Our Terms and Conditions – T’s & C’s

Terms Of Service

Important please read the full document.

  1. There is a two hour minimum charge on all moves.
  2. A once off callout fee of $45 that is an additional.
  3. Credit card payments will incur a 2.5% surcharge.
  4. Toll Charges if used will be added to the total.
  5. Extra wrapping beyond the free offer amount this will be added to the bill.
  6. We make no guarantee that the height of the truck will clear any parking areas.
  7. If you reschedule a live booking there is a $33 rescheduling fee.
  8. There is a 3 hour window for arrival on all moves.
  9. Any parking infringements we occur on your move will be added to the total.
  10. No items on the prohibited items list will be moved.
  11. No balcony lifts will be conducted without a risk assessment.
  12. Any items that do not fit through any doorway, stairwell or entrance will not be taken.
  13. We do not insure you for accidental damages.
  14. We reserve the right to refuse to move something if deemed high risk.
  15. We make no guarantee all items will fit in one load.
  16. We do not guarantee a total cost for any move.
  17. We do not guarantee that a job will take a maximum number of time either.