Terms and Conditions

Important please read all points. By booking our service you must agree to adhere to our terms of service, after the terms here below we have explained each point for more reading.

  1. Cancelling a booking will incur a cancelation fee, this fee varies and can be found within your booking confirmation email. No refund will be given if you cancel within 24 hours of your moving date and time. 
  2. We do not relocate pianos or pool tables or large glass aquariums as part of the service, you may call us for options.
  3. We do not perform balcony lifts nor do we lift heavy items over fences, barricades or anything similar.
  4. We have a 3 hour window for arrival starting from the proffered time you selected when booking.
  5. Someone you authorise must be supervising at all times we work under your instructions.
  6. We do not offer a fixed price for any move, small or large, we charge in half-hour increments after the minimum charge has been exhausted.
  7. We charge in 30-minute increments, per half-hour “phh” the next block is charged at the 5th minute into the next half hour.
  8. There is a minimum charge on all relocation services even small deliveries, the charge varies from service type truck size and availability we will advise you of the minimum charge when you enquire.
  9. All payments made to us will be inclusive of GST.
  10. Parking time is billable to the customer, we strongly recommend you arrange adequate parking for the truck.
  11. The time is charged up until the truck is empty, clean of any debris swept out, and all the equipment strapped in and blankets folded as per it was on arrival.
  12. “Optional” plastic wrapping will be offered as an extra precaution for high-risk items, our price list is as follows, 1-2 items $30, 2-4 Items $50, 4-7 Items $75, 7-10 Items $100, Unlimited $150.
  13. We make no guarantee that a particular truck size will arrive for your particular move nor do we guarantee all items will fit in just one trip, there may be multiple trips if not everything fits, you may request a second trip if need be.
  14. We make no guarantee that the job will be completed in any certain time frame at all whatsoever.
  15. For Late notice / same day bookings, the first available team will attend to you, we do not allow any appointments or restrictions to be imposed on us, given the late notice for same-day bookings.
  16. Moving to or from any location outside of the Sydney Metro, ie: Central Coast, Wollongong but not limited to will incur, travel time to or from our depot at Smithfield + a 10% fuel levy will apply to the total moving cost. some suburbs of Sydney are outside of the metro such as Avalon, Picton, if you are on the outskirts of Sydney we recommend you call us prior to booking to see if you are eligible.
  17. Credit card payments will incur a 2.5% surcharge. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD & AMEX.
  18. Toll Charges if used will be added to the total, – M5 $15. M4 $15, M2 $20 and M7 $20, Cross City Tunnel $12, Harbour Bridge $12, M8 Tunnel $20, North Conex $15, all prices are subject to change without notice.
  19. We make no guarantee that the height of the truck we send on the day will clear any parking restrictions, if we incur any fines for parking the amount will be added to the total of your move.
  20. We do not provide or offer any type of cover/insurance for accidental damages to second-hand furniture or appliances under any circumstances whatsoever. We take care when lifting and loading but unfortunately we can not guarantee that there will be no accidents. We strongly recommend that you seek your own insurance for the items of concern.
  21. We do not accept Cash or offer zip pay, after pay or any other type of 3rd party finance. We do not offer accounts for the option to pay later upon receiving an invoice. We do not accept cheques, or bank transfer. Payment is due when the move is near completion, this could be at the end of the move or closer to the completion, we may require payment before unloading in some instances in that case we will make an estimate on the unloading time and then request final payment. We recommend being prepared to make payment any time spent waiting will be added to the total. If in the event you are unable to make final payment we will deduct the amount owing from the authorised card used to make the booking. The truck and staff will not leave the job site until payment is received in full.
  22. Stairs & Complicated Access Levy. If “we deem” the access to the property is complex such as buildings with stairs, or a long walking distance to where the truck is parked we will charge a levy of $50 per man once off, this payment will be added to the total and included on your final tax invoice.