to 50% more on top of your total once they add on all of their exclusions. Quick Move is upfront and honest company with a respectable reputation to withhold. When it comes to furniture removals we know what we are doing and can tackle any challenging aspect of a removal or delivery.

Sofa Delivery Service in Sydney

Bought A Sofa? Hire Our Furniture Delivery Service

ebay courier sydney sofa deliveryMost people think it’s too hard buying sofas online & furniture on eBay, they rather spend twice as much on new furniture from a retail outlet just so they have a  delivery option. Well, now you don’t have to worry about that, go and buy whatever piece of furniture you like and let Quick Move the eBay courier pick it up and relocate it to your home.

  • Don’t risk breaking your back, if you don’t know how to lift properly!
  • Don’t ask for help from unqualified people! You are taking a huge risk
  • Don’t hire a truck or trailer our rates are near better
  • Don’t worry about anything just call Quick Move

We pick up all types of Sofas and Sofa sets.

The most common sofa delivery is the 3 seater leather design, though for most people they are hard to maneuver and get into tight hallways. Quick Move is experienced in getting furniture through tight access paths. With just a quick look at the access path, we know how we will handle it and what precautions will need to be taken.

Now you can buy that new sofa you always wanted without stressing about who and how it’s going to be delivered. Being a removalist company we all know sofa beds can be really heavy, it’s because of the frame and all the metal that goes into the construction, not to mention the mattress. We come equipped with the right tools and staff to handle anything.

Sofas with recliners, an easy Sofa Delivery right?

Regardless of whether they are single, double, or 3 seaters,  they are not a problem. Forget the Mini Movers, the difference between a standard courier and Quick Move is that we truly understand the type of furniture we move. We know the weaknesses in construction and we take super care when handling to avoid any damage to the functionality. Get your sofa delivery at an affordable price today.

Quick Move is the most affordable way to have your new sofa, lounge or arm chairs picked up and delivered to you anywhere in Sydney, South Coast, Blue Mountains, Newcastle & the Central Coast.

What can go wrong with my Sofa Delivery?

Nothing if you hire Quick Move. We have a secure system that lets you pay with Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX. We are in no doubt the most affordable & stress-free solution for all of your moving needs. When comparing removalists & furniture couriers to Quick Move please take into consideration what we have mentioned here. Remember there is no such thing as free shipping on sofas so don’t let the cash cowboys’ so-called furniture delivery services fool you with this.

Don’t trust just anyone to handle your Furniture Courier needs!

Are you after an eBay courier quote? Simply fill out the online quote form and a member of our furniture removalists team will personally respond within minutes.

Things you should do before leaving this page;

  • Click on “Add to Watch List” if you see our eBay ads
  • Save Quick Move mobile number to your phone
  • Book mark the website

Call us on 0487 399 669 today for your best delivery rate in Sydney.

Glass Table Delivery & Pickup Services

Heavy Glass Tables Require Experienced Removalists

glass table delivery service
We can offer you a glass table delivery for all Sydney siders. When buying a tempered glass top table, especially larger types they are extremely heavy and need extra care taken when handling them.

Dealing with glass is of course a higher risk, but Quick Move is still able to help you. The thickness of the glass determines the weight, and how we as removalists will handle the glass. Two men are always required and in fact on the larger types that can weigh over 100kg maybe even a third man. It will all depend on the access.

Glass Table Delivery can be difficult to carry, Hire Professionals

The Glass table should be easy enough to simply lift off the legs, in some cases it is only sitting on light aluminum legs that have a suction cup-like set up to stop the top from sliding. Basically, 99% of the weight in the table is just the glass top. Much like a Marble top table they are also are extremely heavy.

Our team of removalists at Quick Move are trained to provide a quality service, we can disassemble the table, safely maneuver it, secure it in transit, unload & relocate it where ever in the home it is you require it to go. If you have fragile glassware that needs wrapping to see our glass packing tips for information on how to avoid damages.

Beware don’t hire inexperienced couriers to do your glass table delivery.

It’s no doubt most people want the cheaper option, however, the cheaper option may not be your safest option. You could be left with loads of damages and a hefty bill to pay. Never get just anyone to relocate your glass tables, they need to be an experienced team of men that do this all the time. We transport and pick up your glass tables without damages to your item or your property.

Small Furniture Delivery Services

Deliveries & Installation For Sideboards & Hallway Stands

sideboard delivery service

It’s quite frustrating when you find this beautiful sideboard or hall stand on eBay and all you need is it delivered to your home. Well, stress no more as Quick Move offers buffet hall stand deliveries and a magnificent sideboard delivery service to make all your purchases and decision-making easier. We have a fantastic furniture removals team that moves all kinds of furniture on a daily basis.

Large & Bulky Furniture Delivery Service

All of our furniture removalists are experienced and specialise in moving anything from vintage sideboards to basic hall stands. No job is too big or too small for our boys. We come well equipped with all the necessary tools and trolleys to move your furniture. All items are wrapped in quality padded furniture blankets so nothing can be damaged. We have a large variety of vehicles to transport your items. With professional furniture removalists to handle your sideboard & buffet delivery, why would you do it yourself?

GraysOnline Delivery Service Sydney

GraysOnline Couriers SydneySo you have won an item or multiple items on the GraysOnline website? Now you need a Courier Delivery Service right? GraysOnline delivery is an amazing website to buy goods, especially furniture & appliances! But as you may be aware now GraysOnline delivery and Pickup processes just may not work for you with your daily schedule as GraysOnline only lets customers pick up their items during business hours Monday to Friday.

We understand you are busy, we know how important every hour is, believe us. We are a furniture & appliance removals service based in Sydney, we can offer you a furniture removalist service 7 days a week, we conduct graysonline delivery 5 days a week, to get your items quicker call us now.

 Graysonline Delivery For Furniture & Appliance

So what we have developed is a unique furniture removals delivery service specially designed for GraysOnline customers. Our furniture removalist teams will simply pick up your items on your behalf and deliver them to you direct whether you want us to bring the item to your workplace, place it inside your garage, leave it on your doorstep or perhaps you have organised a friend or family to be home to receive the goods, we have you covered on every aspect.

Here is what you need to do!

Call us on 0487 399 669 or follow the simple steps below;

  1. Get a quote from us using the form below
  2. To proceed and pay, simply follow the steps in the quote.
  3. You can select any day of your preference

Now here is the stuff that makes the transaction run smooth…….

  1. Send an Email to grays to organise your priority pick up
  2. Make sure you CC us into that email.
  3. In the email give Quick Move Removals written authorisation to pick up the items on the given day on your behalf.
  4. Make sure you put the invoice numbers in that email so they can work out who you are.
  5. Attach a copy of your photo ID, you must include this don’t leave it out!

Once your priority pick up date is organised then proceed to our online booking form and select our grays online service. Here you can upload your documents to your booking form so our team of removalists will have all necessary documents to provide to Grays online on the day, They will not release the goods to us if all documents are not provided.

If you decide to pick up your goods yourself here is how it works.

GraysOnline delivery and pickups process is for the customer to print out their invoices, bring a photo ID, and go to whichever warehouse Grays are selling from. Take a ticket and then take a seat, you may be there for up to 30 minutes in the waiting room whilst they find and pick your order. A lady at the desk will then call out your ticket number and instruct you on what BAY /garage door number to head to.

You will then need to go back to the car, and make your way around the side of the building, find the right bay number, and back your car into that loading dock. Another staff member will greet you there and ask for more paperwork, you will need to sign the receiving documents, and then once all of this is done you can take your items, but make sure you bring a friend as the GraysOnline staff is not allowed to assist you load. Now providing you have the right vehicle or trailer and have gone through all the processes you should be right! lol 🙂  Or you can hire us as for Cheap Removalists in Sydney, and use our Graysonline delivery Service & be done with it!

GraysOnline Couriers in Sydney

Quick Move pick up from GraysOnline on a regular basis. GraysOnline is a great way to shop for a bargain and we pick up some amazing things for people such as outdoor settings & appliances. Quick Move can pick up & deliver your grays order on the same day. Please feel free to Contact Us about our Graysonline delivery service Or simply call us today on 0487 399 669

Delivery Service For Small One-Off Jobs

The furniture delivery service is designed to suit anyone that has either a single item or a few items to move. eBay members are the most to typically use this service as it was originally developed to suit as such, whether it’s an eBay delivery or an Ikea purchase or even a simple Graysonline delivery, our furniture delivery service is what you need.

The vehicles are fully equipped with everything we need to relocate your items safely and easily. Each and every item we load is covered with our padded removals blankets and secured tight using soft straps. We certainly take all precautions to ensure your items arrive safe and sound. Check out our reviews and see how impressed others were with our service.

7 Day Delivery Service, No Extra For Weekends!

We operate 7 days a week 7 am till 7 pm. And can deliver your furniture on any given day. We prefer to pick up and deliver during our normal business hours 7 am to 7 pm. Therefore we try our very best to meet your requirements. So it can be difficult to work out the logistics in some instances. And particularly where people cannot be home until late at night. But rest assure we endeavor to try everything possible to make it happen for you.

Furniture delivery Rates & Charges

Our prices must be the most competitive on the market. And for large bulky items. For items that need that little more care. The prices are charged per half hour and start from just $45phh. That’s 20% less after the first two-hour charge and the service included two men.

Find a certified business or even a courier delivery service that offers a unique furniture delivery service as good as ours? We are happy to negotiate, we guarantee to be cheaper. Free quotes are really easy to obtain. On this page you will notice a quote form, simply fill in the details and within minutes you will have a reply.

Quick Move has numerous ways you can pay. And we have made it super easy. You can pay by card for our service by card on the day. You can pay over the phone with any major credit or bank card. There is a small 2.5% surcharge for card payments over the phone. However, we waive that surcharge for online bookings.

Just two simple steps to get started

It is relatively simple and you can do this all online at your fingertips. Because we have developed a unique quote and booking system that is user-friendly and mobile responsive.

If you have any questions whatsoever please see our faq page for recent answers. Or alternatively give us a call and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist.