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Instant Moving Quotes Sydney

Receiving a moving quote from Quick Move is really easy. In fact so easy that it literally takes just a moment of your time. Answer a few questions relating to the job at hand, such as access at either end. Because access plays the most important part in an estimators job.

Figuring out how long it will take to complete a move isn’t easy. let us know briefly what needs to be moved. Items such as pianos for instant require at least four men to relocate. Billiard tables are similar, they too require more men and specific moving equipment to safely relocate.

Moving Quote For Removalist Services

Explain in detail as much information as possible. But don’t include the kitchen sink so to speak, we only need information on the large heavy furniture. Hence why we developed a new custom form that will ask you specific questions about your requirements. On completion just before submitting the form double check that you entered the correct email address. Consequently checking that you haven’t accidentally made a typo. Personal information such as addresses you enter on the form is for our estimators eyes only, we will not share this information with anyone outside of the company.

Step Two After You Receive Your Moving Quote

Continue to make a booking on the very same form you use to get a moving quote. Providing all is well and you have everything you need, make payment for the minimum two hours upfront. Therefore on the day if takes near to or less than two hours, you wont have to make payment. More so if you have to make a payment on the day we accept a variety of bank debit cards. Like Visa, Master-Card & Amex, they are all accepted, we do accept cash also. However our removalists do not carry change sorry. Therefore paying by card is the preferred method of payment.

Furniture Delivery Quotations Are Much Lower Than Moving Quotes

As easy are the moving quotes to receive, the delivery quotes are just as easy. Actually they are near to exactly the same questionnaire. Besides a few questions, most of the details we need are very similar. Indeed delivery quotes are sent out the same way and include everything you need to determine whether or not it is feasible to use the service. Our furniture delivery prices are at their lowest. Finally there exists, an affordable removalist service that caters for just a few items. It’s no wonder people love using Quick Move. The most preferred local furniture delivery service for Sydney.