Fridge Delivery Service Sydney

Buying fridges online through sites like eBay is a smart way to get yourself a bargain. Fridges can be so damn expensive, but little do most people know that they can score an absolute bargain. We have personally bought ourselves a new Samsung fridge on eBay and it’s a cracker, we love it and the best thing is the price. Contact Us or simply call us on 0487 399 669 to get a free quote now.

We guarantee that the fridge stays upright & wrapped up like a new born baby!


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Fridge Delivery Service

Fridge Delivery Service

Fridge removal within Sydney… Now most people buy fridges new, and i don’t blame them most stores will deliver the fridge for you for a small fee, but it’s time to start being smarter with your money, don’t panic about the delivery, let Quick Move handle that with our  fridge removal team.

It’s an easy to use fridge delivery system that we have put together especially for the eBay and online bargain hunters out there. Everyone’s trying to save a buck here and there, so it’s just common sense that we exist, and we are here to serve you the customer!

Fridge Delivery Service & Pickups

The size of an average fridge we move is around the 600Ltr mark, whether your new fridge is a single or double door we can handle it. We have trucks with tailgate lifters and all the necessary packing tools and moving equipment to handle the job at hand.

Fridge Delivery Service in Sydney

Sydney siders can expect a premium same day turnaround for their fridge delivery needs. Depending on the sellers requirements we can most certainly pickup before or after hours and even on weekends. All we ask is we have at least a 2-4 hour time frame to pick up that way we can make it affordable and not put any one under pressure.

Fridge Delivery – Movers are Removalists

Fridge Delivery Solutions

fridge delivery service

Correct! We are removalists and in saying that you can expect a professional delivery service. We know how to handle with care and prevent any damages to the fridge or property we are delivering to. TRUST ME! You don’t want to make the mistake by hiring one of these cash cowboys on gumtree, these operators are not at all skilled to move fridges or furniture.

Fridge Pickup & Delivery Quotes

Refrigerator same-day delivery simply done by the professional fridge delivery and removal service in Sydney Quick Move.