Our Terms and Conditions – T’s & C’s

Terms Of Service

Important please read all points.

  1. There is a two hour minimum charge  and an additional half hour callout fee on all moves.
  2. Credit card payments will incur a 2.5% surcharge. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD & AMEX
  3. Toll Charges if used will be added to the total, all tolls are different, we will find the cost at the time of billing
  4. Extra wrapping beyond the free offer amount this will be added to the bill.
  5. We make no guarantee that the height of the truck we send will clear any parking areas. regardless to if you mention the height restriction or not, trucks come in all sizes and we will send the closest truck in your area that is convenient on the day.
  6. There is a 3 hour window for arrival on all moves. We do call prior to arriving though
  7. We do not insure you for accidental damages to second hand furniture or appliances.
  8. We make no guarantee all items will fit in just one load, if it all does not fit you may request a second trip.
  9. We do not guarantee that any job will take a maximum number of time. we charge by the half hour.
  10. Payment is due on completion only, no accounts, cheques or EFT options are available for pay later scenarios, we recommend being prepared, No late ATM runs! The men need to get going and onto the next job, delaying the payment will incur extra time charged to the total, we appreciate you understanding this.