Our Terms and Conditions – T’s & C’s

Terms Of Service

Important please read all points.

A booking confirmation email will be sent including a copy these terms to the email address you provide when booking online or over the phone .

  1. We do not relocate piano’s or pool tables as part of the service, you may call us for options.
  2. We do not perform balcony lifts unless it is pre arranged with head office and the risk is deemed to be low
  3. There is a 3 hour window for arrival on all moves, ie: if you select 9am, the ETA is between 9am – 12am we will try calling you prior to arriving.
  4. We do not offer a fixed price for any move, small or large, it is purely charged in half hour increments
  5. We charge in 30 minute increments, per half hour “phh” the next block is charged at the 5th minute into the next half hour.
  6. There is a two hour minimum charge on all relocation services, the minimum charge is determined by the truck size selected when booking.
  7. A minimum charge is quoted at the time of booking and paid in advance this minimum will be inclusive of GST, a total of two hours and any callout fees that are applicable.
  8. Parking time is billable to the customer, we strongly recommend you arrange adequate parking for the truck.
  9. The time is charged up until the truck is empty, clean of any debris swept out and all the equipment strapped in and blankets folded as per it was on arrival.
  10. Optional plastic wrapping will be offered as an extra precaution for high risk items, our price list as follows, 1-2 items $30, 2-4 Items $50, 4-7 Items $75, 7-10 Items $100.
  11. We make no guarantee all items will fit in just one load, you may request a second trip if need be.
  12. We make no guarantee that the job will be completed in any certain time frame.
  13. For Late notice / same day bookings, the first available team will attend to you, we do not allow any appointments or restrictions to be imposed on us, given the late notice.
  14. Moving to or from any location outside of the Sydney Metro, ie: Central Coast, Wollongong but not limited to will incur, travel time to or from our depot at Smithfield + a 10% fuel levy will apply to the total moving cost. some suburbs of Sydney are outside of the metro such as Avalon, Picton, if you are on the outskirts of Sydney we recommend you call us prior to booking to see if you are eligible.
  15. Credit card payments will incur a 2.5% surcharge. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD & AMEX
  16. Toll Charges if used will be added to the total, – M5 $15. M4 $15, M2 $20 and M7 $20
  17. Extra plastic / bubble wrap wrapping you require beyond the free offer will be added to the bill. prices vary per item, ask your removalist for a quote on arrival.
  18. We make no guarantee that the height of the truck we send on the day will clear any parking restrictions.
  19. We do not insure you for accidental damages to second hand furniture or appliances under any circumstances.
  20. Final payment if any, s due on completion only, no accounts, cheques or EFT options are available for pay later scenarios, we recommend being prepared to make payment, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD & AMEX, all card types will be subject to a 2.5% surcharge. No late ATM runs Please! The men need to get going and onto the next job, delaying the payment will incur extra time charged to the total, we appreciate you understanding this.