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Furniture removalists by trade, we conduct the exact same practices as any professional removalist company would in the world, the big difference is we charge less than your average mover. Why you ask? Because we specialise in fast and small furniture removals jobs in Sydney. More about us established in 2011, from then to now we have serviced well over 80,000 clients, we are now a well known and respected brand in the furniture removals industry. Our passion for impeccable customer service is what brought us to the top making us by far the cheapest best removalists in Sydney. It was a difficult road ahead as the removalist game isn’t so well respected as it once was back in the day, mostly due to the lack of experienced staff and cash cowboys out there making false claims saying they are professional moves. Without going on about how other companies have gone wrong, we want to let you how we made it right request a quote online today and we will instantly send you a copy of our rates.

We Revolutionised The Sydney Removals Industry

We found an affordable solution for families to move on a budget within Sydney. What we figured was if we could become busy enough where we had multiple jobs per day, our men wouldn’t mind getting the jobs done quicker than normal, moving on to the next job therefor still accumulating their 8 hours day pay as they would of. So there you have it, that was the philosophy behind the brand Quick Move. Then the fun started, to make this philosophy work, we needed to become busy removalists in Sydney. Long story short and many many hours day and night, we have finally achieved what we set out to do. And that is to make an affordable service for everyone in Sydney!

Our moving service is dedicated to exceed the highest of expectations, just read our customer reviews you will notice we do not get any serious negative reviews, and if we do, we manage to sort them out quickly with the client. In most cases it is just a mis-communication or misunderstanding of the terms and conditions, hence why we like to send you an email that outlines everything in writing. We recommend you read it thoroughly prior to booking your relocation.

We Provide Removalist Services For All Of Sydney, NSW

Our trucks and depots are located all over NSW mainly in the Sydney metro and the outskirts see the areas we service for a full list of suburbs and cities. With great thought we have covered a vast area of the state giving you the customer an opportunity to experience a Quick Sydney removals service virtually anywhere, so whether you are in the eastern suburbs or moving from a location out west or down south we have you covered. Predominantly the majority of our customer base is located in metro regions where we have many trucks all varying in different sizes ready to remove any size home.

Why its important to hire a trusted furniture removalist in Sydney City!

Furniture Removalists Sydney two men quick move

We only employ the highly skilled removalists in Sydney that have have at the very least a minimum 5 years experience in moving and packing furniture. All staff undergo physical on the job training to insure all care is taken at all times. We use the highest quality of materials, tools and equipment to pack and transport the furniture. We are fully insured and all vehicles are equipped with first aid and emergency gear for any situation. You can rely on us for any move even office reocaltions whether it be large or small, we will ensure you have a pleasant experience before, during and after the job is done. We take every job serious regardless what we are moving, everyone’s goods are treated as if they were our own, covered with soft padding and held tightly with soft strapping during transport. Contact us today we here in Sydney at our head office 7 days a week and we are with you throughout the whole day, from 7am to 7pm from the get go. From the very first call right through to the final completion of your job and invoicing, our friendly staff here in the office are always happy to discuss any of your concerns. That may not seem like much to you now,  but on the big day rest assure that you have more than the driver in the truck to speak with and assist you with any enquiries. Secondly why its important to go with a trusted Sydney removalist like Quick Move is that we must uphold our customer satisfaction policy, we have a review system that allows customers to leave feedback based on their experience. Thirdly why its so important is the obvious and that’s experienced staff handling your precious belongings.

Our men are highly trained and  have many years experience in handling furniture. We hand pick each and every single one of our employees to ensure our customers have the absolute best experience.  If you weighed it up we would have more experience in moving furniture than most other movers, for the simple fact we operate 7 days a week and our guys on an average day are conducting at least 2-3 moves. You can image the experience these guys have based on how long they have been with us. This will easily show when you see our guys doing what they do best… moving, hence why we are Sydney’s first choice for an affordable move.

Affordable Yet Professional Removalists Sydney

You will be happy to know that we can assist them with any type of relocation requirements at an affordable and realistic price not to mention Sydney residents are also able to hire our Removalist Boxes. Our office relocation service is one of the best and affordable solutions you will find, just compare quality, experience and price and we WIN hands down every time. Don’t let the competitors tell you its too hard and complicated, its easy and simple just call and let us take care of everything. Contact us for further information or if you have any questions about your quote or if you would like to scroll through our questions & answers you will get the answer you are looking for as we have a very comprehensive frequently asked questionnaire available.

Small Removalists Sydney For Tiny Moves

Small moves, tiny jobs, little relocations, no matter the size let us handle it fast and cheap. We specifically designed a small removalist team to help people with only a few items such as one bedroom and two bedroom apartments & studios mainly in the City but we service all areas across NSW, inner west and out west. We operate this small moving service 7 days a week 7 am to 7pm, we also provide a small delivery solution for small businesses moving, online shoppers can also benefit from this small moving service in Sydney.

Small furniture removalist service in Sydney with hardly any fees, even the cheapest one off and smallest movers have fees, We have done the research. A major factor why we are so different than most removalists is that we include GST and have no fuel charges for Sydney relocation’s. Other moving companies will bill you for everything and anything they possibly can. So just a warning do not go with the expensive removalists or the cheapest price because if its to cheap than 99.9% of the time its for a particular reason its going to be nasty!. Choose Quick Move because we are fair and affordable specialising in small moving jobs.

Sydney’s Mini Removalist Offering Small Trucks With Two Men

The specialist in small moves but we have to draw the line somewhere, we are affordable though we do have a 2 hour min charge. After the min 2 hours we charge per 1/2 hour. We understand though your job may take only just 1 hour you will be charged for 2. This is a standard practice for all modern removalists in Sydney now days. We believe we are unbeatable in value for money, service and quality, not to mention customer service just see our reviews. So if you are moving just a one bedroom home or office or simply just need a couple of men to assist you with relocating a few pieces of furniture Quick Move is your one stop shop for all moving and relocating small homes in Sydney, book online and save a further 5%.

Hire Our Small Removals Service The Same Day

Usually we can move you in less than 2 hours but It really depends on how well prepared you are if its a very small move make sure you have everything ready to go, boxes up and try and reserve a parking spot close to the door. That way we can get the items out quick. Our quick and small removals vehicles do not have the seating capacity and it is against our policy to allow customers to travel, you will need to organise your own way sorry and we hope you do understand.

Professional Removalists in Sydney

Here at Quick Move we provide affordable moving solutions for all homes and offices. We understand moving can be stressful! So we have taken the time to develop a unique furniture removals service for those seeking value for money in Sydney. Our efforts to successfully accomplish this task are done! Now you can enjoy a professional furniture removalists service at an affordable price. Have you ever had a terrible experience with a moving company in Sydney? We all have, so it is our goal to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction outcome. Our friendly trained staff are just the beginning of the pleasant experience you will receive.

Removalist Men Hire / Just Muscle – Two Men Without The Truck

You can experience a professional removalist service by two of our most experienced staff without the worry or the expense of the truck hire. We do this a lot for customers and we even cover the south west of Sydney such as Campbelltown, we just send the two men to move furniture in and out around the home. For small one bedroom units to the other in the same building is also very popular. You don’t need the truck just the men we understand and our removalists Sydney service is the perfect choice. See a full list of locations we service within Sydney and surrounding cities,

Two Movers Only, For Small Quick Internal Jobs

Our staff are fit, strong and all trained to handle furniture the way it should be with care! Our furniture re-locators have undergone extensive training so that they are able to avoid damages to your goods and property. Since most of our services in-tale two parties, two locations, our Furniture removalists must meet the minimum requirements that we have set. The bench mark is high so that we do not attract inexperienced, under-trained staff. Two men are always on hand enabling you to put on the kettle, sit down and relax while we remove or bring in your furniture for you.

Sydney Removalists Offering Two Men With The Truck Also

Quick Move Sydney removalists provide two men and a truck or van for a cheap simple solution on all furniture relocation’s even fridge deliveries with in the Sydney local area. We also provide trucks with 2, 3 or 4 men for larger jobs that require more men. So if you are moving apartments in the city and seek affordable removalists Sydney it would be our pleasure to be of assistance. You will be glad to know that the two men that we assign to do your job will have all the tools, trolleys, blankets and experience that we need to properly protect your furniture. All our quotes are for 2 strong men and either a truck or van. There are no hidden terms or added charges for GST ect like others do. It is thoroughly explained in our quotes the service you will receive.

After Hours Removalist Sydney

We asked everyone we moved for what they would like to see from Quick Move? How can we improve our services? Well by high demand we announce our launch of our new after hours service, for those who need something done early morning or late at night within Sydney only, thou we do cover most areas. As a written rule we always provided fixed 1/2 hourly rates for all of our removalist services. The same rate from Monday through to Sunday, however with after hours removal work its apparent that we must apply a minimum charge for this particular service.

Late Notice Same Day Removalists in Sydney

Sydney residents have the privilege to call and request two removalists and a moving truck service on the spot any day of the week 7 days a week,  24 hours a day. You can hire two of our men and a suitable size truck for absolutely anything at all, we will send them if it’s just for 1 large item that only fits in a truck and that takes two men to carry. So not only is the service for relocation’s it’s also for one-off jobs and online purchases.

Quick Removalists That Are On Call All Hours

Our after hours relocation service will begin from 7pm to 7am, during this time all work is considered to be after hours. Suiting those customers that have work commitments and that can not make any other alternative arrangements to have the service conducted during business hours. Businesses that operate at night could benefit from the after hours Sydney removals service also.

We will have a mobile eftpos terminal you can simply enter your Visa Debit or Master Card details and your done, there is a 2.5% surcharge on all cards. Remember after hours and emergency moving is conducted only if its in a safe environment and there is adequate lighting. If you would like to have a chat please call first prior to booking so we can run a few questions by you first.

Sydney City Furniture Removalists For Small Units

Though apartments are quite compact in size they usually have complicated access and difficult parking arrangement’s, that’s why we have developed a new and improved furniture removals service specifically designed to help those people in these situations overcome a potentially large bill. Your standard Sydney removalist wouldn’t want to give you a fixed price, and its not in any of there interest either, simply for the fact that how long is a piece of string. It is due to the fact that units with stairs can take a considerable amount of time longer than you or us can anticipate sometimes. Planning ahead for parking, and a few other tricks we hold up our sleeves id critical, we know all the good moving tips. Though lifts are great they sometimes are too small to load larger furniture and appliances in, so in some instances we may need to use the fire escape for large items, or take the time to dismantle them. The difference with us is we charge no extra for any of these services.

We Make Your Move Easy, Simple, Quick & Affordable!

We simply plan ahead for your move, each and every job has a plan of attack. If we plan it right we can effectively get you there faster and cheaper, simple maths! Planning for your removal seems simple right? It can be, however it can also be stressful so let us worry about it. We will need your assistance in providing the correct details about the quantity of items, and to if possible reserve suitable parking. We will walk you through a quick check list to make sure everything has been thought through, this alone could save you hundreds of dollars.

Save hundreds, literally hundreds of dollars choosing us!

Potentially you can save thousands on the moving cost, removalists in Sydney are charging too much! Call for a quick chat on how we can save you money, during our conversation we will mention the savings and the benefits of using our moving services. We are an Australian family owned business, therefor you can count on great communications and quality Sydney removalists.

Taxi Truck Furniture Removalists in Sydney

sydney taxi trucksQuick Move has introduced its newest service “Taxi Trucks”. Our Sydney Taxi Truck service is suitable for larger furniture pickups or even small moves. Being a removalist company in Sydney, we can pickup pallets (providing a forklift is present at both locations to load and unload).

The versatile taxi truck runs 7 days a week, with such a huge man in demand it does require a little notice so if your in need of a taxi truck call us today for our availability. Please note that we are not a taxi service for humans, we do not transport people or animals and we do have a prohibited list of items we will not carry. Please do not be confused, we only manoeuvre furniture and household items, please note you can not ride in the truck at all whatsoever sorry!

Taxi Truck For Light Sydney Removalist Work

Our taxi truck prices start from just $45 phh, that is for a truck and professional removalists to assist. Roll up your sleeves and help load, you will save money and be rewarded by your own hard work. With our professional advice and great rates the Taxi Truck service is sure to please all Sydney siders.

The taxi truck has a huge 3.6 metre tray and can handle loads of up to 2 tonne, there is really no furniture item that it can not handle. With its versatile tray back and high powered motor, the taxi truck stands to be a real asset within our company. Sydney Taxi Trucks on eBay, you can use this service for a number of things, for example to pickup eBay or gum-tree purchases & of course items you have found at garage sales. Items that are too large to carry yourself. If you have experience in moving you may like to assist and save some cash. Moving furniture is not easy, if you want it done right.

Pre Packing The Home Prior To Moving

free moving boxes pre packingOne of the most important part of any move is the pre pack. We are a professional pre pack moving team that not only relocate furniture and appliances but packs and wraps your furniture, goods and items also. We offer a unique pre packing service, not like any other and not to be mistaken by another pre packing or plastic wrapping service. For just $45 per half hour you get 2 professional male or female packers that handle everything with amazing care.

Highly Skilled & Trained Home Packers

Let trained removalists that know how to pack do all the fragile glasses and antique packing for you, that way its done right arrives safe with minimal damages if any. We highly recommend removals insurance through Carters, they are a cheap third party insurance company that offers quick cover for the smallest jobs.

We will wrap your items like a baby. Lets face it, one of our main concerns when moving is your precious items being damaged. Well worry no more, know that our teams professionalism, experience and care factor is at the highest it can get. Call us today to get your free quote, that’s all it takes to arrange and pack your items up safe and secure for transit. Once you are ready to go we will send two men and the truck on the day to move you, they will get the job done fast, this saving us and you time and money! Our pre packers have had extensive training in wrapping fragile and antique goods, if you require the best pre packers Sydney then you have to consider Quick Move, we are by far the most careful and considerate when it comes to packing fragile items.

Removalist packing boxes, and materials to make the job easy!

We can supply all materials including the labels, pens and tape! You wont have to buy a thing, all pre packing quotes have all materials inclusive within its price. We will provide the boxes and cartons as you would also be eligible for our free moving boxes offer.  Butchers paper and bubble wrap are also an option. We use as much as we need to effectively keep all items safe. The major benefit is knowing that each and every measure has been taken to assure safe arrival of your goods, knowing that a professional furniture removalists Sydney team of packers have done the job and that all risks have been considered and sorted out prior to moving.

Hire Our Removal Van And Two of Our Removalist Men

Quick Moves two men and a van for Sydney removals. The Vans are a general sized van capable of carrying up to 10m3. That’s ten cubic metres, great for luggage, clothes, boxes, all of your hifi and entertainment gear, your small furniture items or even exercise machines. If you just have a few items don’t pay anymore then what you need to, all you need is a Sydney removals van. Don’t be confused with a removal van hire service, we do not offer that type of service without removalists we actually give you the man power you need, two men to move the items with no issues. Unlike any other company we make certain that every man on the job is a professional removalist and not just an extra pair of hands. Professionalism and expertise is what we strive to achieve.

We can hire out two men and a van and we service the whole Sydney region. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship & customer service, hence why we are your first choice for removals and deliveries. We have an amazingly cheap service available to the public and retailers providing quick no fuss same day removal work, whether its a delivery of a fridge or an entire bedroom suite what ever fits and how many trips we do is entirely up to you. We have a remarkable team of furniture moving vans and vehicles that range from a small van right up to huge trucks.

Or Just Two Men and a Small Van for Quick One Off Jobs

If you only have a few items you will be glad to know you can get a fixed half hourly rate to move everything from A to B . Our staff will ensure you have a pleasant experience, relax and let us do the hard work. Sofa, Fridge & Wardrobe Deliveries are all welcome! Is someone you know giving away a piece of furniture? You want it, but think its too hard to get it back home? We are your easy solution, let us take care of it. It doesn’t take long to get a quote and then book in our services for a removals van. Your cheapest and most reliable removals company to pickup and deliver for you.

Last Minute Emergency Furniture Removalist Service

Quick Move provides an emergency removalists service for all areas in Sydney, we can be anywhere within the hour. Whether its that the removalists you hired didn’t turn up? Or perhaps you just need to move today, we are here to help.

We understand how frustrating it must be for you, for someone to boycott you or to just simply not turn up, that is why we have removalists in Sydney on standby 7 days a week. We have over 16 trucks and have over 35 employees. We can accommodate for any last minute removals that you need. Anything you need,or any problem you have, our emergency moving team can tackle it.

Last Minute Movers in Sydney that wont break the bank!

We are the number one Sydney removalist when it comes to reliability and professionalism. Not only can you count on our emergency teams if your original movers have let you down, but you can contact us in regards to any type of move, whether it be just one item that you need moved urgently, or your entire office or home. Our transportation ranges from utes, vans and small trucks, usually needed for single item jobs or small 1,2 bedroom or small office moves. Then we have the big trucks that can pack everything including the kitchen sink. Height restrictions or any tight access issues are no dramas as we can have the correct size vehicle to you and handle your last minute move. Our rates must be the most competitive around, just because the company you hired has left you stranded doesn’t mean you need to be taken advantage of. I’m sure you have already had to deal with enough with having to find their replacement.

Our Removaists Will Assemble Your Beds!

All vehicles are equipped with the latest tools so we can easily assemble and pull down the beds, and large wardrobes ect and we have the moving equipment to overcome the most difficult relocation task. From stair climbers and piano moving trolleys, to straps that allow us to hoist large items over balconies, there really isn’t anything we can’t do. Provide us with accurate details about the job at hand and we guarantee a reasonable price.

Super quick and reliable workers, sit back and watch the guys relocate your items faster then you can pack them up. The moving van service is designed to meet the toughest of requirements whether you have simply moved from one unit to another or purchased a large bulky item on eBay, hiring our service should be your first choice! The moving van hire in Sydney is also available 7 days simply use the quote form on this page.

Affordable and reliable Removalists Sydney At Your Call

The removals van is another affordable and efficient way to have something moved. The prices vary from job to job but we can quickly give you a fantastic price over the phone or by using the quote form on this page. Our men on the day will accept cash or card and will have a tax invoice on hand for you.

Businesses that require a relocation or delivery could use this service, as well as some transport companies in Sydney that need some extra help on a big job and not to mention house furniture removals.

We totally understand small moves, that is why we have developed such a service specifically for helping small businesses. Payment methods accepted are visa, master-card AMEX and cash and provide a tax invoice on the spot!

Shuttle Vehicle, For Moves With Difficult Access

removalists Sydney one man ute hireQuick Move ute hire for removals and shuttle vehicle, we have the best rates in town. Our prices are super competitive and we provide professional services for Ute Hire services.

Our two men and a ute service is our most popular for the simple fact that the ute is low and can park in any underground car park or low clearance unit blocks in Sydney. The ute is perfect when the truck isn’t able to make it up the hill, to the door of the home, the ute can carry many types of items such as tall boys, mattresses, sideboards, washing machines etc. The shuttle ute is handy especially when you have really low clearance issues also. A cheap and reliable way to transport large bulky furniture to the truck.

One Man And A Van Sydney

Our Man with a Van service can assist with one man or two, our prices may not be the cheapest you will find but they certainly are the best value you will ever find. We only charge per half an hour  in 30 minute blocks. We make certain that the mover is equipped with everything needed to relocate you in a quick and efficient fashion. Call us on 0487 399 669. Roll you sleeves up and assist our Man, hiring one man with a van is a smart way to save some coin. Imagine moving your entire home for penny’s, you can do it. You just need to be motivated & perhaps a few red bulls to help you along  the way lol 🙂  Our men will do all the heavy lifting you may only need to guide him in some situations like moving the fridge, contact our one man with a van hotline today.

Man With A Van, Or Perhaps Two Men? Same Same…

No matter the size of the home or amount of furniture and appliances you have, if you just want one man that’s fine but we recommend giving you two men to move you also. We absolutely love hearing back from our guys saying how great the job went after they have finished. In the past we wouldn’t of even considered sending one man to a manoeuvre things but after seeing how high the one man in demand is since we have taken the plunge it has shown we have done the right thing.

You see it was always a case of what happens if? We did not want to take responsibility for any damages if a home owner assisted the Man in moving, you could appreciate that is still the case. To date it is still our policy on our one man Sydney service that, no liability is taken if the customer or anyone on behalf of the customer, that is not a direct contractor with us and is actually manually lifting and loading goods on any particular job.

We Provide Excellent Customer Service

Though our prices are cheap our quality of work is very high, all contractors & furniture removalists have been screened, they have all the tools and materials in the vehicle to easily remove the most complicated items. It has always been our policy to make sure every customer is satisfied so not only will you have the expert help on the day you also have a friendly team of customer support in the background. All relocation’s by anyone take time and we are very clear and concise when it comes to explaining the processes of a move, for instance on a 1 bedroom home that only needs one man and a van and moving within a 20 klm distance in Sydney you wouldn’t expect to take longer than 3 hours in total. It may not necessarily take 3 hours it really depends on the access and where our guys can get the closest parking spot, you would appreciate its very difficult to find parking in any busy city and sometimes a little pre planning can make a big difference to your total time on the move.

Removalists Sydney Operating 7 Days a Week, No Breaks!

Our rates have no annoying sneaky fees and no additional charges unlike other Sydney removalists. We provide amazing fixed half hourly rates that are cheaper then any of our competitors. Not only can we relocate you, we can also supply all of the materials such as moving boxes and plastic wraps. An all in one service that is highly recommended for our customer service and professionalism, even the Salvo’s recommend us to pickup there customers valuable furniture. For furniture pick ups for charity, We have you covered. See our reviews you will be amazed by the amount of great feedback we receive. It’s our job to make every single customer happy. You know moving can be hard at times especially when there is hard access, bad parking and heavy furniture, but rest assure our men will do their absolute best to make sure all aspects of the job run smoothly.

Trained & Experienced Sydney Removalists

Our staff have all undergone extensive training in furniture relocating and none have been sent to do any removals job without the thumbs up from the owner Scott. We have a reputation to withhold, therefor you will be glad to know that with Quick Move furniture removals Sydney you are in the best of best hands. All furniture is carefully loaded and nothing goes into our furniture removals trucks without being covered and secured for safe transit. With us your items will be removed with extreme care, we have flexible payment options on all moves, we do accept cash and ofcourse all major credit cards including Visa, Masterdard and AMEX.

Removalists Sydney With Free Boxes & A Buy Back Offer!

We also offer a free box hire service that allows you to simply hire the boxes for $3 per box. You have up to 5 weeks after your moving date to request for us to come and pick up the boxes and we simply refund your boxes deposit. Our boxes are constructed from the highest quality, specifically developed to maneuver household items. For moving and storage every customer needs boxes, so why not hire them direct from the same furniture removals company that moves you, we have thousands of boxes on hand in our factory. Simply order your boxes from us online and we will deliver them on the nearest Saturday prior to your moving date, allowing you plenty of time to get all packed up. We have revolutionised the entire industry offering easy and convenient ways to get boxes delivered.

How can I get quote for a house Move?

We provide written quotes then simply email them to you on request, simply just fill out the quote request form

Can I order Furniture Moving Boxes through you?

You absolutely can, we supply a wide range of packing boxes and we ship them to your door prior to your moving date, simply fill out the box request form 

Will my furniture removal job be covered for any damages?

We have movers insurance see our policy and what you are covered for because not all situations are the same.

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