Terms Of Service

General Terms

  • We reserve the right to refuse moving an item we deem to be unsafe
  • We work under your instructions to avoid mistakes, please ensure someone is present on the day.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service if being abused

Moving Rates & Minimum Charges

  • We do not have a callout fee
  • There is a minimum charge, this charge will cover you for a specific time.
  • We charge per half hour “1/2 hour” after the minimum charge is exhausted

Arrival Times ETA

We offer a window for arrival, due to the uncertainty of traffic in Sydney, this window will be sent to you in your booking confirmation email, during this window we ask for your patience and prepare for our arrival, we will call or send you a text message with an ETA once we know. Same day bookings will have no choice of timing and will be given the first available truck.

Truck Size & Parking

Please try and reserve us parking this will ultimately save time and energy and most importantly you money.

  • Height Restrictions: We have a large number of vehicles servicing the area, due to the variation of heights of these vehicles we can not make any guarantee that the vehicle will clear the height restriction.
  • Parking Infringements: if we must park illegally in a clearway or a no parking zone we will to get the job done, however any fines we incur will be added to your total.
  • Size Of Truck: Additionally, the variation in each vehicles loading capacity varies greatly even though the weight GVM may be right, we are unable to make any guarantee that everything you require moved will fit in just one load.


For accidental damages during the lifting and loading process you are not covered, we ask you to seek your own insurance. We take care in moving and do our absolute best to avoid any incidents.

We have the following Insurances:

  • $100,000 Goods In Transit
  • $20,000,000 Product & Public Liability

No cover is offered for items that have been pre wrapped or packed prior to us arriving or not by our staff, additionally any claims made must be within 24 hours of the moving date.

Optional Extra Wrapping & Boxes

We use soft padded moving blankets on all moves free of charge, however on special items we deem fragile we will suggest that they be wrapped for extra protection, this is optional and the prices charges are as follows.

  • 1-2 items fully plastic wrapped for just $30,
  • 2-4 Items fully plastic wrapped for just $50,
  • 4-7 Items fully plastic wrapped for just $75,
  • 7-10 Items fully plastic wrapped for just $100,
  • Unlimited plastic wrapping for just $150.

We carry limited moving boxes in the trucks incase some customers are short and may require some extra, the prices of the boxes are $5 per box.

Moving Local Within The Sydney Metro

We do not charge any fuel levies, no callout fees and time starts at your door, you will also be happy to hear that if you are staying local your time will finish at your delivery address these fees can save you hundreds of dollars.

Moving Outside Of The Sydney Metro

A 10% Fuel levy and travel time will apply when Moving to or from any location “outside” of the Sydney Metro, ie: Central Coast, Wollongong, some suburbs of Sydney are outside of “öur Free Fuel Zone” such as Avalon, Palm Beach, Windsor, areas like Picton & Camden, if you are on the  outskirts of Sydney you will be subject to a 10% fuel levy. We will simply google maps to calculate our return travel in this instance. If you are unsure if you are within the free zone simply call us on 0487 399 669.

Road Tolls

Toll Charges if used will be added to the total, and be visible in the breakdown on the tax invoice.

M5 $15. M4 $15, M2 $20 and M7 $20, Cross City Tunnel $12, Harbor Bridge $12, M8 Tunnel $20, North Conex $15, all toll prices are subject to change without notice.

Fatigue Management for Stairs & Difficult access

Managing fatigue is very important in this industry as you can appreciate the men are constantly moving and manually lifting, in some instances its necessary to keep going, we have in place a fatigue levy that is charged to the client if the movers deem the relocation to be above normal for example: the access is difficult due to a number of obstacles or a large number of stairs and issues such as steep driveways or complex heavy items. This fee if applied is a once off $50 payment for each man and will appear on the receipt as such.

Payment Terms

  1. All payments are GST inclusive
  2. We do not accept cash or cheques
  3. We do not accept EFT or Osco payments
  4. We do not offer pay later invoices as such
  5. We do not offer zip pay, after pay or anything alike
  6. Receipt for payment is immediately sent by email once payment is approved
  7. We accept most cards VISA, MASTER CARD, DINNERS CARD & AMEX a 2.5% surcharge will apply.
  8. Upon accepting the terms of service you authorise the bank card you enter be debited for any monies due payable for the service.

Rescheduling & Cancellations

Everything must be in writing, we recommend replying to the booking confirmation email, a text message to log the time you have cancelled.

  1. Rescheduling a move is free, and can be done simply by replying to a booking confirmation email, and a follow up phone call.
  2. Cancelling a booking for any reason will incur an administration fee, this fee is 50% of the deposit paid.

Contacting Us

We can be contacted during business hours 7am to 7pm, You can call or text message us our mobile number is 0487 399 669 alternatively a free call to our mobile number 0487 399 669, you can also email info@quickmove.com.au.